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Brooking Institute's Involvement in Middle East Policy

Nadene Goldfoot                                Palestinian leadership                       
Hamas terrorist leader, Ismail Haniyah-in Gaza
Abbas of Fatah in Judea-Samaria

What's keeping Israel and the Arabs called
Palestinians from a peaceful solution that would create peace with a 2 state solution?  Isn't that what the Palestinians want? 
 Their own state?  Daniel Kurtzer said, "The sad reality is that politics—not policy, per se—is what blocks progress toward a two-state solution."  Of course it would mean giving land away  that was first designated by G-d  to be the Jewish Homeland to a people with complete opposing ideals from Judaism, and again from the 1st United Nations in 1920 to be the Jewish Homeland.  Wouldn't this be worth it for the sake of peace?  

Do you remember what Israel did with Gaza?  Israelis left Gaza for the sake of peace and it immediately became the attack station against Israel.  Southern Israel has suffered ever since the horrors of having rockets, mortars and missiles land in their yards, and whole generations of children forced to accept  being attacked with part of their schooling taking place in bomb shelters.  Imagine the fright of trying to go about your daily tasks with the thought of a rocket attack that could overcome you within minutes or seconds.  
Mandated Palestine to be National Jewish Home-agreed upon by all the world's nations in 1920 after years of discussion and meetings.  Today's Israel is the sliver on the left, and the rest is what Jordan had stolen in 1948.   Abdullah, their king, came from Saudi Arabia-not a native of the land.  

Perhaps Kurtzer should look at our religion for the answer as well.  Our history is that G-d said that the Israelites led by Moses were to inhabit the land, and he gave directions as to where they were to live according to their ancestry.  Descendants of Judah were to live in the southern portion which in turn was called Judah, from where today's Jews came from. 

 Nothing was said that we had to live only on 20% of the land designated for them, or that the other 80% would contain people who want to wipe us all out.  So following our religion, a 2 state solution is not feasible.  Yet, Jordan has overcome all expectations and lives in most of the 80%, and so far, are peaceful.  They weren't when all the rest of the surrounding neighbors decided to attack in 1967 and cajoled Jordan into joining them.  That's when they lost ground which went back to Israel, the rightful owner of that tract of land.  

Along comes the Brookings Institute out of Washington D.C.  It's a think tank that is supposed to be apolitical, but of course, isn't.  Groups donate a lot of money to this #1 think tank of the USA.  Is it on the left or the right?  It depends on the money donated and from who.

Take Qatar, a small but powerful country in the Arab Middle East led by an Emir.  They are donators.  Brookings has satellite centers, and their Brookings Doha Center is right in Qartar's capital and focuses on thinking about Middle East issues.  The funding comes right from Qatar's government, which is not Democratic.  It's interesting that in turn, Qatar has pledged $21.6 million to Brookings ever since 2011.  The only other office satellite is in Las Vegas, Nevada and is receiving donations from gold mining and casinos.  A senior Israeli official said that this has definitely caused some parts of the Israeli government to look skeptically on the work of Brookings. The Doha Center has a Washington based project going on that studies the Islamic world.

         Martin Sean Indyk, born in London in 1951, is the Vice President and Director for Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution   in Washington, D.C.
"In a rare public speech , Indyk singled out Israel’s settlement activity in the occupied West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  as the key reason for the failure of the U.S. peace effort. The speech followed hard on the heels of a much-noticed article in Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, in which an unnamed U.S. official widely believed to be Indyk made essentially the same point.

Yet from the American point of view, Indyk, a 62-year-old, Jewish, British-born, Australian-raised naturalized American citizen, could hardly be seen as anti-Israel. In fact, his involvement in Washington with Israel-related issues began with the pro-Israel lobby in AIPAC. "
Qaradawi -His vile hate against Jews pollutes the Middle East with the help of the Emir of Qatar who gives his blessings to his tirades.  
Qatar does some bad things, all right.  The Emir of Qatar is best friends with the despot, Qaradawi who preaches from Qatar.  A former Egyptian who was thrown out of his home country, he has found solace and friendship in Qatar and preaches all over the Middle East on TV his own program which is to hate Israel and destroy it.  Even he himself has said that if he had a Jew in his hands, he would strangle him.  Such a religious man!  He preaches to kill Jews!  

