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The Arab League Is Complicit in Causing Unrest in Middle East: Quit Blaming Israel For Defending Itself Against the Many

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
The Arab League are the ones who created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  They did this in Cairo in 1964 as a weapon against Israel.  The Arab League was formed in 1945 by:  Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan (Transjordan then), Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  Libya joined in 1953.  The main issue uniting them all has been the common enmity towards Israel.  They banded together in the joint war against Israel in 1948-1949.  They suffered in that from their own rivalry.  It became a tool of President Nasser.
Arafat speaking at UN
Clinton Admirers
"Until the Six-Day War of June 1967, the PLO engaged in terrorist attacks that contribute to the momentum towards conflict. " Right after the Six Day War, the Arab League held a conference at Kartoum and they decided on saying no to everything their opposition brought up; mainly-saying no to peace with Israel.  They decided:
1. No peace with Israel
2. No negotiations with Israel
3. No recognition with Israel
Yasser Arafat, born 1929-died November 11, 2004 in France
 leader of PLO terrorists
born in Cairo, with a father said to come from Gaza.
 Also created Fatah-and with them terrorized world-wide,
Israelis, Zionist and Jewish targets.  He and his gang were kicked out of Jordan
in 1970 by King Hussein, kicked out of Lebanon in 1982 by Israel's army and Major Hadad of
Lebanon.  He supported Saddam Hussein of Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War.  In 1988 the PLO proclaimed a Palestine State with Arafat as President.  He died, possibly of Aids, and Abbas took over.
It was on November 22, 1967 that the resolution 242 came out of the UN Security Council that was bad for Israel.  The Arabs tried to use it as a device for imposing a settlement.  It called for "a just and lasting peace in which every state in the area could live in security.  That was a good statement.  Then it called for THE WITHDRAWAL OF ISRAELI ARMED FORCES FROM TERRITORIES OCCUPIED IN THE RECENT CONFLICT!  They deliberately  omitted the highlighted segment from the resolution by its sponsors.  The Arab governments interpreted it as requiring a complete Israeli withdrawal.  There were no take-backs of the 3 points from the Kartoum Conference, either.  They expected to keep their position on one hand but to remove the Jews on the other hand.  
Fatah ready to terrorize 

 The PLO or any other Palestinian groups campaigned for Jordan or Egypt to create an independent Palestinian state in Judea or Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza.  They were all a mixed group of people, not from any state of non-existent Palestine.  That was just a name the Romans called the land, not a country with a ruler, a people, a language AND a religion.
1967 and finally seeing the Western Wall in Jerusalem again
Deprived since 1948 by Jordan
776 IDF lost their lives in this war out of 200,000 total forces of Israel
Israel had a population then of 2.745 million.  
The Six Day War were made up of 6 days of infamy when an escalation of aggression towards Israel by Syria, Egypt and the Soviet Union had spread false reports that the Israeli forces were on the Syrian frontier in a huge concentration.  At the same time, the UN had said that no such concentration existed.  The rumors won out as the Arabs believed them.

 The Egyptians went ahead and used these false reports as a pretext for putting the bulk of their army in the Sinai.  They installed their 90,000 men and 900 tanks there.
Egypt demanded and the UN obeyed.  Their emergency force was withdrawn.  The UN had stopped serving as a barrier between Egypt and Israel.  Then Egypt closed the  Straits of Tiran to all navigation heading for Israel, and called for WAR!

Egypt in the lead, the Arab states formed a war pact against Israel.  The armies of Jordan, Iraq and Syria began to concentrate their forces along the frontiers with Israel.  The Jordanian Army was placed under the command of an Egyptian officer.  In speeches made during that period, Arab leaders affirmed publicly their intention to destroy Israel.

In 6 days, Israel destroyed the armies that had massed along its frontier and menaced its vital centers.  Cease-fire lines were created along the Suez Canal, Jordan River and the Golan Heights.  The Straits of Tiran were once again open to navigation.  Jerusalem was unified.
Today's 22 Arab League Members 
Naturally, since then Israel's main occupation has been to have peace and secure borders.  Israel has only had armistice lines and cease-fire lines.  Israel needs borders that are defensible.  This means the borders must not be a temptation to a potential aggressor as did the pre-1967 lines that Obama wanted Israel to go back to.  Now the scuttle-but is that he, John Kerry and the UN want Israel back to the 49 armistice lines!
Israel is the party of the 2 that has offered to negotiate with the Arab governments a true peace; one which would also provide for secure borders.  To do this,  Israel requires no prior conditions before even talking!  Everything must be open for discussion in negotiations.
Sharm el-Sheikh is at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula,
it is in a strategic position controlling the Straits of Tiran, important in 1956 War
and 6 Day War, both times fortified by Egyptians to prevent shipping sailing to Elat.  
Israel was prepared to return most of the Sinai to Egypt, but its position was that it must remain in control of Sharm el-Sheikh so as to prevent Egypt from closing the Gulf of Eilat for a 3rd time.  Sharm el Sheikh was to be linked territorially to Israel.  The rest of the Sinai must be demilitarized.

