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Seven Countries Needing 90 Day Immigration Wait

Nadene Goldfoot                                            

President Trump wants 7 countries to wait for 90 days before being received as immigrants  for a better vetting procedure to be developed.  He's having a hard time with the Judicial system to agree with him.  The 7 countries include failed states without enough information for the vetters.   They are:
Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. They were listed in a 2016 Law about immigration visas as "countries of concern" by the Obama administration.  Coincidentally, they are also Muslim majority states of which there are a total of 48.

"Dozens of Syrian refugees already living in the Unites States may have ties to terrorism and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is downplaying it, claiming federal agents missed “possible derogatory information” about the immigrants due to “a lapse in vetting.” Among those who slipped through the cracks is a man who failed a polygraph test after applying to work at a U.S. military installation and another who communicated with an Islamic State leader.
Iran:  Iran is the one country I am most concerned about.  They call the USA "Big Satan" and Israel "Little Satan" and have pulled the wool over Obama's Administration with the nuclear energy deal.  They now have missiles that can easily reach Israel.  In other words, they are not a friendly country. They used to be called Persia.  They are part of Asia. Persia had been Babylonia who conquered it by Cyrus in 538 BCE.  The Shiite form of Islam was highly intolerant in theory and practice and remains so today.  Jews were treated worse than in other parts of the Moslem world and were under all sorts of restrictions..  Jews were persecuted and forced conversions took place in the 17th century.  Nadir Shah softened this when he came to power from 1736 to 47. Jews began to emigrate to Israel in big numbers in 1948.   However, by the 19th century, Persian Jewry was among the most depressed in the world.  Although Jews were no persecuted after the Khomeini revolution in 1978 from the Shah's former rule, Jews felt uncomfortable under the strict Islamic regime and left for Israel and the West.  In 1978 the Jewish population was 80,000.  By 1989 it had dropped to 20,000.

Not being Arabs, Iran has the 6th largest populated country in the Middle East. In 2011 they had a 76,923,300 population made up of 98% Shi'a Muslims.  It is a religious Islamic state with 545,000 active troops at the ready.  It's a country run by the Ayatollah, a religious leader who is autocratic.  When the people demonstrated once, Nadia was shot and killed in the crowd.  Iran deals in state-sponsored terrorism  Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the government of Iran has been accused by members of the international community of funding, providing equipment, weapons, training and giving sanctuary to terrorists.
The United States State Department describes Iran as an “active state sponsor of terrorism.” Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice elaborated stating, "Iran has been the country that has been in many ways a kind of central banker for terrorism in important regions like Lebanon through Hezbollah in the Middle East, in the Palestinian Territories, and we have deep concerns about what Iran is doing in the south of Iraq."

Iraq has become the Islamic state for ISIS.  It's also called the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria.   It was the 11th largest state  in 2011 with 31,234,000 population, but many have become refugees now.  They had been made up of 97% Shi'a and Sunni Muslims.  Iraq had been a secular state.  Iraq was formerly called Mesopotamia.  It was conquered by the Arabs in 637.  They are part of Asia. The Ottoman Empire took over the land in 1534 and Turks dominated until 1917 after WWI when the British took over.  Iraq became independent in 1932 and then persecuted the Jews killing hundreds in Baghdad or wounded them in a pogrom in 1941 during a revolt.  Iraq Jews were airlifted to Israel in Operation Ezra and Nehemiah but their property left there was all confiscated.  123,500 reached Israel since 1948. Some Jews had to stay for personal reasons and were severely restricted.  By 1991 there were only 150 Jews left in Baghdad and they had one synagogue to attend they had kept open.
3/2/17 Update:  Trump has now taken it off the list of the 7 countries on the 3 month ban from entering while creating a better screening program.
  • 153,714 internally displaced persons (IDPs) currently displaced from Mosul and surrounding areas
  • 19,242 UNHCR kits of core relief items (CRIs) distributed to families in camps, assisting some 107,000 IDPs from Mosul and surrounding areas
  • 5,775 family plots are currently occupied out of 11,497 family plots (for some 60,000 people) in UNHCR built camps that are ready to receive IDPs displaced from Mosul corridor
  • 3 million IDPs since January 2014
  • 245,000 Iraqi refugees hosted by neighbouring countries in the region
  • 11,451 Iraqis received in Al Hol camp in Syria since 17 October 2016
Libya is the 29th largest state with 6,173,579 population made up of 97% Sunni Muslims.  Islam is the state religion.  They are located in northern Africa.  Its Jewish population of 30,000 had left in 1948 for Israel. Demonstrations against the remaining 6,000 Jews happened in 1967 and they all left shortly thereafter.  Added late.

"A wave of citizen journalism swept Libya in the months following media predator Muammar Gaddafi’s overthrow in 2011 but the new-found enthusiasm was brought to an early end by the decline in the political and security situation. The open conflict between rival governments in Tobruk in the east and Tripoli in the west from 2014 onwards resulted in climate of complete impunity for crimes of violence and abuses against professional and non-professional journalists." 
Violence continues here.  ISIS is in the country.  

On 8 January, an ISIS member captured by the LNA stated on Libyan television that Tunisian journalists Sofiane Chourabi and Nadher Guetari, who have been missing in Libya since 2014, are both dead. Documents found by the LNA during their raids in Ganfuda over the last two weeks appear to show that the decision to kill the journalists was made by ISIS clerics, and that both were executed in Derna.

Somalia is the 25th largest state with 9,558,666 population and with 100% Sunni Muslims.  It is also an Islamic State situated in northern Africa.  No Jews had settled here.  Added late.

