Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kerry's Nuclear Deal Making Iran Happy, But Not Israel or Gulf States

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     
Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant-What is it ready to produce?  

John Kerry must be a little upset.  On May 8th, by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of 98 to 1, the US Senate passed legislation aimed at giving Congress a role in evaluating any final nuclear deal with Iran.  "Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was the sole dissenting vote, doing so on constitutional grounds, and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) was absent."   This now has to be passed by the House of Representatives.  If it passes, it then goes to the President Obama to become law or be vetoed.  Obama had already threatened to veto it weeks ago.  Why?  What harm is it to have other responsible people have a say in this?  Congress must be allowed to speak about it and have their say.After all, this is a LIFE OR DEATH decision.
John Kerry is speaking, and loudly.  He said to Israel:  "I absolutely guarantee that the US can stop Iran from getting a nuke.  What if his guarantee breaks down?  Israel most likely will be facing the reality of being nuked with one hit. Kerry said that the USA was not relinquishing a single option, including sanctions or a military response under the proposed agreement.

This legislation was passed after 18 months of concessions  to Iran by the West.
Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,  still is saying that  this Iran deal endangers Israel.  It endangers the region.  It endangers the world, the entire world in my opinion.  So I think it's very important to insist on a better deal.  Netanyahu thinks that the aim of the negotiations must be to block Iran's path to a nuclear capability, not just to reach any deal.  He is responsible for Israel's security and doesn't feel very secure.   Saudi Arabia is also concerned about their fate with Iran holding such reins to power and destruction.  It's a worry enough to cause them to join Israel-also their enemy-against this bigger enemy, Iran.  Now you know how concerned the whole Middle East is about it.  They'll all have to build nuclear reactors in self defense.

"King Salman of Saudi Arabia had withdrawn from a carefully orchestrated summit with the US that President Barack Obama hoped would assuage Gulf anxieties about the conclusion of a nuclear agreement with Iran."  He is ill and sent 2 other top men.   The only ones who planned to attend were the emirs of Qatar and Kuwait.  The meeting was this past Wednesday and Thursday.  

The results of this meeting was that as thought, the Arabs will now have to get their own nuclear programs.  "For a president who came to office vowing to move toward the elimination of nuclear weapons, the Iran deal has presented a new dilemma. If the agreement is sealed successfully next month — still far from guaranteed — Mr. Obama will be able to claim to have bought another decade, maybe longer, before Iran can credibly threaten to have a nuclear weapon."  That's if they keep their promise, which I personally doubt very much.  I feel they are chomping at the bit.  They are working in their plants day and night.  Why?  

The US talks on the 14th at Camp David's summit meeting with the Gulf states was about expanded defense cooperation and intelligence sharing with them.  Washington thinks this will make them feel more secure.  How about Israel?  Will they get the same, too?  Evidently not.  The meeting's outcome is "Iran, the United States and five other world powers have sealed a breakthrough framework agreement outlining limits on Iran's nuclear programme, despite attempts by Israel and Saudi Arabia to thwart the deal. 

"The secretive nature of the talks made many uncomfortable about the outcome, as did the absence of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members. Wisdom has it that if you do not have enough cards on the negotiating table, you may not get everything you want, but if you are not even present, you will certainly get nothing." Only Iran is pleased with this deal.  

Al Jazeera's comment is not favorable for Israel.  "With the constant danger that tensions between Israel on the one side and Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements on the other might escalate into a nuclear standoff with Iran, the US would have a much greater incentive to force Israel to solve its conflict with the Palestinians, something it resolutely opposed till now.  Obama said Saturday that it was unlikely Israel and the Palestinians would reach a peace agreement throughout the coming year, due to the various political challenges facing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.  
Israel is said to have had their atomic plant for years and years already, but even after being in the wars of 1948, 56, 67, 73 and constant ones since then, they have never used this power.  It's there for a warning.  Don't mess with us or-we do have this power.  We will not be wiped as as you all threaten to do.  Israel's ethics would not allow them to take this step unless it faces the worst kind of peril.  You cannot say the same for Iran.  They've been warning all along that they will do it or that it will happen.  In fact, they seem anxious to bring about the end of the world.  With an attitude like that, watch out.

