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Gaza's UNRWA Aiding and Abetting Palestinian Terrorism in Jihad

Nadene Goldfoot                                        
                                  S'derot almost on the Gazan border, bombed incessantly

Who's backing incitement and war against Israel?  Nations such as the USA who finance UNRWA.  Giving money to a group without checking on how that money is being used is criminal.  If these nations actually have known how it's being used and did nothing about it or even encouraged it is even more criminal.

UNRWA runs refugee facilities in Gaza and in Judea/Samaria.. There are over 750,000 Arabs who live as refugees in Gaza, dependent on UNRWA without their own resources.  These families have been there since 1948.  The message they have been receiving and believe is that none of them see Gaza as their home for the future.  The all are led to believe that their homes are waiting for them in the cities their men are firing at; Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beersheva.  They believe these cities had replaced Arab villages from before 1948.

S'derot  was started in 1951 for Kurdish and Persian Jews.  "It was built on lands once belonging to the Palestinian Arab village of Najd and is located a few miles south of the village's ruins.""A number of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip were resettled in Sderot beginning in 1997 after cooperating with the Shin Bet."

Jews lived in Ashkelon in mishnaic (135-220 CE)  and talmudic times (200-500 CE)  and a Jewish community survived its capture by the Crusaders in 1153.  The sultan Baibars of 1270 destroyed the city.  Modern Ashkelon has developed since 1948  and incorporates the former Arab town of Migdal and the Afridar section is partly developed by the south African Zionist Federation.  Population in 1990 was 56,800.Now a beautiful beach city of 120,000 residents with farms and citrus groves between the desert and the sea, close to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Beersheva.  It's the oldest city recorded in the Bible and  home to the Barzilai Hospital that serves all people, Gazans or Israelis.

Beersheva: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were here.  Center during Biblical times, settled by repatriated Jews after their return from Babylon, (after 586 BCE) deserted in later Middle ages and rebuilt by Turks in 1900.  Jews lived there until 1929.  An all Arab population of 4,700 abandoned the town in 1948 and it became the chief Jewish town of the Negev.   Population in 1990 113,200.

Ashdod: 20 miles south of Jaffa, was a Philistine city by 11th century BCE, site of a temple of Dagon.  Jews returned from Babylon and it was again autonomous and the center of Philistine remnants, then captured by Hasmoneans, a priestly family and dynasty of Mattathias and his 5 sons, Judah, the Maccabee, etc.  . Pompey the Roman took it from Jews in 63 BCE; was returned to Herod in 30 BCE, Jewish center in Roman times.  In the British Mandate period it was a large Arab village.  By 1956 it was developed and had 74,700 in 1990.

There is a refugee camp in Jenin.  Jenin is a Palestinian town in the northern part of Judea/Samaria.   mentioned as Gina in the Tel el Amarna tablets.  It's probably the biblical En Gannim mentioned in Joshua 19:21.  During Roman times it was called Ginaea.  Jenin had a small Jewish community in the 17th century.  It was a center of Arab nationalist fanaticism in the 1930's when the Sherif of Jerusalem was working people up into riots against Jews.  It was part of Jordan in  1948-1967.  The population in 1967 was 8,346 though  there were 5,019 Arab refugees in the vicinity.   Sharpshooters were firing on Israeli citizens from there just recently.  The sharpshooters took refuge in a UN refugee facility and would not come out quietly when Israeli soldiers were dispatched to arrest them.  Instead, the Arabs fired on the IDF and wounded 2.  The rest stormed their hideout nd killed 3 terrorists hiding in the UNRWA camp.  The realization now is that Jenin is now the "Arab terror capital."

 Missiles were fired from Gaza by Arab terrorists from at least 70 aerial attacks.  Thousands of Israeli residents had to run into shelters only 2 weeks ago with that 3 minute warning siren.

This is not surprising if you look at the schools in Gaza.  They are a hotbed for Hamas to spread anti-Israeli radicalism.  Schools run by UNRWA prepares 1/2 million Palestinian students to engage in war to liberate all of Palestine under the banner of "the right of return" to Arab villages which were abandoned during the 1948 war.  It's found that US AID funds UNRWA schools.

A textbook report. from the Vatican  found that the new PA school books promote war and not peace so the Italians were smart enough to withdraw their funds.  

A UNRWA mandate is to expire on June 30, 2014. It's not necessary to go through the UN General Assembly to bring about change.   The USA is the biggest funder of UNRWA and should ask the following: but these conditions are in their charter, and I doubt very much if they will be considered at all.  It's how they are fighting against Israel.

1.  Do not use school books that encourage children to engage in war.
2. Do not support terrorists like Hamas.
3. Stop asking for the right of return through armed struggle
4. Use accepted UNHCR definitions of refugee states and not to give refugee status on descendants of refugees from 1948

UNRWA depends on donor nations and they are the ones who could bring about change.  The UNRWA slogan is almost laughable:  PEACE STARTS HERE.    Really?  Right now the truism is WAR STARTS HERE.  

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