Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Messages From a Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt

  Nadene Goldfoot                                                  

Title:  Messages From a Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt, by Nadene Goldfoot and Jack Huffman, Storyteller.

This is the true story of Vick,  who finds out his birth mother was Jewish and he's a Syrian in Damascus.  The Syrian Civil War causes him to flee to Egypt, and he finds he can use his computer to find out more information about his birth mother and Jewish people.  Read how the  Muslim Brotherhood affects both Syria and Egypt as well as how Syria's Jewish history affects Vick.   Historic Fiction.  206 pages, 5X8 " pocketbook.  
 Available at amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and publishers-Authorhouse; book and E-Book, Kindle. 

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