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Churches for Middle East Peace With Sabeel in Anti-Semitic Action

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    
CMEP actually ignores any justice or peace for Israel-but it fools people by their poster.  Instead, they urged the Obama administration in a letter to reject language in bills now passed or pending that deliberately includes settlements in measures designed to support Israel, even though this has already been acted upon legally, dividing land into A,B,  and C areas telling where Israel is allowed to build.  They say their goal is a "secure Israel" and a "viable contiguous Palestine."   This means they are now designing the shape of Palestine themselves and it is to be all in one piece, touching,   Actually, I bet they'd like to give the Arabs Israel.  I should mention that Sabeel is a Christian Arab church who has had a lot of influence on these non-Middle eastern Christians who are on the Muslim's side of the issue.  They are urging Obama to condemn Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.  After all, Palestine is to be Judenrein-free of Jews, and they are doing their utmost to bring this about, even though international law says that Jews have every right to be there.

They are putting in jeapardy 4 good-sized cities:  Israel has already completely evacuated their population out of Gaza in the name of peace, and has been given continual war instead.  They're not going to make that mistake again.  

SettlementPopulationCity status grantedAriel
אריאל18,638 (2012[1])1998Beitar Illit
ביתר עילית45,710 (2013[2])n/aMa'ale Adumim
מעלה אדומים39,200 (2013)1991Modi'in Illit
מודיעין עילית59,332 (2012)2008
Evidently people associated with the 22 Churches of The Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)  know nothing about Israel's history.   CMEP was established in 1984, quite a formidable group growing out of "1984"  and "Brave New World, "  2 novels about the future-giving out vibes of "Big Brother is Watching You."
Arabs and Nazis in cahoots against Jews.  This is the chief riotmaker, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Sherif of Jerusalem appointed by the Brits during their mandate period.  It's no wonder that Arabs have not been quick to accept a peaceful solution with the Jewish state of Israel.  The Germans have changed, but not the Palestinian Arabs who have leaders that keep them keyed up against Jews.    
 I am shocked at their naivety as to Israel's acts  to promote a 2-state solution that would work for both and their promoting peace that has been ignored.  How dare they think they can force Israel into a 2 state solution without any solution of peace?  You can't just slam-bam-thank you Israelis and Muslims --- and there are 2 states; Israel and Palestine.  They think that Obama can force the issue.  What a way to create a peaceful co-existence!   Fatah and Hamas can't even get along and they are forcing a 2 state solution!

 Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world and is one of the tiniest states in the world. It has already lost 80% of expected land to Abdullah who created TransJordan and Jordan with it.   It started with Moses leading 600,000 Israelites and other slaves from Egypt back to their past homes from 400 years ago.  Judea was formed out of southern Israel when King Solomon died.  Samaria was the capital of Israel after Judah was created with Jerusalem as its capital.  Today Samaria includes the land of Israel surrounding the original capital as well.  Judea and Samaria are the original sites of Judaism with all their history and holy places.  Judea and Samaria were in the original plans of the Jewish Homeland.  Judea and Samaria are our history.  Whoever gave any thought to the importance of these places when Britain nonchalantly allowed them to go to Abdullah in the first place when they had been meeting for years about creating the Jewish National Home?
Christianity, in its origins, started by knocking Judaism and finding fault with it.  Many of the first Christians were Jews themselves bent on creating a new religion, and wound up blasting  their own religious beliefs of over 1,000 year old Judaism in the midst of horrid Roman occupation and terrible times.  To succeed in popularity, it even accosted Judaism's morality and brought this to a head in the Council of Nicea, held in 325 in what is today, Iznik, Turkey.  It was Emperor Constantine who convened this meeting and took part in what was the 1st meeting of Christian churches.  "Retaining the Bible while denying the people that was its subject, the Church declared itself the New Israel."  It sounds to me like CMEP thinks they are another council who can dictate what is to be.  

"'Just as we are asked to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians must be asked to recognize the nation-state of the Jewish people. The Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel. This is the land of our forefathers."
- Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, September 2010


Today, 22 Churches have gone back to their original anti-Semitic values and have gone political again.  They sent a letter to President Obama asking him to condemn Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria.  They also want him to support a French-initiated UN resolution to force a 2-state solution upon Israel.  I doubt if one of those members in the 22 churches happen to be international lawyers, but they certainly think they can push Israel around. They have over 100 partner churches.  Several are supporting the BDS movement of Boycotting, Divesting and putting Sanctions on Israel until it does what these organizers want.  The group of "Friends of Sabeel North America" are such a group.  Please note my article below about this group.  They are not urging the creation of a friendly state, but that of one who is an active enemy without any intentions of being peaceful. This is the crux of the problem.                                                            

Israel has had to fight in its War of Independence in their struggle for their national home from 1918 to 1948, even though they had every right to their state of Israel.  The League of Nations voted that they would have their Jewish Homeland. Their War of Independence went on from the 29th of November 1947 to 1949.  

