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Are Obama's Personal Feelings Showing In His Handling of Israel?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

Just saying something is true doesn't make it so.  We're not all as naive as that, are we?  Caroline Glick points this out in her article, Barack Obama's Anti-Semitism Test.  He thinks Israel should go back to the 1949 armistice lines and he doesn't plan on backing Israel in the UN anymore.  He told Jews in Washington DC that this is his tough love when he spoke in their synagogue.
1949 and 1967 lines 
Here he is with a very strong desire to wind up a deal that will empower Iran who has stated their intentions to destroy Israel over and over, and Obama keeps tells his voters that  HIS deal "will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power."  This is the fear that Israel and many Jews hold-that Iran will try to attack Israel with their newly made atomic bomb, for all indications to us is that's their goal.

First of all, it would put them in the seat of power in the Muslim world as being the one to wipe out Israel, their main object of hatred.  They would be the kingpin of all.  In their power struggle going on right now, it would elevate the Shi'a group of Muslims over the Sunnis.
Golan Heights is part of Israel today.  Map not as up to date as expected to be.  
Then they could deal with IS and lord it over them, who are also running a power race as the leading Sunni power in the world in creating a Caliphate of olden days.
Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Let's look at the make-up of Obama.  For 20 years he attended Jeremiah Wright's church whose main thrust had been anti-Semitism mixed up in their Christian religion.  He attended religiously, thinking ahead of his political goals and so did his wife when he married.  He says he never listened to the sermons.  What?  He was sitting there dreaming of becoming President?  No way.  He took it all in.  If he had disagreed he could have said something.  Was he shy in those days?  No, he wouldn't rock the boat even if he didn't believe it.  Right now Jeremiah's  thrust is White supremacy.

This is the main reason I didn't vote for him, being one of the few Jews that was affected by his attendance there and feared he would do something drastic, which he has.  This is one drastic example.  The March 2012 on Jerusalem was okayed by Jeremiah Wright who had announced his support.  "The “March to Jerusalem” was a massive campaign designed to send anti-Israel partisans across Israel’s borders and into Jerusalem. The National Conference on Jewish Affairs reported that Iran’s government was involved in the organization of the event and planned to send thousands of participants in caravans, whose schedules had been published by the Quds News agency." Israeli security forces battled Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem Friday, with reports of one Palestinian killed and dozens wounded.
The clashes came during demonstrations marking Land Day and the Global March on Jerusalem. Palestinians and Israeli Arabs hold the annual event to protest Israel's land policies. 

This should be a lesson to them of not attacking Israel and not making peace.  They lose the battle and lose land.  
However, Obama must have understood his surrounding admirers, since he shrugged this off.  Glick thinks this has hurt him.  I don't think so.  Most Jews in the USA are Democrats and followed this Democrat with blindfolded eyes by reelecting him again for a 2nd term.  He has done as much as one in his position would dare to do against Israel and it hasn't raised their eyebrows;  till maybe now, and he has explained  how he's doing the best for Israel with tough love at the Washington DC synagogue, Adas Israel Congregation, on May 22, 2015.   The gullible believe him, hook, line and sinker.
Caroline explained that the UN Security Council has seen the USA use its veto power to prevent anti-Israel draft resolutions from passing.  Obama and his associates are letting it be known that he will soon end this 50 year policy.  Many feel he will try to force Israel back to the 1949 armistice lines which are completely indefensible.  This is something already drawn up by the French.  Before Obama was pushing the 67 lines. By doing this, he's sided with the aggressors against Israel no matter how successful Israel has been in ending attacks.  He doesn't want Israel to gain ground as this is not helpful to the 22 Arab nations in the Middle East or the 48 Muslim Majority countries of the world.  One little Jewish state, smaller beyond belief cannot be there at all according to those who side with Muslims against a Jewish state  in the Middle East.

This armistice line came about in Israel's War of Independence:  1947-49.  As usual, the war was started by the Arabs, no doubt urged into it by Haj Amin al-Husseini.  They had refused to accept the UN partition resolution that the Jews had accepted as being better than coming out with nothing.  Israel's population was along the seacoast due to influences from the Ottoman Empire and where the Jews had been allowed to settle.  That's how the decision was made by the Brits in dividing the land.  The Jewish homeland originally of Judea and Samaria was selected to be the the Arab half by the UN dividers.  .

From the beginning of April 1948, units of Arab irregulars crossed into Palestine from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to reinforce the local Arabs in their attacks upon Jewish communities.  They also blocked the main roads.  It was like a mob attack against someone.

