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Hillary's Anti-Israel Choices

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Before Hillary  married Bill on October 11, 1975, she was a part of the left who were for the Palestinian cause and were condemning Israel.  Hillary told friends that she was "sympathetic" to the PLO and admired Yasser Arafat.  When he spoke to the UN General Assembly in November 1974 wearing his revolutionary uniform and his holster on his hip, Hillary  told Bill that Arafat was a freedom fighter who was trying to free his people from their Israeli oppressors.  So that's what she really thinks about Israel.
Yasser Arafat, leader of PLO Terrorists ( August 29, 1929-November 11, 2004)

Christopher Anderson tells in his book on page 50, American Evita, about their trip to Arkansas in 1973 that is very telling.  Bill took her to visit a friend and Hillary noticed a menorah on their front door.  As soon as she saw it she refused to get out of the car to meet him.  He was a political friend of Bill's , but apologetic about the menorah, telling Bill that his father was half Jewish who wanted him to remember his roots.  I cringe at hearing that and feel for his father.   Bill explained to his friend that Hillary was really tight with the people in the PLO in New York and that they were friends of hers, and she just didn't feel right about the menorah.  Feel right.  He meant she didn't like or didn't  want to befriend any  Jews.

Which reminds me.  Hillary's aide has been  Huma Abedin.  "Huma Abedin has 3 members of her family working for the Muslim Brotherhood in important positions.  She has been an aide to Hillary Clinton and works in the State Department with her.  She had married Anthony Weiner and both were family friends of the Clintons.  This is another connection to the Muslim Brotherhood outlook on dealing with Israel.  Is there any question as to why Israel has been treated so rotten by both Obama and Hillary now? "   Hillary didn't have to deal with Weiner, though she knew him as a Jewish "friend."  He must be extremely leftist more than anything.   Hillary has commented that Huma is just like a daughter to her.  
Hillary's book has just come out, "Hard Choices."  In it she tells of her disappointment with Israel over the Palestinians living in Jericho she had seen with Bill in 1981.  She felt that Israel was not allowing them to have any dignity or self determination.  This comes after the 1973 Yom Kippur War when Israel was attacked by the Palestinian's brothers, the states surrounding Israel who wanted to drive Israelis into the sea and destroy their state.  They attacked purposely on Yom Kippur, the Jews' holiest day of the year when they were fasting and praying and asking G-d for forgiveness of any sins they may have committed.  Israel at that time had been coming under attack by Palestinians who were PLO terrorists led by Yasser Arafat. This comment shows me how little Hillary knew or understood about what was happening.  She certainly wasn't thinking about the Jews' lives, but only about the Palestinians and how they felt.

As I started researching, because this lady might be running for president, I wondered whatever caused her to be so harsh against Israel.  What other things have happened to point this up, or was this a one and only occasion of harshness.

In the same book on page 317, she wrote that East Jerusalem had been captured along with the West bank in 1967.  Wrong again, Hillary.  She is not accurate in her history account.  It shows her bias.  Israel never captured Jerusalem..  Jordan did in 1948 when it had been decided by the League of Nations and the UN that Jerusalem was to go to the Jews.  Israel defended itself in 1967 and in doing so and winning this ugly battle, gained land that was theirs to start with, East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.  It should be a lesson to those who attack others.

 Jerusalem is precious to Jews.   This is because of our long history with Jerusalem.  Our population there shows it.  The population from 1844 to 1948 shows that Jews were the majority.  When Jordan grabbed it illegally in 1948 , they kicked out the Jews.  The only reason the Palestinians want East Jerusalem for their capital of Palestine is because they don't want Israel to have it.  They have no religious connection to this city, but Jews do, big time.

 Incidentally, the name, West Bank was given to Judea and Samaria by Jordan, who took this land in 1948 after it had been said to go to Israel.  In 1947-48 Israel was fighting the whole neighborhood in the War of Independence.  November 29, 1947 was when Arabs responded with violence to the UN resolution on Palestine, and the war lasted until the signing of the Armistice Agreements in 1949.  Israel refers to the area by their ancient names.  Samaria was the capital of Judea, and it also includes the surrounding land.

