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Found: Land From Jordan River Shaped Like a Foot

Nadene Goldfoot                                            
Archaeologist Dr. Adam Zertal (b: 1936)  walking and mapping the land
"What are the foot-shaped enclosures leading from the Jordan River to Mount Eival? Israeli archaeologist Dr. Adam Zertal of Haifa University, who discovered these enclosures and Joshua’s Altar 

He's on Israel radio with  VOI’s Eve Harow to describe finding them and to explain how they connect with the Exodus."    Eve suggests interested people should be familiar with bible sections of Joshua and Judges to understand some of the finds.                                                                       

Dr. Zertal commented that many archaeologists don't believe in the Bible's history, but he feels he has seen enough proof that it is historical.  Especially from an ariel view, this land section looks like a giant footprint, like that that made by Og, the giant.  He found in the section of Joshua in the Bible what is actually on the ground.  He's called the Settler's archaeologist because of this.  Of course he doesn't believe that this foot shape was made by Og, it just looks like a giant made it, being such an amazing shape.  

The foot found dates back to around the 12th century BCE at the beginnings of the Exodus getting close to Canaan.                                                         

Zertal, who grew up on the kibbutz, Ein Shemer, was severely wounded in the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  He later told a reporter for the Jerusalem Post that he had spent a year in the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and became interested in archaeology.  As a man who had always thought that the Bible was full of myths, he decided to walk the land by foot to look for archaeological evidence.  
Ariel View
In his credits, he has identified a structure on Mount Ebal as an early Israelite altar.  He was in 1978 exploring the land alloted to the tribe of Manassah in the hill country of Samaria.  He headed the excavations at El-ahwat, which he identified as the biblical-larosheth Haggoyim which was a fortress described in the Book of Judges.  This was the fortress or cavalry base of Sisera, the commander of the army of King Jabin found in Judges 4.  In 2009, he headed a team that discovered an ancient underground quarry in the Jordan Valley.  

A symbol from Egypt's pharoahs  of owning a land is to put your foot on it.  Symbols of the foot were made when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River.  A foot is symbolic of ownership.  In Hebrew, foot is רגל, read from right to left unlike English.  This translates to regel.  
Many people walk along the Israel National Trail.  What I saw in Israel is that people walk with their eyes on the ground for you never know what can turn up, being the history of Israel and the Jews go back almost 4,000 years.  
Charles b: 1906 and Morris Goldfoot b: 1908

Hmm.  My ancestors' name from Germany could have carried this pattern in choosing their surname.  Goldfoot could have meant that they owned a lot of gold, or owned what gold they had.  Their luck ran out when my grandfather, Nathan Abraham Goldfoot,  landed in the states from a journey going through England, Ireland, possibly Canada from Lithuania.  Nathan must have run out of gold (money) by the time he got here.  Here are his 2 sons, my uncle and father  who were finally born in the USA.  


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