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United Nations: Mankind's Wisdom of Solomon, Degenerated

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        
What started off as mankind's answer to the end of constant wars has debased itself.  The body of this group called the United Nations  has become perverse   and has degraded itself from the normal moral standards.  There's something radically wrong with a body of people who show such bias to one uniquely small state, Israel, and which has adopted 20 resolutions against it since last September and only 3 resolutions on other country-specific situations.  This has been going on since 1967.  Fighting against this is the only major state that supports this august body, the United States.

 "Israel has been a close ally to the USA.  When there is undue focus on any one particular country in the UN system, it threatens to undermine the credibility of the entire system." It's credibility has been questioned for a long time.  The US taxpayer is supporting this system of unfairness.  Bathsheba Nell Crocker, Assistant Secretary can verify this.  The USA is making very slow progress in fighting anti-Semitic/Israel sentiment.  Do you think supporting the United Nations  is worth our money?  The US  is to pay 22% of the UN budget and 27% of the peace keeping budget.  "in 2009, Congress paid in full and addressed recent arrears. Obama had become president.  The new government asked that Congress continue to pay all that we owe the UN, and on time. The UN's 2015 budget for 2 years was $5.4 billion dollars.  

What the UN seems to be doing is to delegitimize Israel.  The USA has had to intervene on Israel's behalf in many forums on hundreds of occasions.

It all started in April 1947 at the request of the United Kingdom which acknowledged its inability to implement the MANDATE, to help Jews create their Jewish Homeland.    What Britain  didn't admit to the UN  was that they had been helping Arabs to enter Palestine illegally but had been keeping the Jews out, even on the eve of the Nazi takeover of Germany and the attacks on Jews.   So  the General Assembly established a Special Committee on Palestine called UNSCOP.  This was to look into the question and submit recommendations.  Their report was the basis for the Assembly's Partition Resolution of November 29, 1947, which recommended the establishment in Palestine of both a Jewish and an Arab state.  Arabs responded with violence to the UN resolution and lasted until the 1949 signing of the Armistice.  The mandate was finished on May 14, 1948 and armies from Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon invaded with a contingent from Saudi Arabia.

When the Arab armies invaded Israel, no concrete help was afforded by the UN in implementing its own resolution to create a Jewish Homeland.  The UN mediators negotiated the cease-fire and armistice agreements supervised by a Truce Supervision Organization with headquarters in Jerusalem.
Haj Amin al-Husseini with Hitler
The Arabs refused to recognize the UN's decisions or the fact that the Ottoman Empire had lost in WWII meaning that the Allies had taken over the land of the Ottoman Empire which had been on the side of Germany.
Israel's application for admission to the UN was approved by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY on May 11, 1949.  Israel became a member of the many UN agencies.  Her most pressing foreign problems--those from relations with the Arab states surrounding her-have been repeatedly on the agendas of the UNs main organs.

Israel-Arab relations reached a climax in the fall of 1956 with the SINAI OPERATION.  This war lasted from October 29th until November 5, 1956.  On March 1, 1957, Israel-under pressure- agreed to withdraw its troops from the Gaza Strip and Sharm-el-Sheikh with the reservation that it would exercise its right of self-defense under the UN Charter if its ships were again interfered with in the Gulf of Akaba.

In the meantime, Canada sponsored a resolution that was adopted on November 4th and the Secretary-General submitted a plan for the creation of a UN armed force called UNEF to  secure and supervise the cessation of hostilities which was adopted.

The UN busied themselves at times with Israeli complaints against the Egyptian blockade in the Suez Canal.  A Security Council resolution of September 1, 1951 called upon Egypt to end the blockade.  There were proposals to redraw Israel's boundaries to conform to the 1947 Partition Resolution by the Arab states and of course rejected by Israel.                                  

