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Challenging Pollyanna Decision Makers Who Vote in November

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

I just saw the new Vice President pick by Clinton, Tim Kaine,  welcome "all Americans" in Spanish who were his audience but were not all USA citizens.  My adult Mexican  students reminded me that "America" included North and Central and South America, and I know that North America is also divided into Canada and the USA. They didn't like me referring to this country as "America."  It was ignoring Mexico!   Even Canada has their own problems between French and English speaking people.  So some Central Americans prefer to distinguish this fact as I heard about it first hand.  South America and Central America have their own political problems.  

My students  at the community college where I taught English as a 2nd language were all illegals, but were able to tell me how horrid it was for them in Mexico, and asked me what I would do if I were in their shoes.   They were good people, and I thought many a time that it would be nice to deport some of our criminal elements and keep these nice family people who had a great work ethic.  Up here in Oregon, we were getting Mexican illegals who were willing to work in the onion and potato fields of eastern Oregon, where we evidently needed labor.
And how about this email issue again with the Democrats this morning with it now being told that the Clintons are talking about  downing Sanders in these emails.  What?  They do not love him?  Or that they were thinking of calling him on being an aetheist and not a Jew.  Good grief!  That's as disgusting as some of the faux pas of Trump!   The bigger issue is of obviously trying to take the heat off this issue by blaming the Russians for exposing these e-mails in order to help Trump!  As I listened, I thought of how clever the Democrats were to cover up the issue by taking the heat off Hillary by blaming Trump in this way!  Oh my!  It's as obvious as  putting the headlights onto it for all to see.
Trump's oldest daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, and 2 of her 3 children
Now, I've been listening to Fareed Zakaria who does his best to show how bad Trump is, and who brought on facts showing what great shape the USA is in.  I can tell him that I certainly agree with Trump's son who also spoke this morning and told why those facts are not making many Americans feel safer. To Democrats, all is wonderful; we have less crime and we'll be getting more and more benefits with their new agenda.  Sure, and they took off Israel from the last agenda, didn't they.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat
1933 to 1945
My father figure
 The facts are, this is 2016, a different era, and what we see on TV and hear and read are different realistic facts of what's going on in our world.  And please note, I'm a Republican-converted from a lifetime of being a Democrat, and I watch both sides of the issue's contenders.  For me, the Democrat Party today is not the one of yesterday.  Not so with the Democrats I've talked to.  G-d forbid if they would watch the Republican convention, and those that do, like on Fareed's program this morning, see something I don't see, completely.  One smart lady will vote for a 3rd party!  She's giving her vote away and it will amount to nothing.  Like that's going to help matters, and as I see it, only her ego.  Hillary is blameless and her behaviors aren't even considered.

With the world situation of Middle Eastern refugees coming into Europe and the attacks going on there from rape in Sweden to shootings in Paris is frightening us.  It's not 1940 days today where what happens outside our borders stays there, but it can now penetrate our country and often feels like it is.  Maybe in those days the Pew results mattered and  were more realistic but not today.  Who can believe crime is down when we see it on our TVs?  Is crime down in Chicago?  That could be our city next. We're living in a vortex, not a protected bubble.   We KNOW what can happen.  Everything is drawn towards us.
Iran testing Shahab missiles to reach farther
Iran has the ability now at least in a few short years of having atomic weapons, and they call the USA the big devil and Israel the little devil, and they hate us.  Thanks to Obama, this has happened and it doesn't make anyone feel sure of our future.  We'd better live for today for who knows what will happen tomorrow, huh.  I worry about the health of Israelis all the time because of this and of other dangers they face.
One way we know things are not kosher in the world is that we are not earning any profit by having savings in a savings account in the bank other than a few pennies.  It's not like it used to be.  Job placement is the big concern for our young people who have educated themselves for great jobs and can't find them.  How about people who have lost jobs because of them moving to places where the business can make better profits?  We also owe a huge amount to China!  Trump's thinking of ways to pay this money back, and as a successful businessman, he knows of more ways than most of us do.

My father was smart to become a butcher back in the 30's.  People always needed food.  Life from the time he was 17 was rough for him regardless of who was president, but he had a needed skill,  and was daring.  He didn't need a college education, but gave his children this opportunity.
Billy Meshke, aka Morris Goldfoot
 Even before that, he went into boxing to earn money in about 1925, as many a poor boy has done.   Young people can't even face such good fortune today.  The country is divided between 2 opposing forces and the youth are smashed between them like a sandwich, gaining very little to speak of.  He had no financial help other than what he alone was capable of.
 They haven't learned the satisfaction of earning their own fate like we did in the past, but have been given, given, given so much today without their putting out an effort, that they expect that's the good life; socialism.  I am appalled at the population that prefers socialism and Bernie Sanders instead of  the democracy that made this country so great.  Did it start by giving our children toys and gifts to make up for our being away and working so much?  We're not Europe.  We're not Scandinavia.  Our ancestors  left those places for better opportunities to use our talents.  We're the USA and we've been the leaders in this world.  We've become followers.  It's a comedown.
Hillary with Sura Arafat
So now it's come down to this.  We have Clinton, a woman, who has been a good obedient servant of Obama, planning on doing his work for the next 4 years.  Neither one are risk takers.  You'll have the same old, same old.  Or, you'll have a man, a risk taker as I see it, though one that can hold back his inclinations, as he did by not being for the Middle East War, but daring in his businesses.  For to become so famous a hotel builder and owner, he had to be different to achieve such heights.  This is what a lot of people see in him; a success story.  Yes, he's been crude and rude, a reflection of his social life on the job, perhaps.  Who knows.  Lots of near geniuses have had trouble socializing and using the proper speech with people.  I've known of 3, myself.  He's a man who sees possibilities and works towards them.  He's made mistakes, for sure, but is correcting himself, as we already can see.  I have cringed occasionally along with everyone else.
Trump with new grandson
 To win over 16 other contenders for this position has taken some doing, not all great.  Which highway are we going to take?  We have but 2 choices.  To the Pollyannas; voting for a 3rd is pretty silly.  You're the ones taking a chance with that vote.
One or the other must get our vote in order to make sure the other does not.  We've suffered through 8 years of Obama, a man who never had a job of creating his own business and employing people, and now have the opportunity to try another flavor with a man who has built an empire.  Trump is used to being successful.  I don't think he'd make an unsuccessful president.  One thing that's great is that he listens to his children, and they're pretty super, don't you think?  Donald Trump won't go down as a flash in the pan.  He wants the best for our future, too.


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