Sunday, January 15, 2017

Can UN Take Land Israel Won Back in 1967? Life Surrounded by Enemies

This is what the UN expects Israel to return to, and have a 9 mile strip of Israel at the narrowest. 
Judea-Samaria (West Bank) has 2,183 square miles. Gaza has 140.9 square miles. Otherwise,
Israel would have had 10,000 square miles, the size of Massachusetts.   
Nadene Goldfoot                                        
1947 UN Partition; Israel-Palestine
Israel is made of only 8,000 sq miles and is surrounded by enemies.  On the left or West side is the Mediterranean Sea so that enemies have that expanse to attack from.
1949 partition plan of UN after War of Independence
Israel was announced as a state through UN May 14, 1948 and was then immediately attacked. 

This is where Obama expects Israel to now accept as their border. A year ago he wanted the 67 pre-war armistice border and this is even worse!  This border is what the UN calls "the Green Line." That just came out of the Paris conference of 1/15/17.    
 They also have Gaza which since the Hamas terrorists have taken over, have been shelling southern Israel with mortars, missiles and rockets.  Then there is the right or eastern flank of Judea-Samaria (named West Bank by Jordan) and Jordan itself who are on the Eastern Bank of the Jordan River.  Attacks can easily come from there.  The southern part of Israel is open to Egypt, and part of the sea, so that could be breached as well.  As I see it; the East, West and northern sides are the most vunerable right now.
It is 110.3 miles from Judea-Samaria; 2 hr. 42 minutes by car to Beer Sheva's desert area.
East Jerusalem is part of unified Jerusalem, and is that to be part of Palestine according to UN also? Then it's one minute away.  
1920 British Mandate of Palestine  to be Jewish Homeland;
80% chopped for for Abdullah from Saudi Arabia-Hashemite prince
Of this, the UN has taken it upon itself to dismiss Israel's rights as a rightfully created state-through the League of Nations and the United Nations itself, and is saying that the land they won back in the 1967 onslaught of Arab states is to be given back to them anyway in the form of a Palestine for this group of Arabs that have said no to any deal ever since 1947.  Israel has always been ready to deal but not the Palestinians, who had been led by terrorist #1, Yasser Arafat.  They are now being led by the head of the PA, a position Israel had agreed to, Mahmoud Abbas born in 1935, who has held the reigns for as President since 2005.  That's one long term now of almost the past 12 years. Before he was the Prime Minister.
By 1922, Given to Abdulla instead by Britain
All the Arabs met in Khartoum after the 1967 Six Day War with Israel in which Israel miraculously won and decided on saying NO to any peace arrangement with Israel.  Their goal was not peace but taking all of Israel for themselves.  We know this and the world should know it.  Look at what happened when Israelis were removed from Gaza in the name of peace?  It's  been a platform to shoot missiles, mortars and rockets into Israel and create havoc and death.
8,000 sq miles of Israel and 70 nations of the world in Paris today plotting to take more
land away from this tiny country from its 6 million Jews of Israel plus 600,000 in Judea and Samaria.
Only Israel is expected to give up land and its security for people who have attacked them for 70 years.
The UN  lesson here is:  It pays to be the aggressor and murderers of many.  

Palestine - On 29 November 2012 Palestine has been granted the status of non-member observer state.
   It hasn't (still) been admitted to the UN as a full member.
  It hasn't  changed its attitudes
towards Israel, either and still rewards murderers of Israelis, teaches hatred towards Jews in schools.  Now it is threatening to revoke their accepting Israel's right to exist that it had admitted before when wanting the Palestine Authority positions.    They will do this if Trump moves his USA embassy to Jerusalem as he has said he will do. "The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had recognized the state of Israel’s existence in 1988 as part of a campaign to accrue international legitimacy and from the west in particular. The PA was founded by the PLO as a new governing body to represent Palestinians during the Oslo process in the 1990s when Israel engaged in peace talks with the PLO." 

  Imagine, Jerusalem has been Israel's capital for 69 years and the USA embassy remains in Tel Aviv.  Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel, ancient and modern.  With the UN's 2334 bill, the Western Wall in Jerusalem is to belong to Palestinians who  plan  to keep Jews away from it and Temple Mount, home of Solomon's Temple.  King Solomon was the son of King David, both Jewish kings of Israel.  

""The long march through the UN has produced many benefits for the PLO (now the Palestinian Authority PA). It has created a people where there was none; an issue where there was none; a claim where there was none. Now the PLO is seeking to create a state where there already is one." — Jeane Kirkpatrick, U.S. ambassador to the UN (1981-85).
(She's referring to Jordan, made up of many Palestinians besides their Hashemite tribe.)


  1. Yes they can and will....just like Kristallnacht the law of men meant absolutely nothing if you were Jewish!

  2. This time around we do have a state-and a government and a friend in President Trump. We won't have anymore abstentions or vetos. We still mean nothing to the UN, though-which is why they keep on scheming to destroy Israel.

  3. The Palestinians know Trump is going to be more sympathetic towards Israel. They're busy burning photos of Trump. It seems the Pope himeslf has strengthened their hostilities towards Israel, however. has an article called "Barrier of Peace" about it. I do remember that he visited them and not Israel last time he was in the vicinity.