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UN's Javier Solana's Call For 2 State Solution Regardless of Circumstances

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                             

Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy chief, called for the UN Security Council in July of 2009  to recognize a Palestinian state by a deadline even if Israelis and Palestinians have not reached agreement among themselves.  In other words, he's telling ALL the European nations to do this, and why?  Does he think it's going to bring peace between the two entities?  What it will do will give power to a terrorist group, Hamas,  sitting in Gaza who will overcome another older terrorist group, Fatah, and then continue to make war against Israel and have the advantage of being on their doorstep.  The logical thing was to have a reason to want to make peace, and this the Palestinians do not have.  Instead, they live by the code of killing off Israelis and taking over their land.  In a sense, this would be helping out ISIS who would then take over all anyway.

In late 2004, Solana held secret negotiations with Hamas leaders, saying that he met them at a time when there seemed to be an opportunity for progress, and were to "pass a clear message of what the international community wants", and said that the meetings occurred "months" before.
A rare moment when Fatah and Hamas unified .
The terrorists, Fatah and Hamas leaders, signed a reconciliation deal in April of 2014.
 The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, chairing a security cabinet following the signing, told ministers: "Today, Abu Mazen [as President Mahmoud Abbas is known] said yes to terrorism and no to peace."
This ultimatum was 7 years ago, and Israel and these Arabs led by Hamas and Fatah are still not after any peace with Israel.  They have said that they will not revive peace talks unless there is a halt to Israel's settlement in Judea and Samaria, in which they intend to kick out Jews living there now.  They want it Judenrein (free of Jews.)  They said this while 1.7 million Arabs were citizens of Israel.  Israel may be open minded, but not these Arabs.

Solana said that they should proclaim the adoption of the 2-state solution which would include border parameters, refugees, control over the city of Jerusalem (King David's City) and security arrangements.  Then Palestine would be a full member of the UN.  They would mandate other remaining territorial disputes-probably referring to land inside of Judea-Samaria that is holy to Jews,  and then the UN would legitimize the end of claims.
Palestinian flags
Ban Ki-moon of UN slams Israel over Settlements
After  Quartet Report in 2013
Solana advocated the impossible; the return to Israel's borders before the 1967 war started by Egypt, Syria and Jordan in which Israel won Judea and Samaria.  You win the war but lose the land according to Solana if you are a Jewish country.  He is an impossible man.  He said that if the 2 parties couldn't stick to a timetable for a peace agreement, then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table.
The EU, with the USA, Russia and the UN, is part of the Quartet of Middle East Negotiators.  No wonder a solution could not be abided.  It doesn't concern them at all.  They just want it over and done with, so they think.                                                                          
Solana was Secretary General of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is a military alliance of European and North American democracies founded after World War II to strengthen international ties between member states—especially the United States and Europe—and to serve as a counter-balance to the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The
USA pays most of their required finances which is why Trump thought about not belonging to it anymore.  
Who is this man who wields so much power in the EU?  Javier Solana is a Spanish physicist and politician, and is a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE).   After serving in the Spanish government under Felipe González in various posts among which as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1992 and 1995, he was appointed Secretary General of NATO. Following this, he was appointed the European Union's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and Secretary-General of the Western European Union and held these posts from October 1999 until December 2009.
Munich, Germany, by the Quartet principals – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, US Secretary of State John Kerry, European Union (EU) High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, and UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson, representing the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.The Middle East Quartet, made up of the US, EU, UN, and Russia, is scheduled to release a major policy report later in coming weeks, and senior diplomats involved in its drafting have indicated that the US is taking a far harder line on Israel than in the past.
[Arutz Sheva] May 2016

Solana has played a big role working toward a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and continues to be a primary architect of the "Road Map for Peace," along with the UN, Russia, and the United States in the Quartet on the Middle East. On 22 July 2004 he met Ariel Sharon in Israel. Sharon had originally refused to meet Solana, but eventually accepted that, whether he liked it or not, the EU was involved in the Road Map. 

Israel also said it would act – including in the international community –to prevent Palestinian elections taking place which included the participation of Hamas.  He criticized Israel, accusing them  of obstructing the Palestinian presidential election of 9 January 2005, but then met Sharon again on 13 January.    The new Palestinian Council  won  on January 25, 2006. " The Battle of Gaza, also referred to as Hamas' takeover of Gaza, was a military conflict between Fatah and Hamas, that took place in the Gaza Strip between the 10th and 15th of June 2007."  The conflict between Fatah and Hamas had been simmering since Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in January 2006. After Hamas' victory, Fatah refused to join a grand coalition."  The Bush Administration would not have been quiet about expecting to see a democratic election in Gaza, not realizing the ways Hamas secured their "democratic " votes.  This was a new experience for these Arabs.  