"Somalia is facing a “very real risk” of famine, with more than 6 million people, half its population, facing acute food insecurity in the country, three UN agencies have warned.
Humanitarian groups in Somalia cautioned there was a “small window” to stop a repeat of the 2011 famine, when an estimated 260,000 people starved to death in the country after a slow response from donors."
This state has produced the terrorists called Al Shabab.  They have turned into a global terror threat.  "Since its 2003 creation as a breakaway unit of Somali militant Islamists, al Shabab — Arabic for "the youth" — has grown into one of the world's most notorious terror groups, drawing support and recruits from around the world, including Somali immigrants in America.
Now aligned with al Qaeda, al Shabab has conducted deadly attacks across its homeland, but also against neighboring countries who've joined the fight against it. That includes Kenya, where al Shabab members stormed the campus of Garissa University College on Thursday, killing scores of Christians and a 2013 siege where gunmen opened fire inside an upscale shopping mall, leaving more than 60 dead".

Sudan is the 8th largest state with 43,939,598 population of 70% Sunni Muslims.  They do not list their state as being secular or religious.  Nothing is listed for their religion.  Jews have visited here since remote times.  In 1885, the Mahdi forced all Jews and Christians to convert to Islam.  The community dated from the end of the 19th century, but few Jews live there now.

"Terrorism in Sudan has occurred in Sudan since the recent war. Sudanese government, however, persists in fighting against terrorism in the country.
Sudan has made progress in shutting down terrorism inside its borders. Sudan’s terrorist connection is not new and the country has been on the United States list of state sponsors of terrorism since August 1993. Sudan has been under diplomatic sanctions by the United Nations since 1996.
Sudan is in a strategic position to export its Islamic revolution because of its borders with both Egypt and Libya and with six African countries, including Ethiopia, which has a large and impoverished Muslim population.
Terrorism was introduced to Sudan in the early 1990s when Osama Bin Ladin and his followers came to the country and built a training camp infrastructure as well as setting up a business and finance network

Syria had been the 17th largest state with 22,505,000 population of 90% Sunni Muslims and most likely the rest Christians, but they also have turned to becoming refugees or have been killed. One recent entry said Syria has 21.1 million population now.   Damascus seems to be in good shape, but Aleppo is in ruins.  Syria also lists nothing for their state religion.  Syria was called Aram in Bible days, and people moved back and forth between Syria and Israel then.  The Damascus Blood Libel event happened in 1840, showing how anti-Semitism had developed there.  Jews finally obtained equal right in 1920 in Syria due to the French holding their mandate after WWI.  They lost them during WWII under the Vichy regime.  This caused Jewish immigration to Lebanon, Israel and the USA.  Judith Feld Carr rescued most of the Jews of Syria in 1990s with the promise to Assad to take them to the USA and not Israel.  They had been living deplorably in a Jewish ghetto with restrictions of all possibilities.  Many were actually kept in prisons.  Syria's Assad is still in power, being backed by Iran and Russia.

"Syria was the world's deadliest country for journalists in 2014, says Reporters Without Borders.  Islamic State jihadists "enforce an information dictatorship" in the areas they control.

In Syria, the group, ISIS,  has conducted ground attacks on both government forces and opposition factions. By December 2015, the Islamic State covered a vast landlocked territory in western Iraq and eastern Syria, with a population estimate of 2.8–8 million people,  where it enforces its interpretation of sharia law. ISIL is now believed to be operational in 18 countries across the world, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, with "aspiring branches" in Mali, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Yemen is the 16th most populated country with 23,580,000 population of 99% Sunni and Shi'a Musims.  They are an Islamic state.  It is situated in SW  Arabia and was home to my favorite Israeli songstress, Ofra Haza before immigrating with her family to Israel.  Jews living here go back to the times of the 1st Temple.  It was another Arab country that had many restrictions on the Jews and were persecuted, but the Jews became excellent silversmiths anyway.  In the early 19th century there were 30,000 Jews living here. By 1948 there were 18,000 Yemenite Jews living in Palestine.  About the whole JEwish community, numbering about 46,000  were taken to Israel in Operation Magic Carpet.  There were sill some 1,400 Jews remaining in Yemen.  Added late.

In its war on terrorism in Yemen, the US government describes Yemen as "an important partner in the global war on terrorism".  There have been attacks on civilian targets and tourists, and there was a cargo-plane bomb plot in 2010. Counter-terrorism operations have been conducted by the Yemeni police and the Yemeni and US military.   An estimated 98 US drone attacks were conducted in Yemen from 2002 to 2015: 41 in 2012, 26 in 2013 and 14 in 2014.

"The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain,  said Wednesday that the objective of last week's Navy SEALs raid in Yemen was in part to capture al Qaeda terrorists. Military officials did not dispute his statement, despite their comments earlier in the week that the purpose was to gather intelligence.

Update:, war ready to break out over Yemen.  USA-Iran fighting over it.   in Debka newsletter. 

"Anwar al-Awlaki (also spelled al-Aulaqi, al-AwlaqiArabicأنور العولقي‎‎ Anwar al-‘Awlaqī; April 21, 1971 – September 30, 2011) was an American  and Yemeni imam and Islamic lecturer. U.S. government officials allege that he was a senior recruiter and motivator who was involved in planning terrorist operations for the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda,] and he became the first United States citizen to be targeted and killed by a U.S. drone strike.  Barack Obama ordered the strike.

Yemen, the poorest country in the region, is home to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, which most recently claimed responsibility for the massacre of journalists at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. It's one of the world's biggest exporters of terrorism.
AQAP is benefiting hugely from the current conflict in Yemen.
Gunfire could be heard throughout the capital, Sanaa, on Tuesday, as CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reported that security there was tenuous.
On Monday night, unknown assailants fired shots at a U.S. Embassy vehicle in the city, the embassy said. It has said it's prepared to evacuate but no orders have been given.

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