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How Iran Swung the Vote of the Iranian Deal in Their Favor

Nadene Goldfoot                                      
Trita Parsi b: July 21, 1974, founder of National Iranian American Council or NIAC.  who recieved his education from Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International StudiesUppsala UniversityJohns Hopkins University.  Much of his idealism was formed from his parents, Iranian schooling and then Sweden before coming to Johns Hopkins U.  At about age 28 he was forming NIAC, so didn't waste any time.  

I have just witnessed the big switch-over in American politics and government.  The USA is now actually siding with Iran in their decision to be against Israel, and I'm going to tell you how it came about. This is as Netanyahu has said, A HISTORIC MISTAKE.
Jews have usually been at the bottom of the barrel in acceptance all over the world, even in the USA till sometime after WWII and their acceptance was the best in the 60's and especially right after 1967 when they won a 6 day war against everyone of their neighbors in a big gang up, but won against amazing odds.  Then little Israel gained respect.                                                                
Iran showing the Big Satan how they feel about the USA.
Iran burning an Israeli flag
Setting time ahead, both the USA and Israel have now been bodily threatened by Iran, but Iran, a country that had been called Persia even during the late Shah's time, is as old as ancient Israel and has lots of experience against the newly formed USA, only 239 years old.
Israel, a great group of people whose organizing skills seem to be embedded in their DNA, has had AIPAC as a Lobby group who has been able to present Israel's case to Senators effectively.  So Iran has copied this group's organization with one of their own:  The Iran Lobby of which Washington keeps the blinders on as to their being lobbyists since they are in total agreement with Washington as it is.
Anti-Semitism has gone on in the USA since it's conception, and many people today insist that it is the Jews who secretly rule the planet or have created a Cabala of evil mindedness ready to take over, so it is ironic that actually the people yelling the loudest today against the Israel lobby of AIPAC turn out to be paid staffers and partisans of the Iran Lobby itself!

It came about with  Trita Parsi who was born in Iran .  He moved to the USA from Sweden in 2001 and had left Iran before the revolution there took place.  His main focus, he decided, was to put an end to the sanctions which was hurting the economy in Iran.  As it turns out, the sanctions are what brought Iran finally to the table to talk about their nuclear goals.  It was the carrot on the stick that our government has given up so quickly before we see how Iran is behaving.
This very successful Iran Lobby, which seems to have caught AIPAC napping, has been able to radically alter the USA foreign policy.  They've had help from President Obama and his personal advisers.  They've pulled off the neatest trick by using the fact of the Israel Lobby to shift US policy away from Israel and toward Iran, and they've had the help of AIPAC's opposition group, J Street.  They pulled off something impossible in my mind; by using the same unscrupulous methods that it blames the Jews for employing.
They used lobbying by J Street (antagonist of AIPAC)  on TV commercials, donations, propaganda seen on TV commercials, back-door personal connections to top policy-makers to radically alter American foreign policy, and align the USA with an oppressive authoritarian regime that is destabilizing the Middle East, and saying it all is FOR OUR BENEFIT AND THE SAFEST THING TO DO.   Well, they're right in one thing:  the American people are not good analyzers of a situation if it takes too much thinking.  Saudi Arabia has even given in.  Obama got the last vote #34  he needed from a female Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.  Now he can veto the bill if it passes, and he has said he will.  He cannot visualize this passing successfully and refuses to even think about it.  

The White House looks upon NIAC as supporters only.  They have managed to put Iran supporters into key staff Iran-related government posts.
                            and people involved with NIAC 

I. Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, former NIAC employee, is now the White House's Iran desk officer.
II. NIAC's advisory board has 2 former US diplomats:
    1. Thomas Pickering, former ambassador to Israel
   2. John Limbert, hostage of revolutionary regime in 1979
III Past Speakers for NIAC leadership conferences:
   1. Colin Kahl, who is Joe Biden's National Security Adviser
  2. Robert "Bob" Malley, White House Middle East Director
  3. Robert Hunter, former US ambassador to NATO
  4. PJ Crowley, State Department speaker under Hillary Clinton
  5. Hans Blix, former director general of IAEA
  6. Aaron David Miller, of Wilson Center
  7. Robert Paper, University of Chicago
  8. Suzanne Maloney, Brookings Institution.
  9. Stephen Walt, Harvard U's's author of THE ISRAEL LOBBY, a book I call quite anti-Semitic.
 10. Hooman Majd, Iranian, American author
 11. Reza Aslan, Iranian, American author, close to Iranian regime and former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
 12. Atieh Bahar, Iranian businessman, close to the Iranian regime and former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
 13. Hassan Dai, Iranian-American activist, partner with Atieh Bahar as Iranian lobbyist to promote a pro-trade agenda.
14. Valerie Jarrett, Obama's personal adviser, born in Iran.