She chides Israel because their loss of lives has been less than Palestinians in attacks.  With her logic, the USA is at fault because a lot of al Qaeda terrorists have died than were killed in 9/11.  She doesn't know anything about the 2 different people she is comparing.  Life is of utmost importance to Jews and Jews protect life by  through the teachings of their Judaism, their training, and their skills.  L'chaim, to life, is our toast.  Preserving life is of utmost importance.  Israel doesn't even have the death penalty.  Only on such an occasion as mass murdering such as Eichmann did can someone be put to death.  The Palestinians are known to hide behind their women and children, keep their ammo in schools and mosques, and use the number of their deaths proudly as a weapon against Jews, so they don't mind the numbers.   Palestinian mothers sacrifice their children to the cause without a blink of the eye.  They are dealing with a different mind-set that has developed out of their desire to do Jews in.  They gladly die in a war because their reward is 72 virgins.  I guess they figure any man would die to get something like that.  That's how we lost the Twin Towers.

Hillary referred to Israel as practicing apartheid towards Palestinians on page 312.  She inferred that the Palestinians would soon have a bigger population than the Jews because of her thought that they had a higher birth rate and that they would be relegated to 2nd class citizenship and would not be able to vote.  John Kerry shares her thoughts.  Who thought it up first probably is Hillary since he has since backed off of this.  This is a slap in the face to Israel.  The most democratic state in the middle east, Israel, even tops the USA in allowing all people full citizenship and has Palestinians in every facet of the land, except for one thing.  They have not expected them to serve in the IDF unless they wanted to for obvious reasons.  Today, there are such groups.  Israel is the only pluralistic society in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia doesn't allow Jews to tread on their land.  Qatar, Hillary's favorite Middle East state, sponsors Qaradawi, a famous Muslim religious leader who wants to kill Jews with his bare hands.

Apartheid accusations hurt Israel in other fields.  In the peace talks, blame was said to be equal but more criticism was aimed at Israel.   Coming down on Israel over house building on land that was theirs legally, after waiting for 66 years for peace, only feeds into the Palestinians goals of yanking the chain against Israel in the first place.  Israel had followed everyone's wishes and had stopped building for 10 months with the promise of a continued peace talk, and it led to nothing, only delay in building.   Then again, the USA demanded that terrorists be let out of prison because the Palestinians so desired it, and if they had  been in the USA they would have been given the death penalty.  In the end, Hamas and Fatah are now a united government, thanks to USA meddling.
In November 1999, she appeared with Yasser Arafat's wife, Suha, who made a slanderous allegation about Israel. She ranted and raved that Israel had used poison gas on the Palestinian people.   She was lying of course and Hillary's reaction was just silence about it, no comment that it couldn't be true, gave her a hug and kiss when she finished as if to say, good job.  Later, there was clamour from the media about it which put her on the spot and she retorted that all people should "refrain from inflammatory rhetoric and baseless accusations"  including Israel, who hadn't been guilty of dong it or accusing anyone.  Oh but that Israel-they'd better watch it, she was needling.  Years later, Hillary commented in defense of not denouncing such lies as "the translator screwed up."

Another favorite Middle East state is Dubai.  It's a Jew-hating terrorist supporting nation.  Bill and Hillary are making "mega dollars" from them  Dubai is a leader in boycotting Israel. It is the business side of terrorism.   The Clinton Foundation has established Dubai Study departments in universities in the USA and London.  They are working hard at granting legitimacy to this rich state.  The very poor Clintons made $10 million a year from the Yucaipa, a Dubai firm.  Ron Berkle, the owner, was a major fund-raiser for both Bill and Hillary.

