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The Palestine Union After One Week Cry "Attack!"

Nadene Goldfoot                                            
                Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades Terrorists called on to fulfill their duty

Sir Arthur and Sir Lancelot, who lived in Camelot, loved each other.  All was well till Lancelot fell for Arthur's wife and ruined their friendship.   All is not going well with the Palestinian plans, either, with Fatah (old PLO) and Hamas, the old and the young terrorist groups who have united for the 2nd time to form a Palestinian government to my shock and awe with Obama's and Kerry's approval.

In the Palestinian Camelot, a united group who Fatah swears they have peaceful intentions and that all Obama and Kerry have to do is to watch them from afar, all that is  heard now  is rumbling of war.  Hamas has called on its armed wing of terrorists, the Al-Qassam Brigades,  who are in Judea and Samaria  and attack Israeli soldiers and civilians.  The reason is to help their men who are prisoners in Israel's jails for terrorism acts.  They think they can ease the plight of its prisoners by doing this.  Such convoluted thinking!
                                                 Hamas terrorists

Hamas is asking Fatah people to take part in this attack.  They think that Jews must pay the price of being in  in "Palestine" with their blood until they are persuaded to change.  Right now the prisoners are on a hunger strike.  Israel is voting in the Knessett about force feeding them.  They are not about to let them die from hunger. (1) They're on a hunger strike because they haven't had a trial for terrorism.

 Israel says they're in jail for terrorism and can't risk a trial.  Israel says Palestinians suspected of security offences are sometimes jailed without trial to avoid any court proceedings that could expose sensitive intelligence information - a practice that has drawn international criticism."  So 300 are jailed for breaking and being caught in the act of security offenses.  Israel holds 5,000 in jail for acts of  terrorism.  Terrorists have been receiving salaries from their leaders.  The money must be coming from outside friends involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.  

This was announced  after only one week after swearing in their unity government which was endorsed quickly by the USA and the EU.    Hussam Badran, Hamas spokesman,   wrote about this on his facebook page.

 The EU had the chutzpa to tell Israel that they should support the new Palestinian government in Ramallah. 

Have they ever told the Fatah and Hamas terrorists that they should recognize Israel or else?  No.  Jose Manuel Barroso of the EU said they should in the interest of a future peace deal.  That is putting the cart before the horse.  You don't make deals after you allow the crime to be committed.  Do you allow your teen-ager to stay out until 3am for a month without saying anything and then say, now you have to be in by 10pm and you'll get 3 meals a day?  He thinks that by becoming a legitimate and representative government they will be peaceful.  Has Iraq and Iran  always been peaceful?  No.  Is Syria peaceful?  No.  Has Lebanon been peaceful?  No, and they're the model for Palestine whereby a terror group, Hezbollah, is running the government.  Fatah and Hamas as a united front  haven't signed a peace agreements with Israel. They walked away from a peace deal.   Only Egypt and Jordan has.  Both Lebanon and Syria have missiles pointed at Israel.  Israel isn't about to help to create another state that is at war with them.

Israel is reacting sanely, but not the USA or the West. I know.  Everybody is crazy except me.  In this case, I'm right.  The USA and EU are taking the opposite viewpoint from Israel  saying that the new Palestinian ministers were not affiliated with Hamas. Yet that is a lie!   The PM of Palestine is Hamas's Ismael Haniyah, who is not about to recognize Israel,  and his group in Gaza is still shooting rockets at southern Israel.  They just shot their 108th rocket the other day. Palestine has already said their government will be on the Lebanon style.  Lebanon allows their main terror group, Hezbollah to run their government!   The USA and EU do sloppy research and then act on it.  Is this the way to run foreign affairs?

Mahmoud Abbas, President,  has said the new government recognizes Israel, accepts past agreements with Israel and renounces terrorism.   I believe he said that a few years back which is why they have been ruling in Judea-Samaria on their own.  However, Hamas has a charter that has not been torn up which states their goal is to destroy Israel.  It's just like the Muslim Brotherhood's charter.  They have not changed their tune. Israel cannot accept Fatah while Hamas is not in agreement.  If they can't get their act together, they really don't deserve their own state.  Israel's different parties had to come together to form Israel.

Now we come to the prisoners.  Israel does not kill their prisoners like their neighbors usually do.  They are jailed.  125 are held in detention and have been on a hunger strike they started 7 weeks ago for political notoriety. They have grown to 300 now.   Their prison conditions are great considering they aren't living in a hotel, but a jail.  I wish they were in a Turkish prison instead.  Then they'd have something to complain about.  I've heard about that place when one of my distant relatives, Gene LePere nee Hirshhorn,  was imprisoned while on her holiday for buying a little statue from a hawker.  She was thrown in the woman's prison for years; had to cook her own food in there, too.  Her story about that prison was turned into a TV special several years back from her book, Never Pass This Way Again,  about it.

The Palestinian Arabs had demonstrations planned and did so yesterday on the 9th in Ramallah.  On a positive note, the PA (those of Fatah) suppressed the demonstrations.  They even had to physically  attack Hamas members that are the MP, Hassan Youssef and Fathi Qarawi. What they did was to stop cars who were in a procession in Ramallah and they took away their posters and flags that they brought with them to incite the public.   The PA police stopped the journalist Musib Said and took away his press card and camera and demanded that he delete his photo.  Well, well, well.  Fatah just earned a few points from me for this.

Of course, this made Hamas as mad as a wet hen at Fatah, so a Mr. Rajoub said that now their reconciliation is at a risk.  They felt the actions of Fatah was a stab in the back of the prisoner movement.  They consider this as serious and unjustified violation.  They don't realize it's a violation of the peace promised by Fatah, so they're not about to back Fatah's motivation.

Another problem in their Camelot,  which is the ancient Judah, state  Jews formed apart from Israel when King Solomon died in 920 BCE, about 3,000 years ago, is that of money.  50,000 civil servants of Hamas living in Gaza have not been receiving their salaries this past 7 years from Fatah.  Khalil Al-Hayya, Hamas official, wants Fatah  to cover their salaries.  They had done this for PA civil servants who lived in Gaza, but these people have not actually worked for years in protest over Hamas's bloody takeover in 2007 when they kicked Fatah out of Gaza and took over!  My, they do rival us Jews in having so much chutzpah!

They owe lots of money to Israel as well for their electricity bill.  They have been receiving electricity but have stiffed Israel with the bill.  I think they'd better pay Israel first before they pay people who shoot rockets into Israel.
It's things like this that happen that enforce my belief in that there is a G-d.  Only something like this can happen to show the USA and EU that all is not hunky dory between Fatah and Hamas and that Palestine will be no peaceful Camelot.  Their own natures have to play a part in these events.  Israel has been saying this over and over and no one listens.  Hamas has to change before it can be trusted to be involved in the creation of a peaceful state.  Fatah will have their hands full to change the nature of their own people who they have been teaching to hate Jews.  Of course, they do handle things differently than Americans do.  They're pretty tough about stopping behaviors. like they did yesterday.   Still.....

Resource:  http://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-calls-on-armed-wing-to-kill-soldiers-and-settlers/  This is the magazine that Stanley Goldfoot started in his youth.  Of course then there was no internet and it was a real magazine.
http://www.nbcnews.com/news/mideast/israeli-law-force-feed-palestinian-hunger-strikers-gets-initial-nod-n127151 (1)

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