Thursday, June 26, 2014

Outrageous Palestinian Expectations

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                
From the results of recent polls, the majority of Palestinians evidently want to have their cake and eat it, too. 

60% of them want to take all of what was our original Israel  from the river to the sea.  

They of course call it what the Romans renamed it as in 135 CE: Palaestina, or Palestine.  They lack the history to claim this big swatch of land that Jews had which went past the river and included Jordan as well, but that is because they're not very well versed in ancient history. Of course they didn't mention what river.  Sounds like they plan something like a caliphate without the leader who must be a descendant of Muhammad.   Now if they team up with ISIS who is also out to create a Caliphate, they're going to be worse off than when they were under the thumb of Egypt or Jordan.  Times have been greatly improved since Israel won the war in 1967.  

How they want to do it is through what they call "Popular Resistance."  They don't want violence.  The question is what they consider to be violent acts.  I have a feeling they see bombing southern Israel from Gaza a resistance as long as Israel doesn't retaliate.  I think they're expressing "Do to Israel what we don't want done to us."   They plan on demonstrating against Israel, striking, having marches, mass refusals to cooperate with Israel, etc.  However, 70% answered that they want a cease fire.  The surprising answer was that Gaza wanted it more than Judea-Samaria's Palestinians.  Perhaps that's because they've felt retaliation more since bombing has come from there.  About 50% of Judea-Samarians wanted to attack.  Since Gazans have recently moved over into Judea-Samaria to stir them up against Israel, I wonder if they didn't get in on the survey.

Don't the Palestinians realize that Israel wants peace?  Why do we have to prove it to them when it's they who need to stop the attacks?  They will only believe that Israel wants peace if Israel frees more Palestinians  out of their prisons.  That along with knowing their intentions of taking over all of Israel just doesn't set right, does it!  We know from what they have said that peace with Israel is not their goal in life.

The majority want Abbas or other Fatah members as the president of Palestine, not Hamas terrorists.  So Hamas is not the popular group today.

They want to take Israel from the Jews and have it for themselves and at the same time they want Israel to offer them job opportunities.  For the past 66 years, what have they been doing along the lines of preparing themselves for jobs?  Most have been sitting in refugee camps being taken care of by the United Nations.   About 80% want to work in Israel.  50% want a high paying job in Israel.  Yet they have bit the hand that can feed them for the past 66 years!!  They are unskilled.  Israel has 1.7 million Palestinian Arab citizens.  It's a teeny tiny country, cut already by their own population.  It's time they look into themselves to think about their own interests and talents.  Their education has only been from the UN.  They're going to have to change their whole life.

If they can't get jobs in Israel, some would consider jobs in Judea-Samaria and Gaza if one was available.  They would also like to have a new north-south highway bypassing Israeli checkpoints (of course) around Jerusalem.    The better to attack Jerusalem, my dear. Well, they need to talk to the Presbyterians of the USA for this since they are the ones practicing BDS against Israel.

Palestinians evidently don't appreciate the IDF searching for the 3 kidnapped teens in their area.  They don't like Israeli soldiers and border guards, delays and restrictions at checkpoints.  Gee, I wonder why Israel needs to have such a system.   Can it be for their own protection?  Then again, they don't like what they feel are threats and intimidation from Jewish settlers.  Now, who is at risk just driving through Judea and Samaria?  It's been the Jews, not the Palestinian Arabs.  Who has suffered from their people being slaughtered by terrorists in Judea and Samaria?  It's been the Jews.  There hasn't been one case of Jews going into Arab camps and cutting their throats and those of their children.

Like the West, Palestinian  Arabs have their own local crime problems and internal governmental corruption.  They need to clean up their own acts just like we do in the West

So even though Palestinians have said that they intend to take over all of Israel for themselves, the West thinks that because violence is not as popular anymore, nor is Hamas the stars, they can just forget about Israel and her problems-at least for the present to concentrate on more pressing problematic areas.  At least the US policy "should seriously consider abandoning all hope of a near-term, permanent Israeli-Palestinian peace deal."  Perhaps this means that Kerry won't be flying back for awhile.  Washington is advised to focus on immediate steps to do :
1. lower tensions.
2. improve practical conditions
3. set the stage for more moderate attitudes
4. more fruitful diplomatic discussions but much later on

The ancient Greek saying, "Know thyself," should become the Palestinian motto for self improvement.  They need to be honest in finding out their own history and get rid of their delusions.  Some will find that they once were Jews who had to convert to Islam.  Others will find out that their ancestors arrived after the first Russian Jewish immigrants in the 1880s to find work that wasn't available in Syria or Iraq, etc.

Then they've got to become educated and skilled in order to find work. Palestinian Arabs of Israel speak Hebrew, but probably not other Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza, or Judea-Samaria.   In order to be hired they have to be trusted.  That means they need to accept Israel and Jews being there and get rid of the idea of a take-over.  I don't know if Mexican-Americans have always harbored such ideas, but they have been good citizens.  I think they have been realists.

It's been up to Abbas to provide such amenities as schooling, job training, etc since 2006 when Hamas won the elections in Gaza, forcing Abbas to retreat to Judea-Samaria.    It's up to him to satisfy his people.  They shouldn't expect to find work in Israel but in their own state now that they have demanded to have it.

Israel has been frantically searching for the 3 teens kidnapped.  They've been turning Judea-Samaria upside down in their search to be thorough since this is a matter of life and death.  If they're not found soon, the worst probability of their death is likely.  Having a state next to them that has not accepted them  and is plotting their demise is the worst scenario for any country.  One behavior brings on the other.  This state of Palestine is made up of a terrorist government.  Israel feels that they cannot just sit back and allow this to happen without acting on it.  They know the terrorist group 'Hamas is behind it."  Having to go through the problems this search has entailed, the shooting of one Palestinian activist and the arresting of hundreds of others could even be part of the set-up of Hamas.  They probably figured that the kidnapping would cause this to happen;   another way to rile up the population since Hamas has fallen out of favor with their people.  Israel is being damned if they do search and damned if they don't search.

Book:  From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters, history of Palestinians 

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