On 14 May 1948, when the Brits pulled out and Israel then announced their state, the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and some from Saudi-Arabia invaded in attack against the Jews who had just announced Israel was now a state according to the UN.  They had no army.
1949 armistice lines
The next day the Arab leaders went wild saying things like they were going to massacre and exterminate all the Jews like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.  Why?  The Ottoman Empire had lost against the Allies of Europe and the USA.  The land they had held was now going to be divvied up, and some of it that had been Israel and Judah was going to go back to the Jews of that day.  In their dithering, the British had given up 80% of it to the Arabs, Abdullah specifically, who created Transjordan, today's Jordan.  20% left was being divvied up between the Arabs and and Jews, and the Arabs had said NO-they wouldn't go for it because they wanted ALL of it.  Now, they knew that Jews had lived there since it had been overrun by the Romans in 70 CE and hadn't left, but never mind, they couldn't allow more Jews in the land to have a state. Jews had been the underdogs, the 2nd class citizens, called Dhimmis.  They couldn't come up with a state and not the migratory Palestinians.  Didn't the world hate Jews?  Wasn't the world anti-Semitic?

At this time, Israel had 650,000 Jews living there, 50,000 more than Joshua  had led into Canaan.  A miracle happened and the Jews with their domestic creations of fighting groups such as the Haganah-defense force,  who were poorly equipped, drove back the invading forces.  The Israeli army of about a day old penetrated into the Sinai peninsula in the process of driving out the Egyptian invaders.  6,000 Jews were killed in this War of Independence--more than in all the next wars combined.  They  died as an Israeli.
A truce was then called and negotiations for an armistice began.  In 1949, separate armistice agreements were signed between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.  Each agreement was written with the purpose to facilitate the transition from the present truce to permanent peace. "The 1949 Armistice lines were drawn up, on the assumption that they would be temporary, and would be replaced within a few years by permanent borders."

Not having a crystal ball nor believing in such in 1949, nobody saw this coming that instead of leading to peace, the armistice agreement with Egypt would end after 7 years in another war.  The Agreements with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon remained in force for 18 years but also ended in war.

Egypt had tried to blockade Israel and had closed the Suez Canal to all Israeli shipping and the Tiran Straits at the entrance to the Gulf of Eilat to all movement of vessels to or from Israel.

The borders of Israel have been attacked by a policy of attrition with terrorist attacks designed to disrupt normal life in Israel.  As I write, a rocket or rockets were again fired into Israel from Gaza of which only Arabs reside. The Palestinian terrorists of Hamas and now Fatah pursue a policy of unceasing build-ups designed to attack Israel with rockets, missiles and mortars and now tunnels and kidnapping.

They refuse to recognize Israel's existence and will not recognize Israel nor have they given up wanting to destroy Israel.  They fight another way with the help of other Muslim nations and that is to bring about Israel's isolation in the family of nations using the UN.  They are behind boycotting Israel and the whole BDS movement  on the economic level.  They put out propaganda and pursue systematic policy of instigating hatred of Israel, distorting Israel's image by anti-Semitic stereotypes and by educating the young generation to a struggle whose objective is the destruction of Israel.

So Obama has a lot of audacity to expect Israel to go back to the 1949 lines in order to make it easier for the Palestinians to attack, for that is the end result of such an outlandish expectation.

He told Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic that he wasn't anti-Semitic and included a definition, and then did something that was anti-Semitic. What he is proposing is most anti-Semitic.  He expects more from Israel than from any other nation, as if he were G-d himself.
Morsi and Obama
Let's look at Obama's behaviors.  His father's people in Kenya, Africa were Muslims, at least on and off at different times.   His paternal  grandmother is Muslim.  He was raised in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10 in Indonesian schools.  No wonder he enjoyed  Jeremiah Wright's church.  He only left it when Wright became a political stone in his way to the White House.  As soon as he was president he went to Cairo,  Egypt and made a speech, insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood had front row seats.  He showed he favored this Muslim Brotherhood backing Morsi as president of Egypt.  Morsi was the leader of the Brotherhood!  The Egyptians woke up and kicked Morsi out and suddenly Obama was withholding promised money to Egypt complaining that they weren't being Democratic.  No, they weren't, but it isn't democratic to stuff ballot boxes either with an outlawed group, and the Muslim Brotherhood had been outlawed back in Sadat's day.

"Iran has continued to reject all inspections of its military sites and has insisted that after a period of 10 or so years it will be permitted under any deal to fully restart its program with no limitations, "  but this is not deterring Obama's insistence in passing this deal.  However, John Kerry just broke his leg, his femur or thigh bone  in a bicycle accident in France and this might affect their completion, or not.  That wasn't timely for Obama.  