NAIC's accomplishments have been in making good contacts here and in Iran.  The US district Court for the District of Columbia said in 2012 about NIAC, that they found NIAC wasn't registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, not inconsistent with the idea that Parsi was first and foremost an advocate for the regime.  Parsi believed that what stood between US-Iran trade and dialogue, said, Dai, was of course, AIPAC.   (In 2008, Parsi had sued Dai, and had claimed that he had defamed them in a series of articles and blog posts claiming that they had secretly lobbied on behalf of the Iranian regime in the United States.)

Dai claimed that NIAC had waged a crusade against AIPAC.  In 2004, Parsi gave a talk to European ambassadors saying that Israel and AIPAC stood between better relations between the USA and Iran.  This had turned into his dissertation at Johns Hopkins and later was found in his 2007 book, TREACHEROUS ALLIANCE;  THE SECRET DEALINGS OF ISRAEL, IRAN, AND THE US.

Parsi had no trouble finding like thinkers of his ideas.  NIAC's financial statement shows the majority of their money comes from community support, and a portion from foundations like The Ploughshares Fund, who spent a lot of money to influence US policy towards Iran, in fact, millions of dollars, according to Michael Rubin, writing in Commentary, to pro-administration groups to support the Iran deal in Vienna.  Their webpage advertises as if they are the very answer to nuclear bombing attacks. NIAC also had J Street on their side who made the case to journalists and other intellectuals slow to buy into this agreement.   It seemed too easy to sell the idea that Israel was a big problem for the United States.
The president and NIAC both think the same ideology, in that the USA and Iran should be closer, and all that was preventing this was Israel and AIPAC.  The talking points of NIAC were now coming directly out of the White House, so NIAC heads didn't have to work hard at all.  Never mind that all during this time, Iran was calling Israel every name under the sun and threatening to destroy them completely without any threats coming from Israel.  They had sided with Palestinians who were attacking Israel constantly when the other nations had taken a break.

Parsi, "In an effort to soften the image of Iranian regime and prove that Iran has changed its position toward Israel, Parsi claimed that under President Rouhani, Iran’s position on Holocaust has changed: “Iran has gone from questioning the Holocaust under the former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to tweeting Rosh Hashana blessings under Rouhani.” He commented that the Iranian government had gone soft and quiet in complaining about Israel's treatment of Gazans.  (I am amazed at how they are able to completely skip over the fact that Gazans were shelling Israel constantly).  
The President has led a brutal campaign against Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, and the pro-Israel community.  Senator Chuck Schumer, has been accused of dual loyalty for being against the Iran deal after much reading, thought and consideration. Parsi has also let go with some anti-Israel statements, followed with his nasty comments.  He accused the Associated Press to have printed an Israeli forgery of an IAEA agreement with Iran that allowed the Israeli Republic to self-inspect its Parchin military base. Yes, I've read about it, and it's been on the web in a million places that this is going to take place: Self Inspection!!!  Good for AP reporters and others on Twitter to challenge Parsi's unfounded allegation slandering a trusted Western news source.

 " NIAC lost defamation lawsuit and was punished for legal abuses)"  Some of these documents show that NIAC defrauded IRS, lied to the court, defrauded NED Congressional funds, coordinated its lobby with Iranian ambassador to the UN and collaborated with two individuals named by US Congressional report as the agents of the Iranian intelligence ministry. The Iran Lobby backed down.  However, Parsi  put his obsession with blaming Israel and Jewish power loudly to be known.  Parsi has been sending progress reports to Atieh Company in Tehran. Atieh paid Trita Parsi for his work. Parsi continued to send reports about his lobby activities to Atieh director in Tehran.
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani
If the Iranian regime is smart enough to send over some Iranians to wheedle the deal in their favor, imagine how they have been getting away with their nuclear reactor work these past few years and will continue to pull the wool over the inspector's eyes as well in the coming months.  So much, so short a time, such planning  and all from the mind of a young 41 year old Iranian.
THE LEADER OF IRAN; Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, leader behind the President 
 Just think, the USA has given Iran $6 billion already on Iran's PROMISE not to build a nuclear bomb.


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