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Who Advises Obama? Valerie Jarrett For One

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
Valerie June Jarrett nee Bowman b: November 14, 1956, Shiraz,  Iran

Valerie Jarrett is probably Obama's top advisor who goes with the family on vacations, she is that close.  She comes with outstanding credentials. Her parents were both African Americans.   She's the daughter of Dr. James E. Bowman (1923-2011) pathologist and geneticist, who was born in Washington DC, a University of Chicago. professor, an expert in inherited blood diseases and population genetics, a profession I would be very interested in.  He was the first tenured African-American professor there in the Biological Sciences Division.  He died there at age 88 of cancer, knowing that his daughter was a top advisor to Obama. He taught his daughter to play chess.  He was a man who expected Black students to be excellent and be judged by the same standards as everyone else.  Coming from Howard himself at their medical school, he also served in the army and received education through it.

Valerie's mother was Barbara Taylor, daughter of Robert Taylor, not the actor but the first African-American chairman of the Chicago Housing authority.

Dr. Bowman discovered he was being paid a lower salary than his peers in the same profession when he was chairman of Pathology at Provident Hospital and for a lab in Denver and after being in the army and was unhappy about it for being Black and saw that he was being racially discriminated, so they left the USA in 1955 for Shiraz, Iran where they worked with other foreign doctors to establish Nemazee Hospital.  He was chairman of pathology there, too.  He discovered favism, a genetic blood disease found in certain Iranian ethnic groups  who could not break down a toxin in fava beans, a condition he was interested in pursuing.
Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the king of Iran from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Islamic Revolution on 11 February 1979.  His treatment of Jews was good.  "For the first time in 1,400 years, an Iranian ruler reached out to his country’s Jews, bowing to the Torah to show his respect during a visit to the Jewish community of Isfahan, banning mass conversions and discouraging the idea that non-Muslims were unclean."
One thing about the Shah of Iran and Jews is interesting.  "While respectful of Iran’s Jews, Reza Shah was fascinated by Nazi Germany. With German encouragement—and to emphasize that Persians are Aryan, not Arabhe changed the country’s name to Iran—from the old Persian “Arynam” or “of the Aryans.”
Valerie was born there, in Iran in 1956. At the time, the Shah was in power, as he was not overthrown until 1979 when the Ayatollah took over.   They returned to the USA in 1961, then London and moved to Chicago in 1963.  .  The next year he joined the U of Chicago as an assistant professor of medicine and pathology and director of the hospital blood bank, and he received tenure in 1967.  In the early 1970's, he was against screening all adults for sickle cell disease which was being mandated in many states.  He said this law was racist and eugenics could be involved.  This would make many African-Americans  unable to get jobs.

Valerie was on the TV series, Finding Your Roots where she discovered she had a Jewish great-grandfather.  She learned to speak Persian and French in Iran as a child.

One of only 3 advisors to Obama, she's the assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement.  She has a staff of about 36 and has full-time Secret Service protection.  She's a friend of the Obamas as well as an advisor in the White House which is quite controversial.  Robert Gates pointed out problems with this as she gets involved in foreign security affairs.  David Axelrod pointed out that Rahm Emanuel  tried to have her selected as Obama's replacement in the Senate due to concerns about the difficulty in working with a family friend in a major policy role.  Besides being a senior advisor to the president, she holds other leadership positions with other duties.
How Valerie met the Obamas was that she met Michelle Robinson, his future wife, first when she was deputy chief of staff to Mayor Richard Daley in 1991.  Perhaps Valerie remembered that one of her grandfathers was Robert Robinson Taylor b: 1900 in Alabama, an architect cited as the first accredited African American architect in the USA. He had moved to Chicago. and had at least 5 years of college in a time when this was very rare.  His daughter was Barbara who had married her father, Dr. James E. Bowman They could have a family connection that needs pursuing, though Robinson is a common name.  The ladies hit it off, so she took Michelle with her when she headed Chicago's Department of Planning and Development. Both were lawyers.  Valerie was also well educated coming from Stanford U and U of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  Valerie was born in 1956 and Michelle was born in 1964.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also born in 1956 in Aradan, Iran.  He served as president from 2005 to 2013.

Because Valerie was born in Iran has raised eyebrows and she has made it on Snopes.  There's no proof that she's Muslim or that she wants to turn the USA into a Muslim country.  It is ironic that both she and Barack spent their early childhoods in Muslim countries, though, and are both Black.  These are the coincidences that bind a friendship oftentimes, things in common.
One thing Valerie Jarrett possibly did: "Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private-mail address during her time as secretary of state."  We do remember that there was a lot of competition between Clinton and Obama in the previous election, and he still might have been harboring angry feelings towards Clinton, even though he chose her as Secretary of State.  One thing was politics and the other were his feelings.  His friend, Valerie, got even for him. The White House is thought to have leaked this information and who better than Valerie is thought to have done the job.   
2nd Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei of Iran
It is surprising to the rest of us who see so much wrong with making an agreement with Iran about nuclear capabilities.  How anyone can think it is a good deal is beyond many Democrats and most all Republicans.  Why didn't she see the problems?  She might have been listened to being she's so close to the president.  Did she tell him to stick to his guns or that he could trust the president of Iran?  Israel has been threatened by Iran who says they will destroy them and even more so.
Iran's Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's threatening to destroy Israel
 They plan to annihilate the one and only Jewish state. and this is something Islam expects when you are going to attack another-you warn them first.  Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the USA has said that the Iranian regime is the foremost sponsor of terror in the world and is on a march of conquest in the Middle East.  It is responsible for the murder and maiming of thousands of US soldiers.
Present Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
The deal leaves Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure.  It leaves Iran's nuclear capabilities intact.  It allows Iran to improve those capabilities by building something that can carry nuclear warheads as its ONLY purpose.  The group is relying on intelligence and inspectors to keep their ambitions in check.  Since when can't the Iranians pull the wool over the eyes of inspectors?  History cannot prove any honesty in the present  Ayatollah regime.  It took years to catch on what Iran has been up to.
Hassan Nasrallah of Lebanon's Hezbollah and Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei
 They've been deceiving the International Atomic Energy Agency for years and they won't let on anything about possible military agendas.  Iran is dodging this and getting away with it.  No wonder they're dancing in the streets.  Inspectors will have to give them 24 days notice for inspecting.  Ha!  That gives them time to hide what they don't want seen.  They'll find a way.  Deception is part of their history.  The promise lasts for only 10 years.  Does Obama and Valerie think that Iran will change?  How have they changed since Valerie was born there in 1956?  They've gone from good to extremely horrible.

