Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Amazing Arabian Nights Tale From Abbas: His UN Speech

Nadene Goldfoot
In reading over Mahmoud Abbas's 6 page speech that he gave to the UN today, I see he keeps referring to Jerusalem as the Holy city.  I know Muslims consider Jerusalem as their 3rd holiest city.  This is only because Muhammad went to heaven when he was in Jerusalem by being raised up while on his horse.“[The Jews] claim that 2,000 years ago they had a Temple. I challenge the claim that this is so.” said Abbas.  "  He is in complete denial of the Jewish history of Jerusalem and the 2 states that were Jewish, and so are his people.  What they are taught in their schooling is the opposite of the truth for political reasons.  They have a reason to be so oppositional.    I don't know what the excuse the rest of the world has for not knowing the history of the Middle East;  especially the leaders who wind up in the UN.   Have they never read the Old Testament part of their Bible?  Have they never studied Middle East History?

Muhammad himself is buried in Medina, Saudi Arabia at the Al-Masjid al Nabawi Mosque there.  Abbas doesn't want to accept the fact that Jews have been living in Judea and Samaria since before the days of King David and that Jerusalem was made holy by King David, a Jewish king, by the way.

"This slander echoes, the lies spread by official Palestinian TV (Al Jazeera from Qatar) which, according to Palestinian Media Watch recently aired an interview stating, "No trace of Jewish history in 'our land' … Temple exists on the minds of radical organizations."

"Tragically, the NGO world and most world leaders, including many churches have not uttered a word as Palestinian propaganda infers that the prophetic writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel – revered by Jews and Christians alike – were never uttered in the Holy Land." Simon Wiesenthal Center

So, Mr. Abbas.  Did you not know that my great great grandfather's family was a Jewish tribe in Medina and that he went to heaven in his rocket that he had invented with the help of the Chinese when he went on the Silk Road to visit China?  We now wish to take over Medina and make it the Jews' 3rd most holy site.  Okay?  Did I forget to mention that since Israel's 1948 birth, the men in our family have been Mossad leaders. they are capable of anything, even making carpets fly.   Stanley Goldfoot is my cousin.  Look him up.  How do you like these apples?  Hmmm?  Of course now I want Eastern Medina as a Jewish capital.

The hypothesis Abbas presents as the history of Palestine reads like the Arabian Nights Tales.  He takes an outcome but changes the reasons for it happening over and over.  He mentioned the signing of the Declaration of Principles in 1993 between the PLO and Israel.  I ask why the Palestinians didn't get busy and fulfill the obligations of discussion with Israel and create their state while they had this 100th chance to do so?  Between all the different Prime Ministers and factions of Liberal to Conservatives that Israel has had, none have been able to get the Palestinians to make peace.

Abbas is having a cow over the building going on in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria for the Jewish population there, though not many Jews live in East Jerusalem.  The rest of Jerusalem is highly populated with Jews.  It's happening because one doesn't let prime real estate sit neglected for 64 years when you feel it is rightfully yours in the first place.  It was land originally deemed to be part of the Jewish Homeland.  It was taken in 1967 when Israel was attacked by all the greedy hateful nations surrounding them.  By ignoring the consequences of such a dastardly deed of the Arabs, this would allow aggressive take- overs spewing death just like the Nazis did to Poland without consequences.  Only this time Israel protected itself and overcame the aggressors.  Result?  The Arabs lost the land.  That should be a lesson to those aggressors that if they decide to take such an option, they might just lose everything.  But according to the Arab Palestinians, they want all the land.  When Jerusalem was under Jordanian rule before 1967, no Jew could enter East Jerusalem or go to the Wall.  The Jewish cemeteries there were desecrated with human feces.  There was no tourism.  It remained in shambles.  Along came the Jews and the place is lit up like a Christmas tree.  It's beautiful and the Arabs covet it like crazy.

He cries over Israel's blockade of Gaza.  Why?  Because the people coming in were bringing arms to Hamas to use against Israel, but he leaves such important matters out in his speech.  The whole talk is of this ilk, complaining about the outcomes that come from attacking Israel.  It's pathetic.  He spoke of "frequent attacks against our people" neglecting to say that it might be after they hit Israel with rockets, mortars and missiles.  And what did the audience do?   41 countries voted with him.  Idiots!  Sniveling idiotic people!  A pox on their house!  They've all lost the skill of reasoning.  It's so much easier to give into evil!  Forget it all; it's not their problem, go home and have a drag on some pot or a glass of wine.

Resource:  full speech of Abbas
Simon Wiesenthal Center

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