May 1967 the Egyptians demanded to have UNEF troops withdraw and they did immediately.  The Arab army attack causing the Six-Day War lasted from June 5th to June 11, 1967.  The Egyptians had 90,000 men and 900 tanks lined up ready to attack.  The UNEF were not there to act as a barrier between Egypt and Israel.  The Arab states formed a war pact against Israel.  Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Egypt and the PLO.  Israel waited for 3 weeks from May 15th for international action to stop the escalation but the Great Powers and the UN were just watching.  War broke out and Israel destroyed the armies that had massed. This war brought nearly 1 million Arabs under Israeli military administration in the areas occupied by Israel.  East Jerusalem wass annexed and Jerusalem was reunified as one city again.  Pending a settlement, Israel had regarded itself as responsible for the welfare and security of the population in the administered areas.  When the PA (Palestine Authority)  took over, their welfare went downhill.  Facts are facts.  They were ruling themselves but the PA is and was corrupt.
Memorial for 1973 Yom Kippur War
Israel of course was defending itself from being wiped off the map as its enemies proclaimed and to save their own lives.  Since then its objectives have been to have peace within secure borders.  It has only had armistice lines and cease-fire lines and has been seeking borders which will be defensible.  That means they need borders that will not constitute a temptation to a potential aggressor as the pre-1967 lines were.
Hamas terrorists 
Since then the Arabs went to Khartoum in August 1967 to a Summit Conference and they came back with 4 principals that the UN must deal with:
1. No peace with Israel
2. No negotiations with Israel
3. No recognition of Israel
4. Insistence on rights of Palestinian people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.  (The wording of this makes it insoluble since they have never had their own country.  They had been living in the Ottoman Empire which the Turks, who had it, had lost it.  There never was a country of Palestine.) 

Discussion of the Six Day War in the UN lasted until November  when they passed a resolution in the Security Council of 242 on November 22, 1967 telling the Arabs to end their belligerence with Israel and for Israel to withdraw its troops.  It called for a just and lasting peace in which every state in the area can live in security.  It called for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict. It was not worded to say from all territories.  The Arab governments and their supporters have tried to interpret the resolution as though it required a complete withdrawal.  
The mission of the UN Mediator, Ambassador Jarring, came to an end in February 1971 when he submitted a proposal that Israel should withdraw to the former international boundary between Egypt and the British Mandated territories of Palestine.   

From this point, Israel has had little faith in the UN where an anti-Israel bloc of votes was ensured.  The Arabs were able to have extreme anti-Israel resolutions automatically passed in the General Assembly.  A War of Attrition went on from 1968 to 1970 where the Arabs were trying to wear down Israel's determination to accept nothing less than peace with secure borders.  This attack went on about the entire cease-fire lines, but mainly along the Suez Canal and the Jordan River.  Sporadic terrorist operations of the PLO in the administered areas and inside Israel continued.  They failed everywhere to wear down Israel.  
Moshe Dayan, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin in Jerusalem

Massive bombardments by the Egyptian army didn't cause Israel to stop guarding along the Canal.  Israel responded with commando raids deep inside Egypt's territory.  In September 1970 President Nasser of Egypt died.  Sadat took over.  In 1971 proposals were made for a special arrangement for opening the Suez Canal.  In 1973 Sadat started the Yom Kippur War on the Jews' holiest day of fasting and atending services in synagogues. 
Arafat 1974 at UN speaking

 In 1977 he initiated a peace process with Israel which included his visit to Jerusalem and addressing the Knesset.  In 1979 he signed a peace treaty with Israel at Camp David and then was assassinated by Moslem extremists while reviewing a military parade in Cairo in 1981.  

The Arabs were able to have extreme anti-Israel resolutions automatically passed in the General  Assembly.  In 1974, Yasser Arafat, chief of the  Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), was invited to speak to the UN.  In 1975 an anti-Israel motion was put through describing Zionism as a form of racism.  It wasn't annulled until 1991.  

The Jerusalem question was constantly debated in the UN.  the 1947 Partition Resolution had proposed the establishment of an international regime for Jerusalem to be administered by the UN Trusteeship Council.  The General Assembly's resolutions on this subject in December 1948 and  later were rejected by Israel.  Remember, Israel won an attack by all the Arabs in 1967, gaining back Jerusalem's eastern section from the attacking Jordan.  All of Jerusalem was expected to belong to the Jewish Homeland in the first place with the acceptance of the original UN voting.  
The Arab refugee question was also debated all the time in the UN.  There were refugees in the first place because the attacking Arabs told them  to get out of the way and go and give them room to take over Israel when they attacked in 1948.  They went and then never came back, following their Arab leaders' orders to live in refugee camps.  They're like pawns in a game of chess; they can be sacrificed.  So the Arab leaders were then requesting full rights of repatriation.  Israel had Arabs living with them who did not heed their leaders' call to leave.  They remained and were now full Israeli citizens.  Israel felt that those that left should then be resettled in the neighboring Arab states where they were.  To make this discussion harder was that the Arabs refused to sit together with the Jews.

