Friday, September 11, 2015

Obama Administration Broke the Law According to House of Representatives Over Iran Deal

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                 

The USA House of Representatives is not asleep!  They just voted and won the vote by 245 to 186 to declare that the Obama administration has broken the United States laws by not giving Congress access to the side agreements between the IAEA and Iran.
Susan Rice (November 17, 1964)Rice is a former U.S. diplomat, former Brookings Institution fellow, and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Rice served on the staff of the National Security Council, and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during President Bill Clinton's second term. Rice was confirmed as UN ambassador by the U.S. Senate by unanimous consent on January 22, 2009.
An article came out on  July 22, 2015 that National security adviser Susan Rice acknowledged the existence of side agreements between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency and said that the deals involved Iran accounting for past military uses of its nuclear program, but rejected GOP (Republican) assertions that this represented "secret" side deals to the Iranian nuclear agreement.
Any deal made with Iran and not shared with Congress has been held as secret.  That's the problem.

This is a requirement under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.  The House of Representatives are taking the necessary action against the Obama administration for failing to provide the texts of the side agreements between the IAEA and Iran.

Two hours after the Senate moved to block a resolution of disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal which was being solicited by people like myself in asking our Senators to vote for cloture to allow the Senate to vote on the resolution of disapproval of the Iranian nuclear deal,  the House passed Resolution 411 by a vote of 245 to 186.                                                            

Congress members said that they haven't been allowed to see the text of the agreements between the IAEA and Iran governing the protocols for nuclear inspections. Congress is made of 2 parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  We have 2 Senators from each of our 50 states, making 100 people.  The Representatives number 435, at least 1 from each state and more depending on the population of each state.  None had seen this imperative piece of information vitally needed to make an intelligent decision on this life or death deal concerning the USA's security.

The media feels the Obama administration has not read these agreements, either, and one wonders if John Kerry has even read them besides just being only aware of their general content.  Shocking details have emerged, such as that :
Parchin questionable contamination box testing??? What's going on here?  
1. Iran will be responsible for collecting their own soil samples for testing by the IAEA.  
2. Iran leaders are emphatic that they will not give inspectors access to conventional military sites where nuclear activity is suspected of already taking place.  
Why hasn't the Obama administration been making these facts public?  This causes the fear that other elements may also be secret so that the public cannot see them, said Senator Tom Cotton, Republican from Arkansas?  That causes me to ask why the Democrats are so afraid to think freely about such things?  Why has it become a political hot potato?   Are Democrats going to be protected in case of being attacked on USA soil and the Republicans not?  What is going on in the minds of our government?  Do ALL Democrats decide with blind faith only without checking on important matters?  Almost.
Bushehr Nuclear PlantThe Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Iran 17 kilometres southeast of the city of Bushehr, between the fishing villages of Halileh and Bandargeh along the Persian Gulf.
Congress is supposed to review the Iran nuclear deal which lifts sanctions on Tehran in exchange for its concessions on its nuclear program.  Obama has hailed the deal as a major win for the USA that will keep Tehran from getting nuclear weapons, yet Tehran is also claiming a big win for its side.  How can this be a big Win Win?  The USA debaters led by John Kerry  feel it was worth the exchange for its concessions on Iran's nuclear program.  Obama thinks this will make the Middle East safer, yet now all the Middle Eastern states are planning on having to do the same thing, go nuclear to defend themselves from Iran, which is not an Arab country, but is a different line of Islam, being Shi'a and not Sunni, like the Middle East.
Critics are arguing that it does too little to prevent Iranian aggression and that it will leave Israel and the USA exposed to nuclear attacks, especially since that's what Iran keeps on threatening to do.

Rice is not happy hearing these comments.  She's now afraid the deal can be undermined.  She said it has not been a secret that Iran and the IAEA were negotiating an agreement on military and nuclear activities, and that's it's an old issue between them and a sticking point in the talks.  WELL, I GUESS!!! EXTREMELY STICKY!!!  Are we allowing them to have nuclear weapons to use on Israel as they keep announcing?  This is why Netanyahu has been so worried.  Besides, that, the $150 billion given to them will be used to buy weapons to use by terrorists, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!
Obama's top national security adviser who took office on October 8th, 2010, Susan Rice, said that all components of the deal negotiated have been shared with Congress.  Now they learn there have been secrets.  That is not being transparent as promised.

Iran agreed to talk about their military parts of their nuclear program and which should include facts about doing Israel in with their threats, including their statements of the USA being the BIG SATAN and Israel being THE LITTLE SATAN.

Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee and Ben Cardin, Democrat from Maryland, wrote a letter to John Kerry and asked for documents related to the deals to be given to Congressmen.  Lawmakers have 60 days to review the agreement before voting on whether to approve or reject the Iran deal which should be coming up on September 17th.

Where is John Kerry?  He's with Treasurer Secretary Jack Lew and Ernest Moniz on Capitol Hill Wednesday holding classified briefings for members, most likely still pushing to accept the deal.  .



  1. In other words, :A move in the U.S. Senate to hold a vote of disapproval on the nuclear deal with Iran has been defeated on a first vote. Sixty votes in favor were needed to move the resolution forward, but the vote on Sept. 10 was 58-42 - two votes short. (Daily Alert 9/11/15)
    On Sept. 10, the House of Representatives agreed in a 245-186 vote to a measure stipulating that President Obama had not properly submitted all documents related to the accord for Congress' review, and therefore a 60-day review clock had not really started. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

  2. sick and wrong what is going on in this whole issue. and no one with any scruples and decency would be entertaining the idea of advancing anything at all for tyrannical iran.

    just horrible how it has all gotten to this point isn't it?

  3. Right! How our country, based on morality, has sunk so low without our people on their high horse stopping it from happening is pretty amazing. I'd never think in a million years it could happen.


    i think this pope is a bad man--not to be trusted even a little bit...

  5. I agree. Remember how the Pope visited the Middle East and went to Jordan just a short time ago but didn't bother to go into Israel? It was a big snub. Yes, we know where his interests lie.