Friday, February 3, 2017

Alex Jones, Radio's Anti Semite

Nadene Goldfoot                                 
Alex Jones, radio host
dealing in conspiracy theories that he believes to be true-he says
"His rhetorical style resembles an avalanche . He makes assertions with the scantiest of proof, but delivered with utter certainty. His monologues explode with emotion. Some days he appears to be sobbing, holding his face in his hands. Then he’s making deep, guttural growling noises. Then he’s howling, " wrote Manuel Roig-Granzia on November 17, 2016.  

It's as if he were describing  Palestinians after they've terrorized Israel with their rockets, mortars or missiles or a planned stabbing attack on a family living in either Judea or Samaria with the result that all are slaughtered.  That's how they sound, defending each other, and especially how the women I've heard sound.  I heard some speak at Reed College
several years ago and witnessed their wild imaginations in their relating
their experiences.   Having lived in Israel myself and being a student of our history, I knew what was true and what was not.  

Only Manuel was describing a new phenomenon that has just come to my attention that supposedly our new President Donald Trump listens to with great interest;  Alex Jones.   

"Alexander Emerick "AlexJones (born February 11, 1974) is an American radio show host, filmmaker, writer,  and conspiracy theorist.  He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network  and shortwave radio station WWCR  across the United States and online.  His website,, has been labelled as a fake news website."  Evidently, he's very popular.  

He's made a name for himself by saying the most outlandish things possible and propagating 
conspiracy theories of all sorts.  He's a conservative but not in his manner as he's all for
 Russian propaganda.
Following the 2016 Republican National Convention, He'd like to remove Ted Cruz from his position in 2018, it is said.   Jones supports Donald Trump and has consistently denounced Hillary Clinton.
Jones said that Trump called him on the day after the election to thank him for his help in the campaign.

Alex Jones has said, according to writer , Zack Beauchamp, that he is not anti-Semitic, BUT 
Jews run an evil conspiracy!  Not anti-Semitic?  What would you call this?  He's blaming 
America's ills on the "Jewish mafia!"  There ain't no such animal, Alex.  You've got bees in
your motorcycle helmet!

Now the word from him is that the British Royal family are related to Count Dracula,
claims this wild man.  He should only find out who in the world he is related to.  Try taking an 
autosomal DNA test, Alex.  Maybe you are, too!  

But this Jewish lady is connected by DNA testing to a rabbi in the 1600s in Germany who was
related to very famous rabbi called Rashi who was related to King David.!  Now, put that in 
your pipe and smoke it!  You ARE an  anti-Semite!  

I hope Trump was listening to you as an amusement and not taking anything you say literally.  
You are quite dangerous when you say things like you do about Jews over the radio.  

Another such character on the radio a long time ago was Art Bell, who told of the wildest things
on his late hour show.  He stuck to the paranormal  phenomenons.  What a way to get
listeners!  As if our daily news isn't crazy enough for you all!  


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