Jews in other parts of the world were more concerned with UN activities in other subjects such as safeguarding and promoting human rights.   

During 1971 and 1972, Egypt demanded the Soviet Union  give them weapons.  They hoped to change the balance of power in their own favor.   The Russians refused.  In July 1972 Sadat expelled the Soviet military personnel from Egypt.  
Golan Heights 

Between 2009 and to the middle of 2014, Israel was criticized in more than 30 (Human Rights Council (HRC) resolutions.  During this period  Syria had only 13, Iran 4, North Korea 4, Libya 4, Burma 4 and Sudan 3.  Israel is the only Jewish nation following Jewish law which consists of the laws creating human rights.  I dare anyone to show how their country is doing better in this than Israel.  The thing that other religions backed off from in following Judaism is that they had so many laws-and these concern creating human rights and teaching people to have empathy for life, life of all-both animals and humans and the love and respect of the land.  What other country in the world has a law that says the land gets to lie fallow and recuperate every 7 years?  What workers get a year off every 7 years?  

One problem in the UN is that votes against Israel are adopted with big majorities because the council's composition limits the number of liberal democracies while countries in Asia and Africa together have an automatic majority of 26 seats out of 47.  We're outnumbered!  

The council is made up of some of the world's most repressive regimes.  Current members are Cuba, China, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Vietnam.  The historically anti-Israel Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the OIC, block has great power.  You must cooperate with them or else.  It sounds like the Mafia of the Middle East.  

In the General Assembly, they have 119 members of Non-Aligned Movement and this together accounts for just short of 2/3 of the total membership.  This bloc includes countries hostile to Israel for religious and political reasons.  It's current chairman is Iran!  

Our brave European democracies frequently abstain instead of vote against the anti-Israel resolutions. They are no help at all.  Last July, the HRC had a resolution against Israel to establish an inquiry into Israel's military offensive against Hamas in Gaza.  Remember that it has been Hamas who forced Fatah out of Gaza, took over and have been attacking Israel every minute.  The voting to look into how bad Israel is was 29 to 1 with the US the only NO vote and 17 members, mostly Europeans, abstaining.  

The General Assembly adopted a group of Israel-focused resolutions in one day last December.  The USA was joined by just a small handful of other countries in its opposition with the vote of    158 to 8;  159 to 7;  166 to 6;  165 to 7;  165 to 7;  88 to 9;  and 163 to 7.  This against Israel, not Iran!!
Brits held mandate over Palestine for 30 years; job was to help Jews create Jewish Homeland.  Instead, they hung Jews, put them in prison and aided Arabs into country.  Now they refuse to stand with USA in defense of Israel in opposition to Arab votes.  

Countries voting on that day with the USA defending Israel were Australia, Canada, Micronesian Pacific island states, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Palau.  My, they must be smaller than Israel.  Shame on England.  They weren't in the group.  

Resource:  The Jewish Press, May 15, 2015 which inspired me by Patrick Goodenough-State Department:  US. "slowly making progress fighting anti-Israel sentiment at UN
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Facts About Israel 1973 published by the division of information ministry for foreign affairs, Jerusalem