They fought again after being attacked in the Sinai War; October 29-November 5th 1956.

They fought in the Six Day War from June 5 to 11th 1967 after being attacked and won back Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights  in the course of winning against Jordan.  Jordan knew they had lost  Judea and Samaria, something the king's grandfather had taken  through England's double-crossing Israel with false promises.  All of Palestine was to become the Jewish Homeland in all the plans with Britain who held the mandate.  Now, Israel found themselves attacked and with super-human force, won the battle against all odds.  This must have been a disappointment to these 22 Church members; G-d siding with Jews?

CMEP is just plain hostile to Israel.  Do we ever hear them say anything about the the terrorist acts of Arabs and Muslim regimes in the region?  Of course not.  Do they ever notice the acts against human rights if the acts are against Jews, like shooting rockets, missiles and mortars into southern Israel?  Not at all.  They have remained silent.  They have a constant bias against Israel in their support of Palestinian Arabs.    Bethlehen has lost most of its Christian Arabs who have been replaced with Muslims belonging to Fatah, the former PLO terrorist group.  

When they see Israel defending itself against the aggressive bombings and attacks of the Palestinian terrorists, they call it Israeli aggression.  In 2011, they wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her for help in gaining access to their holy places.  Israel has always had freedom of access to all religions' holy places.  It has been the Muslims who do not want to allow the Jews' theirs.  In their letter they talked about security restrictions on the Palestinians at places in Israel but never mentioned the fact that Jews cannot pray on the Temple Mount because of the Jordanian police and their rules they have created cutting Jews out.  
Oslo Agreement and areas A,B,C  

Area A is under full control of the Palestinian Authority and consists primarily of urban Palestinian areas.

Area B is under Palestinian civil control and shared Palestinian and Israeli security control and includes the vast majority of the Palestinian rural areas.
Area C is under full Israeli control. Palestinian agencies are responsible for education and healthcare.
 Of course they had a fit when Netanyahu announced "They murder, we build."  The Palestinians murdered the 5 people of the Fogel family in Itamar.  That caused the Israeli cabinet to announce plans of building housing units in Judea/Samaria.  It's a terrific answer to their terror, yet g-d forbid according to these Christians that Jews should build in land they legally acquired after being attacked and winning.  This is something our international lawyers have pronounced as legal, however the rest of the world refuses to admit it.  They never have explained why our lawyers are wrong, either.   I know a gentile Radiologist who said that if it was up to him, every time the Palestinians shot a rocket/mortar/missile into Israel, Israel would react by building more apartment houses in Judea/Samaria.  I think Netanyhau got the message. 

CMEP calls on Obama to End Israeli Occupation!  What occupation are they talking about?  Israel is not occupying Judea and Samaria.  The Israeli villages, towns and cities they refer to as "settlements"  have legal standing amongst international lawyers who know a lot about law.  There is no way CMEP has the knowledge to understand what is important to Israel's security.  They are only displaying their bias. 

I note that these churches do not put any emphasis on promoting peace with Israel to the Palestinians. They give them no reason to quit shelling Israel and to try to be good neighbors.   It has only promoted Palestinians statehood, something these Arabs never sought until after 1967's losing the attack on Israel again at the urging of their Palestinian leaders around the world.  Israel has waited for 67 years for them to turn into peaceful people wanting the same joys out of life that they expect, but it hasn't happened.  What are the Palestinians doing right now?  Building tunnels to attack behind the lines and to kidnap people, most likely.  We know they've been doing things like this.  

Israel cannot be expected to see 80% of her promised Holy Land-the Jewish Homeland, go to become Jordan and be happy about it, and then be expected to divide the remaining 20% in half and give that half to a terrorist organization who does not really want their own state.  What they want is to remove Israel!  If you ask me, the time has come and gone for another Palestinian state.  One exists already in Jordan. 

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  1. wrong on so many levels nadene. i don't care what their good intentions are. knowingly or ignorantly they are playing into globalist hands and that agenda has a *no israel scheme within it. they obviously don't really read or believe what the Lord's word says.
    this is evil at work in a most insidious way.
    and the bible has told us that these things are part of the last days scenario. God will deal very harshly with those who are touching the apple of his eye-carving up israel and removing his people from their inheritance. that show-down is getting closer everyday.

  2. I agree, Andre. I'm afraid they most likely come from long-standing families that have been anti-Semitic, as they want to believe the worst about Israel. They've taken this stand to promote the Arabs who are fighting against Jews, and that's all they need to know-not if they are right or wrong, just that they are against Jews and Israel.