"As for Jarrett, she says that she and Obama have a “shared view of where the United States fits in the world.” She says they “have kind of a mind meld.” She’s says that “chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”  With this mindset, it's more likely she just agrees with his ideas and isn't doing that much advising.  

We wonder what makes Obama tick.  Was he completely swayed by the P5+1?  Where does he get his information and attitudes?  His 5 military advisors told him what not to accept in this deal and he went ahead and did it anyway. They are now ex-advisors. They had sent him a letter on June 24th from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy..     This is the worst decision that has come down the pike yet as it puts Israel and the USA in harm's way.  We continue to shake our heads in disappointment.  Who does he rely on?

"The list of 18 signatories against the deal  former Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-VT). However, as the New York Times points out, it also includes some of Obama’s most senior first-term policy advisers:
Among them is Dennis B. Ross, a longtime Middle East negotiator who oversaw Iran policy at the White House during the first Obama term; David H. Petraeus, the former C.I.A. director who oversaw covert operations against Iran until he resigned two years ago; and Robert Einhorn, a longtime State Department proliferation expert who helped devise and enforce the sanctions against Iran.
Also signing the letter were Gary Samore, Mr. Obama’s former chief adviser on nuclear policy who is now the president of the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, and Gen. James E. Cartwright, a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and an architect of Mr. Obama’s effort to build up military forces in the region.
Notably, the letter is also signed by Norman Eisen, the most recent U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic, who was a senior Obama White House staffer and founded the left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
The letter comes in the wake of similar comments by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who served during Bill Clinton’s second term."
Their jobs can include: Political Affairs

1. Valerie  Jarrett    selected on November 14, 2008;   2009 to Present -female-Public Engagement,
Intergovernmental Affairs2. Pete Rouse from  2009 to 2010
3. David Axelrod     2009 to 2011--Jewish, Plouffe took over his job
4. David Plouffe       2011 to 2013 Political Affairs and Communications, also Jewish
5. Daniel Pfeiffer      2013 to 2015 mainly communications
6. Brian Deese        2015 to Present, climate and energy
7. Shailagh Murray  2015 to Present-female, communications

The Shah, supported by the USA and more secular,  was overthrown by Ayatolla Ruhollah Khomeini and when he died, Ayatolla Ali Khamenei is now head of Iran.  They supposedly are the experts in Islamic law and rule the country as the top Shi'a Muslims.

Obama says he will veto any argument against the deal.

Update:  1:40pm  It was Valerie Jarrett's father in law who wrote an article in an 1979 newspaper , Will Arabs Back Ties to Blacks with Cash? by Vernon Jarrett.  It was presumed to be the  start of Muslim purchase of U.S. presidency.  Why would Muslim oil billionaires finance and develop controlling relationships with black college students?"  This is the same year Obama started college at Los Angeles's Occidental College and attended there for 2 years.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  

But talk about coincidences.  Obama had already met Valerie before Michelle had.  First, Obama had met a leading black politician, Percy Sutton of New York who had been introduced to Obama by Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (AKA Donald   Warden of Texas) , a main advisor to one of the world's richest men, his patron, Arab Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.  "Waleed is a nephew of the late Saudi King Abdullah, a grandson of Ibn Saud, the first Saudi king, and a grandson of Riad Al SolhLebanon's first Prime Minister."  .They were interested in the "genious," Barack Obama.  Obama had settled in Chicago where Vernon Jarrett lived.  Another coincidence is that Vernon Jarrett was best friends with Frank Marshall Davis, another Chicago journalist and communist to had moved to Hawaii in the late 1940s and was friends with Stanley and Madelyn Dunham and their daughter Stanley Ann, Barack's mother!  Mansour-Warden had founded the African American Ass in the Bay area in the early 60s.  He also was involved with the Black Panther Party with their leaders such as Huey Newton and Bobby Seale who was connected to Chicago.  It was when Obama was a rising star in Chicago that he befriended Bill Ayers and Valerie Jarrett.  Look what making one friend can lead to.  

  1. Vernon Jarrett was an African-American journalist who worked in newspaper, television and radio and was an influential commentator on race relations, politics, and African-American history. Wikipedia.  Born in 1918 in Paris, Tennessee, he died in Chicago.  

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