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The Lancet Medical Journal Now Attacking Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

A scientific journal, The Lancet, which is the world's leading general medical journal in Oncology, neurology and infectious diseases is now taking it upon themselves to attack Israel.  They're not the first of enemies who have attacked Israel, but usually her enemies attack with rockets and missiles.  Instead of using truth, they are attacking with distortion of the truth and bias instead of science.  

"The Lancet has taken a political stand on several important medical and non-medical issues."  Israel is not their first issue in politics, which is a far cry from the scientific journals they used to publish.  They have written a despicable letter called "An open letter for the people in Gaza.  In it they are asking their colleagues, professionals to denounce Israeli "aggression."  They call Operation Protective Edge a ruthless assault of unlimited duration, extent and intensity.  They are appalled by the military onslaught on civilians in Gaza under the guise of punishing terrorists."

Hamas terrorists of Gaza have had one goal in mind;  to destroy Israel  These same Hamas terrorists and now also of the newly being created Palestine (unity with Fatah which has floundered as I write) have abused their civilian population for their own political goals of destroying Israel during Operation Protective Edge.  They shot thousands of missiles into Israel.  They shot from homes, schools and hospitals.  Hamas has spent billions of dollars into buying rockets and creating cement-lined tunnels intended for terrorist attacks.  They were expected to build schools and hospitals as well as apartments for the prosperity of Gazan citizens with that money instead.   

The people of Gaza were also cheated by their leaders who used them as human shields, squandering humanitarian aid on weapons, tunnels and fortifications.  Their leaders used hospitals as military command posts.  This letter by Lancet is a new low, using medical science for political reasons to side with terrorists who are listed as such by our USA government against Israel whose whole country during this time were living in bomb shelters in a gigantic attack on their life.  Israel had the presence of mind to warn these same citizens of their coming attack so as to save their lives,   of which they had no desire to take.  So be it that their own leaders used their lives to gain sympathy from too eager propagandists like the Lancot group.  How is it that a scientific journal can now write such damning propaganda.  They are not even trying to be objective, credible or professional.  They're even asking for signatures.   They ignore the World Medical Association who unreservedly condemned those who are abusing health facilities by using them as shelters for soldiers or weapons, let alone terrorists.  Hamas is no better than ISIS terrorists or al Qaeda terrorists.  Yet, because they are fighting against a Jewish state, that seems to give credence to Lancot's position, doesn't it.  
What is really taking place should be something for many physicians to view.  There is a medical mission planned for 5 days for all doctors in late October 31 and early November in Israel.  

                                                Safed Hospital

At any time, hundreds of Palestinians are being treated in Israeli hospitals, including Hamas leaders' relatives.  In 2013, 225410 medical permits were issued to Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and 13734 to Gazans.  Israel has airlifted wounded Gazans to its hospitals, including a 16 year old who was among those involved in an infiltration attempt to Israel.  

Also, over 1200 Syrians injured during the bloodshed in Syria had and continue to be treated in Israeli hospitals, returning to Syria once they are healed.  

To help injured Gazans,  Israel set up a field hospital on the border with a full range of services including  an emergency room, ambulatory services and a delivery room, but Hamas prevented Gazans from getting there..  Their leaders also have refused the offers of blood, humanitarian aid and medical care Israel offered.  

Israel's IDF also runs an advanced trauma life support course for Palestinian doctors in Judea-Samaria.                                                                          

In using a medical journal to support propaganda, doctors' respect for such a publication can only go down the drain.  Certainly doctors hope for a resumption of the old non-biased, academic discourse they had been receiving in the past. 

Resource: Published online August 13, 2014
Letter from John Cohn to friends about The Lancet

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