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Surge of Anti Semitism World-Wide Since France Terrorist Attack, Charlie Hebdo

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
Four Jews who were murdered at a kosher market in Paris last January  started off 84% more anti-Semitism in France and elsewhere. "After a jihadist in a truck killed 84 people in Nice on Bastille Day, the French are trying to comprehend their new normal: terror attacks. As prime minister Manuel Valls said: "France must live with terrorism."  So now all of France are under attack.
 The presence in France of eight to ten million Muslims strongly affects decision-making in both the political and intelligence domains. Unlike Germany, where most Muslims are Turks, or Britain, where most are from India and Pakistan, in France the overwhelming majority are of North African extraction. (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)"
  They have gone from not protecting Jews to being targets themselves.  Jews have already started moving to Israel.                                                                          
Dan Uzan, 37 and murdered while a volunteer guard in Denmark
   Another attack occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Dan Uzan, 37 year old economist, acting as a volunteer security guard at a Jewish Community Center near the Great synagogue, was shot and killed by an Islamic jihadist during a bat mitzvah celebration that he was to protect.  This was murder in cold blood!   French police killed the gunman who killed the 4 shoppers.  Were you thinking of traveling to Europe and you're Jewish?  You'd better read these facts first:

Recently we experienced more in France.  A 13 year old Jewish boy who was outside his school was ruthlessly beaten by 6 thugs who shouted, Take that, dirty Jew!"

In Spain, a Jewish teen-ager was attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis who carved swastikas into his arm.

In Manchester, England, 4 young Jewish boys were attacked while waiting for their train.  The youngest, 17 years old,  is in the hospital  with a brain hemorrhage.  These were all reported by Service de Protection de la Communaute Juive (SPCJ).  The Guardian Newspaper's headline was "Anti-Semitic Attacks in UK at Highest Level Ever Recorded."
A member of the Parliament in Brussels, Belgium received a letter which accused Jews of being "thieves, murderers, liars and degenerates."  I suppose this disgruntled writer wanted the Parliament to do something to get rid of Jews.  Or he/she thought this member was Jewish.

In Zurich, Switzerland is a neo-Nazi rock group who's member spat in the face of a man leaving a synagogue.  He shouted at the Jewish man, "HEIL HITLER!"
Amsterdam, Netherlands, home of Anne Frank, has Jews living there today.  Diana and her husband, Shmuel Blog are both Holocaust survivors, and they were just viciously beaten by 2 thugs who called them "dirty Jews", and said, "You don't need your jewelry anymore.  You've been wearing it for too long.  Now it's all ours.!"  Shmuel lost his sight and both people are now confined to wheelchairs.  Diana has scars on her body from the guard dogs at Auschwitz, more than 70 years ago, but now carries fresh scars of hatred to add from this attack; mental scarring.
Warsaw, Poland marked the anniversary of Poland's Constitutional Tribunal that declared Poland's ban on kosher slaughter to be illegal.  This decision would have driven out all the Orthodox Jews or caused them all to be vegetarians.   Little do they realize that a kosher killed cow does not suffer like other cows in slaughterhouses.  It was developed to be the most humane way of killing an animal for its meat.  Even Muslims have copied this method to a great degree.  But of course, on this day of remembrance, vandals desecrated the fence outside of a Jewish cemetery.
St. Polten, Austria where Jews live.  Outside of a mall, a Jewish man wearing a Star of David was violently assaulted by thugs screamed profanity at him for many minutes including "F''''ing Jew!
Grassina, Italy is a Tuscan town with anti-Semites.  They spray painted "Jews to the gas" and swastikas on the Jewish Community Center.

In Hungary, their anti-Semitic Jobbik Party is spreading across Eastern Europe, reported by Business Insider.

Later  after anti-Semitism was being distributed, "The Capitol Steps
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | 7:30 pm was due to be presented in November, but could have been a reminder for its presence in Portland, Oregon.  
It’s election day! Regardless of how your favorite candidates are faring, it’s time for political parody at its hilarious best. Cast your ballots, then sit back and enjoy the nation’s leading political satirists as they put the “mock” back in democracy . . . and then catch all the news and results when you get home."  presentation without symphony.  
 I missed knowing about this so didn't see it.  I don't think it was being anti-Semitic, but then, you never know.  
 Did these attacks  make your newspapers?  Anti-Semitic acts rarely do.  No-one gets moved by them except us Jews. However, where anti-Semitism had come down to writings on walls, now we're being physically attacked.
Oregon State U reporting anti-Semitic fliers on campus.March 27, 2016.  "The Corvallis Gazette-Times reports  that officials notified students Friday that university offices had received several copies of a flier promoting anti-Semitic messages. OSU officials say the fliers did not appear to target the university specifically and about 20 other universities across the country received similar fliers on Friday. " They were using school printers and fax machines.
Jews remember their day of rest being Shabbat  starting with a very nice dinner including a special bread called Challah (has an egg in it)  and a glass of wine, and light 2 candles to set the peaceful tone of the next 24 hours. 

2 out of 3 Jews in Europe report that anti-Semitism is a problem they are facing.

More than 75% of Jews say that anti-Semitism has worsened since 2008.

1/2 of Europe's Jews fear of being a victim of anti-Semitic rhetoric.
1/3 of Europe's Jews fear being the victim of a physical assault.
1/4 of Europe's Jews occasionally avoid Jewish sits out of fear of attack.
60% heard or saw someone claim the Holocaust was a myth or exaggerated.
2/3 of Jews violently assaulted were too afraid to report the crime to local authorities.  

A teacher at a university in England left because of anti-Semitism at work coming from colleagues and students.  The teacher is traumatized by this.  Shades of 1938-Germany! 

In France there is real danger from anti-Semitism  There are discussion forums on internet and comments on YouTube that are full of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist messages.

3rd generation Swedish Jews whose grandparents came from Holocaust do not feel safe.  

The bottom line is that these Jews of today feel far less safe than Jews 30 years ago.  This anti-Semitism, something that should have disappeared from social acceptability, has instead become stronger.  These attacks have been so frequent and brutal that Jews in a number of European countries are thinking of leaving since the political climate has moved so far to the extreme right.  They feel no longer protected by their own governments and elected officials.  

At the same time, the 6 million Jews of Israel live out their daily lives with the continued threat of terrorist attacks from nearby or as far away as Iran who will be able to have atomic warheads in their missiles soon enough.  

RIGHT NOW is the most dangerous time to be a Jew since WWII.  That will not make us change, however.  We have been facing this since 70 CE and even before that, over 2,000 years, but you'd think the world would grow up by now.  It hasn't as a whole, but sections have.  Whether you live in the USA or Israel, we're all facing some type of anti-Semitism these days, for anti-Zionism is really anti-Semitism.  It takes everyone to help prevent this cancer to grow and spread.  

Resource: World Jewish Congress, Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder, New York, NY.

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