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Nuclear Deal: Fareed Zakaria's Sunday Program with Dr. Ernest Moniz

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Dr. Ernest Moniz-Nuclear Expert

A guest speaker on Fareed Zakaria's Sunday morning program today was a nuclear scientist, Dr. Ernest Moniz,  who was on the panel with John Kerry and the big 5+  and helped them to form the conclusions they all came to about Iran's nuclear energy.  He admitted that they had to accommodate their goals with Russia's for one, as they all had trade goals in mind with Iran.  It looks like trade and money won out over life, especially considering the life of Israel. 
Netanyahu's warning at UN in 2012

 Zakaria's program in March of this year was about how Netanyahu has been warning about this for the past 25 years.  Zakaria may think Netanyahu is just an alarmist.  This just shows that Israel is aware of what their goals have been but that the world is numb in their response.  Here Israel has been telling the USA for the past 25 years what Iran is up to and got blown off.  Now the USA complains that Iran is deep into it and cannot be stopped, and this is their best option.  We have waited till the bull is out of the barn already and could have closed the door much sooner.   Whatever happens, the world can never say that Israel didn't warn people.  
Former Iranian president inspecting nuclear plant-proponent of destroying Israel, Mahmoud Amadinejad

Nobody bothers to study aspects of Islam and that it's part of the Islamic religion to warn a country before attacking and that is just what Iran has done.  Nobody bothered to ask why Iran is in such a hurry to get all that they want and that it isn't for good intentions.  Good heavens!  Iran is in the Middle East and is sitting on oil.  They don't need nuclear items for energy, now do they!  They just need to sell their oil and that's what the big 5 are after.  
Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran-work doesn't stop

And what will they do with all the money now coming to them if this deal isn't halted?  They are the main suppliers of terrorism in the Middle East.  They'll buy more arms and more terrorists.  I have a Masai friend in Africa, a young man about to graduated from high school, and he's depressed about the way the world is going.  This deal that the big 5 have made is most likely affecting all people on this planet for the worst.  Giving a most unstable-minded country with killing on its mind the most dangerous weapon of all time is about the most ludicrous idea that our president could have come up with to leave as his legacy.  And Dr. Moniz did little to stop it from happening.  He's sure it's the safest thing happening since safety razor blades.  

"Dr. Ernest Moniz was born in 1944 in Fall River, Massachusetts to Georgina (Pavao) Moniz and Ernest Perry Moniz, both of whose parents were Portuguese immigrants from São Miguel IslandAzores.   He graduated from Durfee High School in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1962, where he was a member of the National Honor Society and was the president of the school's math club.  Moniz attended Boston College, where he received his Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in physics, and he later received his PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford University in 1972.

On March 4, 2013, Moniz was nominated by President Obama to replace outgoing Energy Secretary Steven Chu for his second term.   His appointment was confirmed by the Senate in a unanimous vote on May 16, 2013."

What would have been even more interesting if he were debating Israel's nuclear scientists about the "safe" conditions he has left this for the world to deal with.  Fareed could not debate, just listen.  I'm sure he felt much safer after listening to how Moniz explained things.  I'm not.  

Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked John Kerry what would the US do if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear plants with a cyber attack.  Kerry thought Israel would tell the USA first.  He doesn't see the deal being in conflict with Israel.  John's living on cloud 9 evidently, not in our reality, with his thinking affected by listening too long to Russia, China and France.   

Resource: CNN -Fareed Zakaria's Sunday morning program
Updated 4:42pm 7/26/15  

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