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Who Will Replace Richard Falk in UN?

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
Indonesia's former UN ambassador, Dr.Makarim Wibisono,  is  likely to be picked as UN human rights monitor of the "Palestinian Territories"  after Richard Falk, 83 yr old UN rapporteur. It's a 6 year position.   Indonesia is the #1 country having the largest population among  the 48 Muslim majority countries.  Their population is 228,582,000 with 86.1% Sunni Muslims. 

  "Before becoming the special rapporteur, Falk was a member of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Inquiry Commission for the Palestinian territories."  Falk hasn't had a good thought about Israel in all the time he has served.  The rest of the world can break all sorts of laws towards their citizens but that's okay.  It's Israel he incessantly has picked on with the rest of the UN members cheering about it, so of course he's been their popular emissary.  The part that is horrid is that he's Jewish.  Oh, they love a Jew who hates Israel.  Falk stepped over the line with UN head Ban Ki-moon who had to condemn him for promoting the writings of 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  All the horrendous statements from him about Israel was okay, evidently, but a few did get criticized by Ban Ki-moon.  "He has been variously criticized by U.S. ambassador Susan Rice."
"Wibisono went to Gaza in 2010 to show support for Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorist organization.
Wibisono has also demonstrated a disconcerting pattern and practice of one-sided and inflammatory statements targeting the Jewish state:
  • He has accused Israel of “unconscionable use of force against the Palestinians,” "untenable acts of aggression," and of having a "policy of retribution against the entire Palestinian nation." 
  • Wibisono has referred to the “stark and brutal nature of the policies pursued by the occupying power,” accused Israel of being "the aggressor and the perpetrator of wanton violence," and repeatedly minimized Israeli suffering, speaking of “the handful of Israelis who have died,” and of Israel's battle with rocket and other terrorist attacks as a “flimsy pretext.”
  • Wibisono openly embraces what he calls the "sacred Palestinian cause."
  • "Dr. Wibisono held senior level positions in various capacities such as Chairman of the 61st United Nations Commission on Human Rights (2005), "
The talk has been that Falk's wife of the past 15 years would be his replacement.  She's Dr. Hilal Elver, a Research Professor of Global Studies at the U. of California in Santa Barbara.  She's been there since 2002. She's middle aged and Turkish which might explain some of their antagonism towards Israel since Erdogen hasn't been such a good friend lately.  He's noticeably made his own personal changes by being more favorable towards Sharia law and those that back it.  Anyone connected to Richard Falk would not be objective, as he's the most narrow minded and hateful person we've had in this position.  The wife must be a mirror of her husband's views.

Christina Cerna was already vetted to be the next replacement of Richard.  She is a Georgetown law school lecturer, but lobbying from the Arab states has stopped that choice.  Her background was that she was a Principal Human Rights Specialist, and served on an Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and  an Adjunct Professor of Law with a BA from NY U, MA from Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat, JD from American U; LLM; Columbia U.  

""The core issue, to be sure, is not the nominees, but the biased position itself," said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer."  Because it is a biased position, the UN has not had a problem finding biased people for that position.  In other words, the person is expected to be an attack dog against Israel.  That's what the UN Human Rights Council constantly harps on.  

Update: 3/28/14   The bets are now changing.  It's between Christine Chinken, co-author of the Goldstone Report and Hilal Elver, "former Turkish government adviser as well as Falk's wife" to be the special rapporteur to replace Falk.  Amazing that the Arabs are backing Christine, a woman.  "The U.S. — if it is to live up to its pledge to use its UNHRC membership to fight bias, politicization and double standards — must take the floor, call a vote, and vote No.--If the U.S. fails to call a vote and stand up for what is right, it will have forfeited its moral justification for serving on a council that just elected Putin, the Castro regime, the Chinese Communist Party, and the House of Saud."

Resource: UN Watch.
update 3/27/14 8:06pm:

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