Obama insisted that the Egyptians have a democratic vote for president    and they voted in Morsi by 51 to 48.  "Obama pressured  the Egyptian army to submit.  Meanwhile, the Brotherhood’s newfound power gave Hamas unprecedented strategic depth to its rear, inspiring it to start a war with Israel in 2012.

Read more at: and look at the outcome; Hamas terrorists have been ruling ever since and attacking Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles.  We have the EU to thank!  

In 2010, after he had left office, he signed a petition along with 25 other EU leaders directed at his successor, Catherine Ashton, calling for EU sanctions on Israel in response to continued settlement construction in the West Bank.  Israel had waited for a year without touching the land that they won in 1967 but the Arabs did not change their stance and did not come to a table in peace.  According to the EU, through an attack that led to their winning, they still cannot touch land twice proclaimed theirs:  once by G-d and once by . the League of Nations (1st UN).  
 So must have started the BDS movement against Israel.  

There are many facets against the idea of peace between the Arabs and Israel, though the 
thought of peace is tempting, it is impossible to achieve until there is a change in the Arab's
Israel has always wanted peace, but the Arab nations have not.  One wonders what G-d was 
ever thinking of when he wanted Israelites to live among them.  The children of Abraham couldn't
get along during Abraham's lifetime and now must learn to do so.  

To have Solana ride the herd in the EU is frightening.  It brings back thoughts of the Spanish
Inquisition and their brutal orders of death in trying to destroy Judaism.  It looks like Solana rules
with an iron fist. 

  The EU, Europe, the lands who brutalized Jews for 2,000 years, now have 
again become dictators of peace with terms again against the rights for Jews.  They're not 
surviving as a whole union, though.  England has just dropped out.  Their own countries are not 
in a stable condition.  They need to mind their own fences and stop being couch potatoes who 
are meddling into the problems of others.  It's great when friends can help solve problems and 
honestly help out, but becoming a dictator is not being a friend in need.  

Solana has been replaced by Federica Mogherini b: June 16, 1973 of Italy since November 1, 2014.  
 Federica was born when Israel was about to be in the war of 1973, the Yom Kippur War. Mogherini has expressed that she also wants the EU to play a leading role in trying to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks after a U.S.-brokered process foundered in April 2014. She visited the region within days of starting her new job. She pushed to revitalise the Middle East Quartet – together with the United Nations, the United States, and Russia – and to involve key Arab countries in relaunching the peace process: the first “Quartet plus” meeting, with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Arab League, took place on the sides of the UN General Assembly in New York, on 30 September 2014.

The United States had been a barren land, and allowed settlers to land if they worked it.

Is this why the EU and cohorts are against Israel building in Judea and Samaria?  It's been 49 years 

since Israel won back their own land.  It there some unwritten clause about 50 years and lying

fallow to allow Jordan to claim it back?  

Edited 7/9/16 
Resource:,_2006 (Gaza Election for Hamas)



    such glowing terms to describe him. ha!

    what terrible consequences left in his wake. the iran deal obama and john kerry are so proud of was initiated by solana on 06/06/06. he made global headline news that day. when no one else was even remotely speaking to tyrannical, totally off the charts unreasonable iran, he was....and look at what israel and the world are threatened with today. thanks for nothing mr solana.

  2. I agree with you. He certainly knew how to work John Kerry, too, didn't he. The manipulator of the century should be his moniker.

  3. Javier is thought of too highly for safety's sake. "Solana also attempted to bring peace to the Middle East conflict during his mandate, as part of the Israeli/Palestine Quartet along with Kofi Annan, Colin Powell and Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov.

    Solana left NATO in 1999 to become Secretary General of the Council of the EU and its first High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, tasked with presenting ideas and analyzing policy options to help EU leaders agree on foreign and security policy issues, thereby giving the Union more political clout in international affairs. The Clinton Administration once announced in a press conference that Solana was the fulfillment of Henry Kissinger's long stated wish to have only one phone number to ring up for Europe." He's treated like the Czar of Europe.

  4. "Sharon again on 13 January. Obama insisted they vote and look at the outcome; "
    I'm thinking you mean solana. obama wasn't in office yet. solana was eu high rep and your headline says un.

    your article is showing some of his role in how the eu has developed policy against israel. others have taken the ball from him and run with it. he works night and day behind the scenes, is consulted still and i sometime wonder if a high position were to reopen if he would be asked to fill it. my thought is he would gladly do so. i think he wants to run the whole world because globalism's best cheerleader is him. he's not done pushing until the global dream is reality...

