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Is the Muslim Brotherhood Implanted In the White House?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

Barack Hussein Obama is taking over the lead from Kerry in talks with Abbas and Netanyahu on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, over the Palestinian talks.  Evidently Kerry isn't hard enough on Israel, so out comes the big guns, Obama.

Obama is in his 5th year in the White House and is showing a great deal of concern with Muslims and making friends with them.  He showed this as soon as he was confirmed as president by going to Egypt to make a speech, "Outreach" on June 4, 2009,  and insisting that Muslim Brotherhood people could attend.  The hitch was that Sadat had outlawed them, but being Mubarak was in then, allowed the first row to be filled with the Brotherhood to appease Obama.

That was the start.  They are now outlawed again in Egypt with the act of removing Morsi from office as President shortly after reaching this goal.  Egypt had lots of reasons to do this, but it made Obama very angry.
Saudi Arabia just came out to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

From my research, as humble as it may be, I found that the Muslim Brotherhood had attacked Assad of Syria and the war was on.  The Arab Spring was sprung by the Muslim Brotherhood's actions and Assad retaliating, trying to hold onto what his father had achieved.  Assad was the outcast being he wasn't Muslim Brotherhood or a pure Muslim  but an Alawite, a branch of Islam.  Have no doubt, Assad is a evil man and what he and his father put the Jews through is terrible, worse than other Muslims had done, but no worse than what the Muslim Brotherhood would do as their doctrine is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews.  Assad's campaign wasn't to kill Jews but to create a prison out of the Jewish quarter and keep them in it incognito and unable to communicate with the outside world.

Obama is different from all other presidents of the USA in that he is black, but not from the history of Blacks in the USA.  His father was from Kenya, of the Luo tribe,  and went to Hawaii where Obama's mother lived.  Kenya is an African country where Christianity makes up 82.5% of the people and Islam is only 11.1%. Barack Obama Sr. "was raised in a Muslim family. When he was about six years old and attending a Christian missionary school, the boy converted to Anglicanism when strongly encouraged by the staff. He changed his name from "Baraka" to the more Christian-sounding "Barack."   The rest of Kenyans are pretty much not declaring any religion at all.  Obama's mother was only married to  Barack Hussein Obama, Sr for 3 years as his parents married in 1961 and divorced in 1964, so he wasn't that influential in Barack Jr.'s religious life.   His father had said he was an atheist.  Barack Jr was his father's 3rd child.  His mother was his father's 2nd wife.  His father went on to have 5 more children before his death.

My question is about why Obama is so infatuated with Islam.  His mother remarried another foreign student, Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia.   Indonesia is the largest populated Muslim majority country in the world and has 228,582,000 plus population that is 86.1% Muslim.  President Obama lived there from age 6 to age 10.  That's 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade.  There he attended Catholic and Muslim schools, which would have been very confusing for him when they taught about religion, which they would have.  Barack said, "I was raised as an Indonesian child and a Hawaiian child and....that all fed me."  I would say this made quite an impression on him.  Especially the fact at at age 10 he was sent back to Hawaii to go to school there and live with his mother's parents.  He must have suffered a great deal from separation anxiety, wondering what terrible thing he did to deserve losing his white mother, and could have connected a lot of racial ideas with that.  Under his grandparents more atheistic rules he got away with using drugs and alcohol including marijuana and cocaine.  As for politics, his mother said she was an unreconstructed liberal and admired the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60's.  There were very few blacks in Hawaii when Obama lived there.

And then he moved to Chicago where blacks and Hispanics make up 32% and whites 45%.  He made friends, some of which were very prejudiced against whites and Jews.  He joined Jeremiah Wright's  Trinity United Church of Christ  who became President Obama's pastor.  Obama didn't leave Wright until his belonging there became a big political issue.  Wright was extremely against Jews.  Suddenly, after sitting in church for about 20 years listening to inflaming sermons against the Jewish people, he came up with the comment that he was now outraged and saddened by Wright's behavior.  It was more like ABC News was outraged.  Obama just shook it off with a comment that Wright was like an old uncle to him, and his promoters bought it.  He had even planned that Wright would deliver the invocation but felt forced to withdraw that offer.

When it comes down to it, America didn't get a black man whose roots were former slaves of our fledgling country as a 1st black president to ease their conscience, but a newcomer from Hawaii  whose father was possibly investigating what democracy was all about and  whose mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, whose father was named Stanley,  had not been impressed by it at all.  She wanted something different and went on to study anthropology and did field research in Indonesia.  What the USA got was the best speaker at the Democratic Convention.  He could have sold a freezer to Eskimos.  He was most convincing.  He had talent, maybe coming to him from listening to his pastor Wright for so long and his convincing manner.