  1. i think the un was never a good idea. ever. might have sounded good to some perhaps....but like all things left up to men (leaving God's Wisdom out of it) it only becomes a toothless tiger - or with more collective power to do more far reaching harm..(these do not do God's work)..that is what we have today because it was bad seed to begin with and really gone to seed now. terrible fruit has come from this body and particularly they are really warped about israel and the middle east in general. i think they are evil and "playing god" (as social engineers) with everything. one of the men who was an instrumental part of getting the league of nations (later to morph into the un) off the ground is the grandfather of a man i have written of to you before. that man in particular is the very one from the eu (solana was in high representative position) - who bullied and pressured ariel sharon about israel getting off of the land to give it into the hands of palestinians. it all looked cordial for the cameras but behind closed doors it was something else. sharon had his massive stroke shortly thereafter. it is in this man's dna to "shove" people around from a "diplomacy" point of view but the long term failing and failed roadmap for peace is his brainchild. he alone dealt with the iranians back in june 2006. was the only representative of any kind from anywhere invited to the inaugaration of iran's current president. how does he have so much pull one has to wonder? he has been weakening the hand of the western world in dealing with iran and the nuke issue and he set the precedent (utterly set the stage) for what we currently have. the un and eu and obama and the rest of our government lick this man's shoes. (bill clinton had the entire senate flown to brussells to meet this man when he got his high rep postion). we now have absolute rogues with nukes--we know the iranians are very close to nuke power and might even have it already) and he is not done calling shots from his "retirement". he has met more heads of states than most world leaders will ever know. mogherini hears often from him (and he "held catherine ashton's hand" while negotiating with iran during her tenure in the spot he vacated). americans don't know who he is. europeans do. he might be making a comeback into the realm of eu politics. don't know that one for sure yet. i watch this one.........and he has never stopped pushing for a new global world. a world that has no room for the democratic presence of israel in the middle east. a free america either. he is a communist/socialist and many world leaders listen to him as though when "e f hutton" speaks. they call this one the "squarer of circles" and in the past has been called "mr europe". his was the one phone number everyone called when wanting to speak to the europeans. the un is doing it's part to get that brave new world "show on the road".
    it all looks and sounds so nice-so diplomatic-so progressive in peace and security is anything but. i smell a rat. a big globalist rat and his minions (who in all reality has zero use for israel no matter what he *says-you have to watch what he *does)..........................

  2. I don't know who this man is, but I was in the 1st grade in 1940 and when the UN was created I think I was so relieved and thought this was the answer to everyone's prayer that we would have peace. The trouble is that so many of these country's are used to dealing dirty, not above board, and they think only of themselves first and their country 2nd. Just like usual, Jews have been the scapegoats of the world, and as the Arabs climbed on board in the UN, we became scapegoats of the world again. We just can't weaken, as Sharon did. I suppose you heard that Gaza shot rockets into southern Israel yesterday and Israel has replied strongly with an air strike.

  3. UN was created October 24, 1945. I was in 5th grade. All throughout those war years, the newspapers were full of war news only, reporting where our battalions were and how it went; no TV news with pictures about it. You went to the movie theater and saw the news on the screen; always much older by then.

  4. more power being handed over to fewer and fewer is never good. absolute power corrupts absolutely as they say. i am not into looking for conspiracy around every corner or hiding under every bush but truly when people refuse to be governed "from within" (God's wisdom when embraced in the heart does this and has great impact for good toward all peoples) it will take more governing "from without" to get things in "order". the question becomes but whose idea of order? this is pretty much the world today. fewer and fewer are willing to stand for right and the bible says that sin is a reproach to any nation. king solomon wrote that in proverbs 14:34. so there are those of that flawed intent that are willing to oblige and control people on a massive scale because so many have either had responsibility cruelly taken from them or they won't take it so they lose it. so the someones who are of that control mindset will fill the void-----it is for our own good ya know ;) . the man i wrote about is cut of that cloth. free thinkers with that good mandate from God become a threat in that case. america has lost her way-her sovereign will--these days. we used to know who we were. tiny israel maintains it's sovereignty (as endowed by God) in the face of huge numbers who have given themselves to idealogies and cultures that hate free thought and freewill and the corresponding responsibility that maintains it. and that is a big no-no in world gone global. to me it is like being forced to watch a massive murder/suicide. God has to be the One to intervene in the course the world is on at present.

    1. You said earlier, "one of the men who was an instrumental part of getting the league of nations (later to morph into the un) off the ground is the grandfather of a man i have written of to you before. that man in particular is the very one from the eu (solana was in high representative position), "
      I went to that website but nothing came up, and I can't remember the name of the man you mentioned. Yes, America has lost her way, but it looks like a lot of people are willing to be new leaders from the looks of all those who are throwing their hat into the ring and will run for President. Today 2 more joined in. I hope we get a good one this time.

  5. God will intervene and maybe sooner then we think, the signs are everywhere for both Jews and Christians. The UN has only one good purpose and that is humanitarian aid, as to stopping conflicts in the world they are an hindrance, a corrupt organization who have out lived their usefulness years ago, they are a danger to world peace influenced by a few for the benefit of a few. It's time for forward thinking countries to distance themselves from the UN. Having said that I know it won't happen, Western countries lack strong leaders at present and nothing will change in the meantime. May God bless Israel and it's people.