Obama had advertised that he was for change and would bring change.  He did.  He gave the USA just what he had in mind.  Everything  has changed, even our standing in the world communities.   His style is waiting and letting nature have its way.  He doesn't make quick decisions.  Our previous presidents and leaders came to the forefront with a plan and an action.  The Twin Towers fell and 3,000 people died in an attack in New York and in Washington DC.  Our president reacted.  Rightly or Wrongly, he reacted with the information given to him, not some devious plan.   My question is, is this pulling away from Israel and making out like Iran is a friend in need for A bomb material some kind of coordinated plan?  It sure seems so.

I had to smile at Glick's line:  "According to Obama, Jewish values require Jews to prefer the interests of others  over their own interests in order to "repair the world."  I've wondered that myself as I see some American Jews not backing Israel with such groups as J Street over AIPAC.  In my opinion, J Street set the example for Obama by saying they are backing Israel while they are for opposite behaviors.

Yes, we have always been into such things as the Kabbalistic ideals of repairing the world, but good heavens!  The lives is Israelis and the struggle we've had waiting for 2,000 years to establish Israel is worth more than being put 10th on the list after people are dead and our 67 year old state is demolished.  With 14 million Jews in the world and being 0.02% of the world population, I wonder about out modern Millies of Judaism.  Pew research is showing the decline of Christianity with Atheism and Islam taking over in the USA by 2050 according to Fareed Zakaria this morning on CNN.  What do our 6 million Jews think will happen to them by then or do they even care?  They won't even be able to be Anusim (like the hidden Jews from the Spanish Inquisition of 1492) because those Jews wanted to remain Jews, and they did under horrible circumstances.
Armies attacking Israel 1948
The War of Independence against the attacking Arab coalition  resulted in the extension of the area of the state beyond the boundaries proposed by the United Nations.  It comprised the whole of the coastal plain, Galilee, part of Samaria, and the Negev, together with the new parts of Jerusalem and a "corridor" leading up to it.  The rest of the country--including the Old City of Jerusalem and virtually the whole of Transjordan-was annexed by the kingdom of Jordan and the Gaza Strip by Egypt.

The nature of the Israel was changed by the flight of most of its Arabs and the arrival of a million and a half (1,500,000) of Jewish immigrants who were expelled from Arab countries, extensive soil conservation, foundation of neighborhoods built, extension of irrigation plans, establishment of industries, etc.

Don't worry, Caroline, Israel will act in accordance with Jewish values as they have all along and will choose life even at the expense of good relations with the Obama administration.  That's what we always say, L'Chaim-To Life.  Israel won't allow their lives to be snuffed out because Obama trusts the Iranians to be honest brokers.  They know enough to have been the only country in the world to take them seriously when they have threatened Israel's life shamelessly.

We have a saying:  On 3 things does the world stand:  On Justice, on Truth, and on Peace. (Mishna, Avot.)
We haven't been shown any of these since our birth on May 14, 1948.

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  1. "We have a saying: On 3 things does the world stand: On Justice, on Truth, and on Peace. (Mishna, Avot.)
    We haven't been shown any of these since our birth on May 14, 1948. "

    though it tarry, wait for it. i forget where that verse is, i think it is in isaiah somewhere. it's coming. God has promised a great future for israel.

    you sure can't be found holding your breathe waiting for obama to do right by israel (or anyone). this man is willingly being used for great evil. his disdain is obvious to me and has been all along. i know one thing and you pointed this out well in your article nadene............don't listen to what he says-watch what he does.

  2. Absolutely right, Andre. Watch what Obama does, don't listen to what he says, for he says one thing but does the opposite. The world accepted Israel in 1967 when she won the battle of being attacked from every side and every country, and now she's receiving all sorts of attacks for having won then and here we have Obama . trying to push her back to the 1967 lines, and when that didn't happen is said that he will try for the 49 lines. He doesn't give up. Neither does the world. . It's crazy. Yes, I think Israel has been very patient and will continue to be as long as it is safe to do so. As for building-which sparks everyone's ire, they have been most patient before they built or said they would build on land that went to them through battles won that they never started. By not building, they would show that the Arabs had won anyway, that though they won the battle thrust onto them, the Arabs still had them cowtowed. It's been their land since 1967 and there's no reason to let the land sit as empty as it has been since 70 CE. Israel is no longer a population of 650,000. It's 7.7 million. The Arabs have been building illegally on the land but we don't hear Obama or the Europeans commenting about that.