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ISIS Sunnis Making a Caliphate-Islamic State

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

                                      Hamas terrorists

The Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami organizations and their active terrorists are fundamentalist Islamic groups that have given rise to offshoot groups like Hamas terrorists in Gaza who wish to destroy secular Islam and Western society through terrorism to bring back to the world a period of religious Muslim rule.  
                                    Sharia Law
Muslims have  fiqhs to choose from.  They are Shafi'i, Hanafi, Maliki, Jafari, Alevi, Hanbali, Zaidi and  Ibadi.
  1. Fiqh (Arabic: فقه‎ [fiqh]) is Islamic jurisprudence. While (Muslims believe) Sharia is divine law, revealed in the Quran, and Sunnah (tradition); fiqh is the human understanding of Sharia. So different countries have different interpretations. 
 There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, which is about 20% of the world population. 

 Sunni Muslims make up about 87 to 90% of the Muslims.  Indonesia has the largest population of all Muslim majority countries with 228,582,000 people of which about 86.1% are Muslims.  Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tunisia, Guinea, Somalia, Tajikistan, Sierra Leone, Libya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Chad, Albania, Mauritania, Kosovo, The Gambia, Comoros, Qatar, Djibouti, Brunei, Maldives, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Palestine are all Sunnis.  They are also in Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Senegal, Lebanon, Kuwait and Bahrain.  

Shi'a Muslims are found in Iran which is the 6th largest Muslim majority country with 76,923,300 people.  98% of the population are Shi'a and follow the Jafari fiqh.  It is an Islamic state.  Azerbaijan with 8,676,000 people is 93.4% Shi'a also follow Jafari fiqh.  Other Shi'a are found in Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria,  Lebanon, Kuwait, and Bahrain.  

                                The Sunni  Al-AQaeda Terrorists

                               ISIS Terrorists march on Baghdad

A Sunni  terrorist group is Al-Qaeda.  It's chief is Ayman al-Zawahiri.  An offshoot of this group is ISIS, aka ISIL.  This stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or if using the L-the Levant

  1.  However, al-Qaeda and ISIS were not meant to get along, and al-Qaeda excommunicated ISIS in February.  Now they are rivals.  Even al-Qaeda had complained about them shedding "protected" blood.  
 ISIS has just taken over about 1/3 of Iraq.  By doing this, they are not only establishing a miniature caliphate and base for jihad, but they are challenging Al-Qaeda's chief.  ISIS's leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  He claims to be a descendant of Mohammad. Being a descendant qualifies him for being a caliph.   I wonder if he has had a DNA haplogroup test lately.  If so, his results would have to be J1c3d, which is also the Cohen gene with evidence of being of the Arab line.  Otherwise, it's just so much rhetoric.  Baghdadi has been ridiculing al-Qaeda for not enforcing sharia law (Islamic Law) strictly enough.  So the ISIS primary goal is to create a caliphate.  Their spokesman declared that "Go to Caliphate Baghdad, we have to settle the score."  This is referring to the Abbasid Caliphate of 750 to 1258 that had Baghdad as its capital.  

ISIS, an extremely violent Sunni group of terrorists who behead and commit horrific bloody acts against anyone that is Shi'a have taken Mosul and Tikrit and are marching on Baghdad and Samarra.  They came from Syria after taking over part of that where they had a safe haven for themselves.  They had the time to build a formidable organized base.  .  

It was Al-Qaeda that attacked the Twin Towers in New York City.  The Muslim Brotherhood had taken over Egypt in 2012 with Morsi, but was quickly stopped by General Sisi.  So much for a Democratic vote that had to be  the most blind act of democracy ever committed by a society that is largely illiterate.  

Surprisingly, 500,000 Sunni Iraqis fled the Mosul area when their 150,000 security forces ran.  They left behind their uniforms and weapons, mostly provided for them from the USA.  They knew about ISIS's brutality.  They were displaced earlier because of fighting in Anbar Province. 30,000 ran when 800 ISIS terrorists drove in, because of this known brutality.  

Update: 7/20/14:  The Christians of Mosul have been told to Convert or die. They have painted an Islamic N for Nazarene on their door and will come back to check.  

Uniting with ISIS  are other terrorists such as the Baath Party fighters of Iraq, Saddam Husseins's fighters.  ISIS has offered to spare the lives of Sunnis who are soldiers and policemen who drop out of their government  job and serve ISIS.  Shi'a's are automatically killed.  They've already executed 1,700 Shi'ite soldiers, men serving for Maliki, the president of Iraq.   ISIS captured over 400,000 weapons; artillery shells, mortars, RPGs and AK-47s.  They robbed the Central Bank of Mosul and took $430 million in cash.  Then they released 1,400 prisoners in Mosul and a total of 3,000 from 3 sites.  They are now controlling the banks, police stations, military bases and 2 airports.  

Under a death threat are the Shi'ite holy cities of Najaf and Karbala and their populations.  Shi'a populations in Baghdad and Samarra are also now threatened with death.  They are taking up arms and thousands are doing so to protect themselves.  

The Iraq-Iran War of 1980-1988 seems to be playing out again.  In that war a half a million soldiers died.  In the end children were forced to fight each other.  The 2 schisms developed over an argument as to who was the leader when Mohammed died.  It goes on to this day.  They do not agree on interpreting the Koran and have their different views.  In talking to a Pakistani Muslim friend, his comment was that none of them are Muslims in his view-the Sunnis, that is.  

Don't blame Israel for any of this fight.  The Revolutions taking place have caused the Shi'a to feel threatened by the money the Sunnis have been receiving from the Gulf states.  What started the Arab Spring, anyway?  Yes, we're seeing lots of change.

Obama is sending in from 100 to 300 soldiers to teach and guide Baghdad's soldiers to defend the city. they are military advisers.   They are not to mix in the fighting.  Kerry is also going over for talks.  


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