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1,000 Acres of Land Back to Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

This morning the Prime Minister of Britain spoke on TV and condemned Israel for just claiming 1,000 acres of Judea-Samaria land near Bethlehem of which all the peers in Parliament  booed about in agreement. This land holds 5 Palestinian villages.   At the same time he spoke about the anti-Semitism running rampant in their country and needing to do something about it.  The USA State Department also added that they have urged Israel to reverse its decision saying it is counterproductive to having a 2 state solution with the Arab Palestinians.
Everyone remembers that Bethlehem had become a Christian city where Jesus was born.  Today it has become a Muslim town in which most all Christians had been run out.  Few realize that it was the birthplace of our Jewish King David (1010 BCE) and was the background of the Book of Ruth.  Bethlehem was one of the towns under Jordanian rule from 1948 to 1967 and then Israel captured it back when attacked.  In 1968 it had  32,000 people.

 Well, I feel that the 2 state idea is water over the dam.  Haven't the Arabs proven so far that they are not capable of living peacefully ever with Israel?  Fatah has united  with Hamas, so they all are terrorists. Abbas holds outdoor programs celebrating the killers of Jews.  Their schools have erased Israel from all maps and say that the land is theirs.  They teach hatred for Jews/Israelis.   Terrorists are not capable of having their own state.  They are no better than ISIS in their act of stealing land to form a Caliphate.  In fact, Hamas's charter is no different than the Muslim Brotherhood who Obama has been accepting as friends which he proved by having them in the front row during his Cairo speech and condemning Egypt for kicking them out which included the questionable vote in for their Morsi.  as president.  Giving the Palestinians their own state out of Israel's land is like giving the bank robbers the key to the bank and the safes..

The humongous fact that the Muslim Brotherhood's charter calls for the destruction of Israel and death to Jews seems to be ignored both in Britain and the USA but not in Israel.

Yes, Israel has done this which has happened after 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed in June when hitchhiking home after school.  Hitchhiking in Israel is an accepted thing, unlike the USA, as Israel is where people give soldiers rides all the time.

The political directive to take a survey of the status of the land came after this kidnapping. It's done in a Jewish settlement bloc.  The land is near the small Jewish settlement of Gvaot in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem and has now officially been declared as state land.  This is different from land privately owned by Palestinians and clears the way for the potential approval of Israeli building plans there.

The Palestinian Arab opposition, Mayor of Surif, Ahmad Lafi, said the land belonged to Palestinian families.  He said that Israeli Army forces and personnel posted orders early Sunday saying the land taken was planted with olive and forest trees and had the nearby villages of Al-Jaba'a and Wadi Fukin.  Israeli law said that interested parties have 45 days in which to register objections.

The state of Israel has been aroused to do this after the kidnapping of the 3 boys and is a military clampdown in Judea-Samaria against Hamas.  It was behind the abductions.  Hamas dominates Gaza and these tensions with them doing such things as kidnapping Israeli children brought about the 50 day war ending last week hopefully with the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire. Israel feels they must tighten their grip on Judea-Samaria  for their security.

Israel says that it intends to keep the Etzion settlement bloc and that most recent peace plans have involved land swaps.  Evidently a declaration such as this, for that's all it is so far, hasn't been done by Israel since the 1980's, stated Yariv Oppenheimer, general director of Peace Now.  He's worried that Netanyahu has turned his back on the PA. and this is like sticking a political knife into Abbas's back.  My comment is that Abbas has done this to Netanyahu by teaming up with Hamas!  Abbas is sneaky.  He does things against Israel and against any peace program and his acts are strictly for his own position that he intends to keep.  Though he's more moderate than Hamas, the degree of difference is just under the surface.

Most countries consider Israeli building of homes to be a violation of international law, but top international lawyers say that this land belongs to Israel.  Israel regained land that was to be a part of the Jewish Homeland in the first place, and Jordan had occupied it illegally.  After 1967 when Israel won, the land came back to them.  Especially in this case, it belongs to Israel since they were attacked by the Arabs and were not the aggressors.  Here you have ISIS being the aggressors who have now laid claim to parts of Syria and Iraq in creating their Caliphate which is now accepted internationally, and yet in Israel's case no one wants to grant Israel their own land back?

9/2/14 Update:  Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai explained that the move to appropriate the land comesas the continuation of the political leadership’s directives given at the end of Operation Brother’s Keeper.”
The Etzion council welcomed the news and said that the new land would allow them to expand the current city of Gvaot. In a statement released by the council, the appropriation of land “paves the way for the new city of Gvaot.”
“The goal of the murderers of those three youths was to sow fear among us, to disrupt our daily lives and to call into doubt our right to the land,” the statement said. “Our response is to strengthen settlement.”


CNN Prime Minister of Great Britain speaking this morning.
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  1. Israel's recent announcement about 1,000 acres of land is in area C, so relax, England and the USA. Back in 1995 this was all decided in the Oslo agreements. Area C=where Israel has full military and civilian control and their responsibilities inclued the power of zoning and planning. These 1,000 acres (998) are Israeli state land.