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SUPERMAN-Guess Who Created Him and Why?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

I should have guessed.  Good things have come from our Jewish minds.  Out of despair came Superman!
Jerry Siegel (1914-1996) and Joe Shuster (1914-1992) were bothered by their sense of Jewish powerlessness when they were facing growing anti-Semitism at home and oversees.   They were 2 young American Jews,  so they got together and created Superman, a fabled character who reflected their own Jewish values.
Joe Shuster from Toronto, Ontario-Artist
Jerry  Siegel from Cleveland, Ohio-Idea-man and Creator
Superman was created in the early 1930s to help fight Hitler and the Nazis.  They were so angry when they heard about the slaughter of helpless Jews that was going on that they wanted to do something about it.
I note that Superman's father warned his people of the imminent destruction of their planet but was ignored.  The same thing happened in the 30's when there were warning of impending doom.  As a result of closed minds, the people of Krypton and the Jews of Europe were both exterminated.  Though I must add that when Jews woke up to what was happening, it was already too late.
SS Washington:
Werner's passport came from Stuttgart;  then he went from Boppard to Hamburg to board the SS Washington that headed for New York.  
 They couldn't just pick up and leave.  To come to the USA, one had to pass a literary test and have a job promised.  I know because my uncle Werner was one of the last to get out of Germany and left on  May 4,  1939 on the SS Washington for the price of $M350  and it was impossible for his parents and young sister to leave with him.  He arrived in New York on the 12th of May.  Hitler marched into Prague, Czechoslovakia already on March 15th, so finally people were waking up.  It was all the family could do to get him out first. He was to try to get them out after reaching the USA, but it was already too late.  This tore him apart to be the only survivor of his family.   The Nazis had made it impossible by causing it to be so expensive to leave, and then the rest of the world also made it impossible by not allowing Jews to enter their country such as most South American countries-people had to have baptism papers which eliminated Jews.  .
Notice that Superman always yearned for his parent's homeland.  This is the same with Jews yearning for our ancient Eretz Yisrael, our eternal homeland that our ancestors were led to by G-d.
Superman's archenemy was the Nazi-like Lex Luthor,  a most evil man.  Siegel and Shuster even used Superman to fight against Luther when he was mimicking Senator Ellison DuRant (Cotton Ed Smith), a segregationist whose infamous "Shut the Door" immigration speech caused the passage of the 1924 Immigration Act which actually caused the deaths of millions of Jews who remained trapped in Europe, unable to escape the impending Holocaust.  "The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. The quota provided immigration visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census. It completely excluded immigrants from Asia."  What's interesting is that we genealogists cannot find the 1890 census.  It was destroyed.  We can get the 1880 and the 1900 only. "   First, "The literacy test alone was not enough to prevent most potential immigrants from entering, so members of Congress had sought this  new way to restrict immigration in the 1920s."  The USA was  not anxious to take in immigrants.  
In order to get out of Germany, Werner had to have someone sign as a sponsor and be responsible for any financial needs of his. They would not take on someone who could wind up on Welfare.  My great Uncle Max Turn took that risk and had my father hire him as a butcher, since Werner's parents had their own shop where Werner was a sausage maker.  This was why he was able to emigrate from Germany.  Then Germany Shut their doors and all the Jews left were trapped and doomed.

Resource:  The Jewish Press, 7/24/15  Is Superman Jewish? by Saul Jay Singer, front page & back page 87.


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