Now, Obama is expanding his outreach to Muslims.  Muslims have been getting preferential treatment through Kerry in the negotiations with Israel.  It's always Israel that is again expected to give away the land remaining to them which is 20% of the total section.  Now the Palestinians want Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and maybe more to create their Palestine of which will be a first in history.

What Obama has been doing and falling into is the fact that Hillary Clinton's right hand lady, Huma Abedin,  is from a Muslim Brotherhood family.  Her parents have been most active in the Brotherhood. Huma, besides her work with Hillary for 7 years, worked for a journal promoting Islamic supremacist ideology found by an al-Qaida financier, Abdullah Omar Nasseef.  Naseef was head of the Muslim World League, part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs was edited by Huma's father, Syed Abedin, and now her mother, Saleha Abedin,  is doing it.  Her mother, Saleha, is in the Muslim Sisterhood and is the director of the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child.  This is under the umbrella of The Union for Good, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is a terrorist organization recognized as such by the good old USA!! Who runs the Union for Good?  None other than Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood religious leader who was kicked out of Egypt long ago and forced to live with his friend, the Emir of Qatar.

 To top it off, she is married to a Jewish man, Anthony Weiner who is a little odd in his sexual pursuits and Huma has stood by her man and even has given him a son, the perfect obedient woman.  He finally had to resign from the House of Representatives, and that is as it should be.  No doubt he was an extreme liberal, but he wasn't finished.  He ran for Mayor of NY. Many of America's small Jewish population, which only makes up about 2% of the USA population, is wondering why Weiner married a Muslim in the first place, but wasn't it Hillary who introduced them to each other?  Love does tear down fences put up by religion oft times with the youth. Brooklyn-born,   son of a lawyer and a math teacher, Anthony David Weiner had served 7 terms successfully until he had to resign June 2011.  Something had happened to his whole personality.

Muslims have been hired to work in the White House and hold very important jobs.Look who is assistant secretary for Policy Development for the US Dept of Homeland Security-Arif Alikhan.  Another Homeland Security Adviser is  Mohammed Elibiary.  3 others fill the seats of Muslim oriented positions. This makes 6 in the White House alone.

 "An Egyptian magazine has claimed that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy."  So this means that the Christians and Jews are not the only ones alarmed but the Egyptians are as well.  Evidently our liberal country has not been alarmed by this at all.  It's alarming because we are spending a lot of money fighting Muslim countries such as Iraq and now Syria is making news as well as Iran.  Terrorists that might want to blow up cities in our country causing us to have a Homeland Security Detail come from Muslim countries.   You can look at this phenomenon 2 ways:  1) They would have more information to protect us, or 2) They can influence the president and others to their way of thinking-giving the Muslim Brotherhood a heads up in the USA.  

The reason to be alarmed by the Muslim Brotherhood is that their goal is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.  They also want to take over the world and make it all Islamic.

One might think that Obama was in thick with Louis Farrakhan and Malcom X, but has managed to keep his distance from them, possibly because such politics would ruin him.  "As of 2012, Farrakhan no longer supports Obama, whom he has since called the "first Jewish president", due to Obama's support for the 2011 military intervention in Libya, which Farrakhan strongly opposed due to his own support for Muammar Gaddafi.  At a March 31, 2011 press conference held at the Mosque Maryam, Farrakhan warned that the United States could be "facing a major earthquake as part of God’s divine judgment against the country for her evil."  Farrakhan must not be very bright, as Obama is the opposite of a Jewish president, which must be a slur in Farrakhan's eyes.  

Too bad Obama hasn't used his wonderful influence on Hamas, the terorists whose charter is the same as the Muslim Brotherhood in wanting to take over Israel and kill Jews.  Hamas and Fatah see eye to eye some of the time, enough to join them together often but fight about who is the leader of both.  It's rather silly to allow Fatah to create a Palestine when the majority are sitting in Gaza tossing down mortars, missiles and rockets on southern Israel.  This Palestine will only give the Arabs the opposing direction from Gaza to attack Israel from.  Israel had left Gaza in the name of peace and I don't see any nation stepping up to the plate to stop the action against Israel.  No-the man who brought the Muslims to accept peaceful conditions and make peace with Israel was Sadat.  He was a mentch (a real man).  Whoever brings peace into this world today will be the Messiah of all 3 religions.  

Resource: House expands outreach to Arabs and Muslims,_Sr.

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