Just what is this deal that Kerry is so proud of that Netanyahu can't go along with?

Some facets of the agreement have different time spans.  Some agreements only last for 10 years while others are said to last for 15 years.  Other parts are to last forever.  Getting Iran to do something for a month is going to be a miracle let alone a lifetime.
The USA should block Iran's path to make a bomb, so the deal should include:

1. Downgrading Arak from being a heavy water to light water reactor.
2. Dismantle the centrifuges
3. Ballistic missile program should be stopped.
4. Military plans should be exposed
5. Verification must be able to be submitted to on surprise visits-already promised by Kerry.???
P5+1 Meeting with Zarif

These refer to their commitment to implement additional protocol of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the NPT which allows the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA inspectors access to their nuclear facilities.

Remember now that what Kerry had understood written in English evidently has not been what Iran has translated into Farsi.  Both parties think this deal is saying some different things according to past news.

Kerry thinks that the Iranians will be put to a test as to their changing their visibility, their accountability.  The USA expects to be able to know what they are doing so that when they become an NPT country the USA will know that their program is peaceful.
Iran's goal-to drop this on Israel
This after what Iran continually blares on the new, that Israel must be wiped out, is unfit in very derogatory terms.  They show their hatred for Israel by words and by actions.  It is Iran who supplies Syria with weapons as they are to use them against Israel.  Iran is all over the Middle East supplying one against the other.  They think they are in competition with Saudi Arabia-Shi'a against Sunni.  Kerry is butting into a religious war, quite typical of the Middle East.  Kerry should read Lee Smith's book, THE STRONG HORSE, POWER, POLITICS, AND THE CLASH OF ARAB CIVILIZATIONS.

Kerry thinks the USA will be able to keep tabs on Iran's direction.  "We will have inspectors there EVERY SINGLE DAY!," he said.  "This is not a 10-year program.  THIS IS FOREVER."  First thing Congress will question is the cost of providing this and is it worth it.  Such a promise.

Is this promise like others?  He looked her in the eye. "I will always love you."
Then he plunged the stake into her chest.   

Kerry simply ignores the Iranians and is telling us what he wants us to believe, evidently, just to get this deal accepted.  Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other senior Iranian military figures insist that Iran will never allow foreign inspectors to visit military sites.  All Iran has to do is allow inspectors to check the sections that are creating electricity-something they really need with all the oil they have-and keep their bomb making on the military bases.
Kerry ignored Israel's problems in making peace with Palestinians as well.  It's always Israel's fault.  Kerry should read the Hamas charter and what they want to do to Israel.  
Kerry, Catherine Ashton of EU, Zarif of Iran
Kerry, Jarad Zarif, head of Iran's Atomic Energy
Such naivety!  The P5+1 talks must believe what is the easiest to believe without wasting any of their energy.   To think that Kerry gives a guarantee that inspection will be daily forever.  It brings all kinds of thoughts to my mind.  People can take bribes.  Forever?  What about our politics, change of power every 4 years, expense of paying a passel of inspectors forever.  How long is forever?  Why did Iran hurry to build these nuclear factories?

Reference: , The Jewish Press, May 8, 2015, front page, p. 3 by Patrick Goodenough


  1. this is of course insane that anyone is making a deal with iran period. you don't deal with iran---you stop them in their tracks. israel may have to oblige to save herself and turn her nukes on them. the world is totally mad. these days are-as you have heard me say before nadene-when good is called evil and evil is called good. too many in world politics are of that willing brand to compromise but is way beyond compromise now--this is a "deal with the devil". john kerry and all those he represents in wanting to deal with iran are beyond stupid------------they are evil as well.

  2. Right! The sad thing is that they are our government! I never thought I'd live to see such a messed up government in the USA. The leaders of the middle east are not soft. Iran isn't used to dealing with people like Kerry and is really taking advantage. They probably can't believe their luck. Of course, this all has to pass our Senate and House to be accepted. It's up to them, now. We know what is coming out of the world's managers, the P5+1.