Israel didn't want to annex a large Arab population.  They held the position that  the Jordan River should no longer be open to crossing by Arab troops, however.  To assure this, there must be an Israeli foothold in the Jordan Valley.

Every time negotiations have been held, the Palestinians just say NO.  The UN had a mediator, Ambassador Jarring.  Everything came to a halt in February 1971.  He had submitted a proposal that Israel should withdraw to the former international boundary between Egypt and the British Mandated territories of Palestine.

The Arabs continued a War of Attrition for 2 years after the 1967 war in which they tried to wear down Israel's resolve to expect a peace with them and to have secure borders.  This 2 year war was along the cease fire lines and mostly along the Suez Canal and the Jordan river.  The PLO were the supplement who held "sporadic terrorist operations and included their other spin-off groups as well.  They terrorized those in the administered areas and even in Israel.  They failed everywhere.
Abdel Nasser (1918-1970)
Officer invaded Palestine 1948
Premier: 1954
1967-head of Arab Coalition against Israel
Anwar Sadat (1918-1981)
President of Egypt 1970-1981
In September 1970, President Nasser died and was succeeded by President Sadat.  During 1971 and 1972, Egypt demanded weapons from the Soviet Union, hoping to change their poor power base.  The Soviet Union supplied them but kept from sending troops into Egypt to help.  By 1972, Sadat was the leader and he expelled most of the Soviet military personnel from Egypt.

Nevertheless, War broke out again in 1973 with the Yom Kippur War, Arabs attacking on the Holiest Day of the Year, a day when Jews were fasting and praying in their synagogues all over the world.
General Abdel Fattah el- Sisi born 1954
6th President of Egypt June 2014 to today
Negotiations.  Promises.  All are based on a slippery slope and are dependent on the honesty and heart of the people making them.  Finally Egypt has come around and this is 2017.  Since the failed 1973 war, there has been a peace which is only more consistent since General Sisi took over Egypt when he kicked out Morsi, who was head of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group who only wanted to destroy Israel.  Since then Egypt has worked with Israel against tunneling, for one, allowing Palestinians in Gaza to bring in arms to use against Israel.  It is remembered that Obama favored Morsi-heavens only knows why.
The Palestine Group creating a State
Resolution 2334 from the UN today is a terrible plot which wants to take back the power and decide alone on a 2 state solution.  It isn't the UN members who live in these 2 places, ironically.  Already, 2 Arab states have actually lost their state already without any imput from Israel.  By themselves they have destroyed what they held;  Syria and Iraq.  All I can say of the Arabs is to Butt Out!  What everyone has to fight today are the members of ISIS.  This fact is making Saudi Arabia see Israel as a friend !   Egypt signed a peace.  Jordan signed a peace.  Perhaps the Palestinians will also copy their efforts.  Those living in the West Bank did so, evidently, but keep joining together with the Gazans who only make war with attacking and bombing an onslaught of rockets, mortars and missiles  As I write, Abbas is joining them again for the how many time now?  Their marriage and divorces are many.

A Conference was held on Sunday, January 15, 2017 about the 2 state solution and getting it done.  "The U.K. emerged skeptical of the summit's results, with the British Foreign Office saying it had "particular reservations" about peace talks held without either Israeli or Palestinian leaders. In a statement, it also questioned the effectiveness of a summit "taking place just days before the transition to a new American President when the U.S. will be the ultimate guarantor of any agreement."  One country out of the 70 was skeptical.  That's our gang, for you.  Over 70 countries and international organisations will attend this conference hosted by Jean-Marc Ayrault, at which the French President François Hollande will speak. The major international players concerned are: the Quartet (United States, European Union, Russia, United Nations), the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Arab and European partners, G20 countries and other actors committed to peace. This is a wider international conference in terms of participation than that of 3 June 2016, resulting from the momentum we have managed to generate for our initiative. It will be France’s role to inform Israel and the Palestinian Authority of the Conference’s message.

January 17, 2017:  Unilateral actions threaten to unravel the two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, the United Nations focal point on the Middle East today told the Security Council, stressing that both sides must do their part to create the necessary conditions to launch direct negotiations.

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