Saudi Arabia is not left out.    The Saudi Royal Family donated $10,000,000 to the Clinton Library.  Saudi Arabia is the word's biggest exporter of terrorism.  Remember who flew into the Twin Towers?  Bill is the one with connections here with Prince Turki bin Feisal who sent to college with him.  While a governor, he got the Prince to donate to a Middle Eastern studies program at the U of Arkansas.  The first $3.5 million came in 1992 and another $20 million came after his first inauguration.

Oh yes, Hillary has been known to voice a support for Israel in her Senate years.  Why after such a history?  She needed the Jewish vote found in New York.

 The real Hillary showed up as soon as she left the Senate to be the Secretary of State.  She ignored a deal with Israel and called for the end of the construction of new homes in existing neighborhoods.  She demanded the "settlement" freeze in 2009 and was backed up by Obama.   By doing this she was telling Israeli parents that their married children couldn't live in their own neighborhoods. By her demanding a building freeze, she broke a US/Israel agreement made during the Bush administration.  Elliot Abrams negotiated this agreement and commented that her denial of it is not true.

 Talk about the power of Big Brother!!!   I believe that Israel had every right to finally build on their own land they had won in 1967.  The building was telling the Palestinians to forget about that land as a state if they didn't hurry up and sign a peace pact like Jordan and Egypt had done.  By acting like the world's leader, the USA undid this nudge to get real and become peaceful or they would lose all.  The USA shouldn't have included Jerusalem as something of less value to Israel.  They constantly berated the Jewish state with deference to the Palestinians, which gave them power.  A written offer from the PA never came to the Israelis as she promised. Netanyahu wanted offers on paper as any oral deal wasn't worth anything.   What Hillary had done in this case was to make commitments when talking to Netanyahu, but later wiggled out by claiming that she had not been speaking for Obama, who did not give  his approval to her promises.

She made complaints about Jews and Judaism in Israel in 2011 when speaking at the liberal Brookings Institute.  She saw that females weren't singing in the IDF along with males and noticed women didn't sit with men on buses.  This had to do with Israel's accommodations made to the Orthodox communities, which is Israeli business, not Hillary's business.  Did she talk about the bombing from Gaza onto the civilians of southern Israel?  No.  She was concerned about religious stuff.  She even compared the Orthodox to Iran.  On hearing about the bus with women and men separated, she yelled that it was just like Rosa Parks, whereas these Orthodox Jews did have their reasons other than discrimination.  It's a lot different.   What galls me most is that we handle things so differently.  In Iran women would have been beaten or executed for singing with them.  In Israel they sang but those that felt it wasn't right just walked out until it was over.  She looks for things in Judaism to find fault with.  Why?    Does she think Jews don't speak up or can't handle their own affairs and that they need her?

Clinton's statements were part of an attempt by the Obama administration and Hillary's State Department to de-legitimize the Israeli  democracy.  They have been trying to destroy why Americans supported Israel, in that it was the only democracy in the Middle East.

Hillary is talking a lot about becoming a grandmother, more likely to make a connection with the public and to gander future votes.  Chelsey married the  Jewish Mark Mezvinsky who doesn't seem to be all that together in his new role of husband and soon to be father.  Bill is not happy with Chelsea's  choice at all.  Mark's mother is a politician and had been in the Pennsylvania congressional seat and then lost it.  She ran again in 1994, and of course is a Democrat.  I wonder how cozy the two mothers will become.  I vision problems ahead.

In 2008 Barack Obama ran as a friend of Israel.  If you're aware of facts, you will see he has not been.  Sorry Democrats.  If Hillary runs for President she will campaign that she is a friend of Israel.  In fact, she was the architect of the policy of the most anti-Israel president since the rebirth of Israel in 1948.  She has held anti-Semitic views during  her life.  She only cooled it when she spent 9 years running for and holding the office of US Senator from New York.  Frankly, I think her hard choices about Israel came to her quite easily.

Book:  American Evita by Christopher Anderson
Hillary Clinton Goes Anti-Israel in "Hard Choices" by Jeff Dunetz

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