  5. You're right on my error about Obama. It was Egypt that he demanded had Democratic elections, not Gaza. That was the Bush Administration goading Israel to do that. Of course Hamas won, and how Democratic it stayed, only the little mouse watching knows. I think the Gazans were threatened to vote for Hamas. Obama favored the Muslim Brotherhood who Morsi was, and they want Israel destroyed. I just watched Obama in Spain for a NATO meeting, I think it was, and he walked out with someone who looked like Solana, but I couldn't be sure. The shot was not a close-up.

  6. they are all in each other's hip pockets-these who prod and provoke israel. solana had sharon's arm twisted behind his back when dealing with him in earlier years about the settlements. he has an uncanny knack for being there (or at the very least near by) when the threats are issued...and still is because he aids israel's enemies. he is supposed to be retired, but he never tires of forwarding ideas to become policies that marginalize all who stand in the way of his global agenda. he has much company, both sides of the aisle, in america. no wonder this nation is under judgment-it's own sins and aiding and abetting those against israel.
    i will bless them that bless thee is not the story these days. we are under the curse of the Almighty as is the whole world-for how israel (the burdensome stone in prophecy) is treated. the world is being left to it's own devices and globalism is soon the result. a horrible thing is coming-is almost here.

  7. He's like the puppeteer pulling the strings of the puppets. Israel is in the center of a hurricane. It is very frightening. Things are not looking good at all. I always wondered by Sharon gave in to quickly to leaving Gaza, lock, stock and barrel and did not think of Israel's security position at that result. I thought it was his son's pressure. Solana had his pressure, too.

  8. continue to watch him and those who he is surrounded by. and he is slippery. like he is hidden in plain sight. even when you can't see him, his influence is present.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    older info but you'll read with interest

  11. Will do. We'll know who's behind the action. Thanks for the heads up, Andre'.

  12. The first, from Gulf News from July 12, 2001, an Arab publication, told why the Arabs, with a spokesman from Arafat, didn't like Sharon's plans which they said went against George Mitchell's Plan-and they wanted Solana back in the picture. Interesting.
    The 2nd website was an older one from March 2008 and was written by the EU Center of North Carolina! "The first official involvement of the European Community (EC) in the Palestinian-Israeli
    conflict dates back to the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the resulting global oil crisis. One
    month after the war, the EC issued a declaration recognizing the “legitimate rights” of the
    Palestinians and calling for an Israeli withdrawal from all territories occupied during the
    1967 Arab-Israeli War. Simultaneously, the EC initiated the “Euro-Arab Dialogue” to
    foster better understanding with the Arab world. "
    This certainly shows their thinking more about the oil than Israel, buttering up to the Arabs. Israel surprised everyone by winning in 1967 against a HUGE attack by all the Arabs including Jordan, their immediate neighbor on one side and Egypt on the other side. The odds were completely against Israel. Then again in 73, attacking on Yom Kippur when everyone in Israel was in a synagogue, our day of repentance. and we won. The Europeans were getting nervous thinking about their winter. "Indeed, following the failure of US mediations and the 1977 election of Israel’s
    right-wing Likud party, European backing for the Palestinian cause became more
    explicit." Yes, oil is said to be the most important factor in a lot of this. You have got to read the book, "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons (1994). It will make your head spin. Between England and the USA, we've really been cheated. It's about how western espionage betrayed the Jewish people.

  13. yes nadene. i certainly agree. there are those playing both ends against the middle to secure their own interests so the british and american leaderships have been very double-minded and double-tongued in dealing with israel. that is why the land that was mandated in 1920 became less in the final shakeout than what was first agreed upon-also making a way for jordan that was not part of this and still actually should be a contested issue ever since. plus the whole jonathan pollard affair was especially ridiculous when it is known how badly our government handled his case and over what in comparison. a bargaining chip. many other things have not seen the light of day yet...but one day.....
    i see you deleted something i posted among our exchanges. excuse me for some mistake apparently. don't remember what i put there but glad it is removed if it didn't belong.
    i appreciate your articles and glad you are checking behind me to see links i've posted so you can see some of what i have been referring to concerning certain people who are power brokers from the eu and un (particularly) with way less than stellar intent toward israel, yet want to be seen as humanitarian in world affairs. they are not peacemakers--only 'peacekeepers' (if even that) when it suits their own global bottomline. many pairs of dirty hands handling the world's 'business'...

  14. One short entry you wrote had come up twice, so I deleted the 2nd one, the "continue to watch him..." You might have held your finger down and it printed again, don't know. Yes, besides the regular people we see in the news all the time; Obama, Hillary, etc, this Solana has been behind the scenes doing a lot of nastiness. I'm glad you brought him to my attention.