Needless to say, there is skepticism among some supporters of Israel.  One such person is Haim Saban, who has reduced his support of Brookings Institute.  He has been a major funder of their research as he is an Israeli billionaire.  He removed his name from the official title just this year, but will continue funding a series of policy forums.  He of course has strong pro-Israel views but his opinions never influenced Brookings's research.  Brookings staff declined to say what proportion of overall funding for the Middle East Policy will come from Qatar now that Saban is scaling back.  
Notice the Jordan River which divides Israel today from Jordan.  
Perhaps G-d knew that there would be no peace unless one people ruled the Middle East, and he had chosen the Israelites.  For each country has been at odds and usually at each other's throats ever since there have been empires there.  One of the latest was Iran and Iraq.  Now It's ISIS slaughtering their own Muslim people along with Christians.  

Many Israelis have wanted and looked forward to a 2 state solution in order to have this peace they haven't known about since 1948 when they were pronounced Israel among all the other nations of the world.  The idea of having 2 states living side by side in peace and security, each enjoying sovereignty and political independence in part of the land that both claim as their exclusive national home has been a dream of theirs.  It's the religious Jews who have dared to live in their original Judah and Israel, called Samaria today to fullfill their religious obligation.  Many Israelis have opted, as the left has, of only residing in land west of the Jordan River. What the world doesn't realize is that the difference of land parcels  is sometimes only a mile or so apart.   Canada has more land between them from the USA than there is between Israel and Judea-Samaria because once it was all one piece.  

The Palestinians are dictated to by their personal religious beliefs that this was their land.  This is ignorance on their part of not knowing the history of the land, written in the Old Testament, which they do not read.  They read, or some of them do, the Koran in Arabic.  But the world sees them as the Middle Eastern example of the native Americans of North America, a people native to the land living in peace being invaded by WHITE MAN.  True, they were behind  the rest of the world in their culture-mainly in their education, but it isn't the same situation at all.  WHITE MAN had not been on North America before with a country and a government.  Native Americans truly were natives of that land. The Arabs had been held down by rulers only interested in filling their own pockets and living grandiosely in palaces and splendor surrounded by willing women in harems.   This wasn't meant to be according to the Bible, our religious source for our morality.

So now the USA is being guided by the thinkers of Brookings who takes money from a country at odds with the existence of Israel.  We have many countries in the world now being swayed towards Qatar's position on Israel with the events happening such as Syrian refugees entering all their countries as well as refugees from other parts of the Middle East.  G-d forbid that they should be deprived of the much needed oil to run their own economies, so they aren't about to turn them away.  
Besides that, one doesn't turn away people in need of food and shelter and clothing in our culture.  It's the humanitarian thing to do.  

We have a conundrum.  It must be recognized that such guideposts as Brookings, once thought to be on the right, has gone over to the left, and that even thinkers can be motivated by money to think on either side.  Our President is led to think the same ideas as coming from think tanks.  Supposedly the idea once was to put the intelligencia in there and come up with the wisest answers, sort of a replacement of King Solomon, who didn't need a think tank.  The idea is now found with fault.  One has to have safe-guards on even a think tank to save the thinkers and to help them to think wiser.  Oh, we do need help!  

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  1. "Do you remember what Israel did with Gaza? Israelis left Gaza for the sake of peace and it immediately became the attack station against Israel"

    The question becomes: so which of the 2 truly seeks peace?
    Obvious...or it should be unless people are blinded (and so many are)...

    you'll find this interesting...and there's lots more to know..

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  3. I just published my article on Solana. Wow! You were right!
    After grocery shopping, I'll read the brookings article. So much shows what Israel has always been up against. It's overwhelming!

  4. keep checking on things nadene and look at him closely. look at his many awards and who he rubs shoulders with. look at the many positions he currently holds in the 'think tanks' to promote "peace and security" (but not for israel and others who believe opposite of the global mandates). even though retired now-replaced by catherine ashton and then later federica mogherini, his fingerprints are everywhere, on everything. he is consulted continually. and when we look at the true goals of the globalists they are behind every enemy of israel and much more beyond that. he is unknown to most but the busiest man on the planet (even at almost 74 years of age). world governance is in his dna, nadene, literally. when he was the eu's high rep for foreign affairs he set in motion many policies that are in place to spread way beyond europe's governing and he is deeply associated with the un which has a finger in every pie to dictate to the world. we know the eu/un pressure that has been put upon israel--and that hasn't lessened, but increased. america is totally on board with our current president, as he undermined what was left of our sovereign right to govern ourselves, giving away power to these entities. america is no longer america.

    check out his associations. solana's good friends bill clinton, martin indyk, strobe talbot.....just for starters. he has met more heads of state than many american presidents put together.

    the whole senate, during bill clinton's administration, was flown to brussels to personally meet javier solana during his tenure as high rep. since when did our elected officials become those who do the bidding of these global minded unelected elitists? you'll really smell the "rat" (rats) as you find out more.

    you can see what i was meaning more now, when i first wrote of these many issues, a while back here at your blog. this is a very ugly picture coming into view.