Friday, November 9, 2012

What Americans Are Facing-USA's Election Aftermath: Facing the Same Old Problems

Nadene Goldfoot
Those living outside of the USA may have thought that Obama won by a landslide.  Untrue.  Our country was split nearly 50-50.  We still have the same Democratic President, Democratic Senate and Republican House.  Obama had to spend almost $1billion to win, and it wasn't a pretty sight or sound. Some of us cried when an ad came on TV again and again and again.   There was mud slung far and wide, with inferences that if Romney won us senior people would go without health insurance which wasn't true.  The Romney slip about 47% of our population that Romney wasn't concerned about  was another misunderstood inference and turned out to be a gigantic flaw and made the 47% feel they were in danger of the 1% like Romney himself.

 We're left with Obama's practice of spending fast and furiously with a debt now of nearly $17 trillion.  This has to be reduced or we'll be like Germany before WWI when it took a wheelbarrow full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread.  Think of the interest on this, people.

 The whole East Coast has been suffering since just before the election and may continue for who knows from the weather.  FEMA's office was even closed with a sign on the window due to weather.  There are people there without homes or heat or food.  Now they've had snow.

Facing our country is our biggest problem:  Iran.  Most believe that Iran  will become a nuclear power if not  stopped soon.  Obama hasn't many choices; continue with sanctions that might not prove helpful or have to attack the source of the problem or leave it all alone and allow  the world to be in terror of a nuclear-armed bully with a sword over Israel and our head.  What a future that is.  I'm afraid that Iran won't be happy with just holding the sword over Israel's head.  It will want to use it as soon as possible.

As for the Libyan slaughter of our Ambassador and the other 3 Americans in Ben Gazi before the election that we have all been questioning,  it just came out today that General  David Petraeus, head of CIA, fessed up to having an affair that evidently got in the way of his duties to the USA.  He's not a multi-tasker.  He has just resigned from the CIA.  It's nice of him that he didn't bring this up the day before the election, don't you think?  Petraeus says he won't speak before any committee about it, either.  He held the position since April 2011 and had replaced Leon Panetta who moved onto another position.  He has been married for 37 years  He says his resignation has nothing to do with Ben Gazi. . Just one of those coincidences in life, I guess.

Then again, there's December 21st coming up.  The line-up of planets with the sun may have an affect.  It might clear the air and allow some creative thinking to solve problems, but that could be a stretch.  Let's just hope we don't have another storm brewing somewhere for that date. I'm not going to travel that Friday at any hour.

 The FISCAL CLIFF we might all  fall over is coming up on January 1, 2013.  This is when the Bush tax cuts expire and Americans, reeling from possible hangovers,  are facing a 19.63% tax increase with only a 0.25% reduction in spending planned.  In danger are cuts in defense.  Obama just mentioned that the majority of the country agrees with him in wanting to raise taxes,  but I tell you that the majority of the country doesn't understand finances and can just barely  balance their own checkbook..  They want their personal priorities and that's it.

The tax level talked about is at $250,000.  The average teacher in Oregon today has a year's salary of $56,503, so teachers won't have to worry about taxes, just getting jobs.   So many have been laid off.   I started teaching in 1958 at $4,000.   We didn't think of belonging to unions then, either.  We belonged to the NEA and  OEA, professional organizations.  How times have changed.

Resource:  Investor's Business Daily newspaper,Nov 9,2012, page A14, Divisive Obama Poisons Bipartisanship by Victor Davis Hanson.
Fox News TV Neil Cavuto program

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