Thursday, November 15, 2012

People Not Understanding a Thing About Israel: France's Foreign Minister for One

Nadene Goldfoot
"In France, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious said: "It would be a catastrophe if there is an escalation in the region. Israel has the right to security but it won't achieve it through violence. The Palestinians also have the right to a state."    Sometimes I just can't believe the idiotic comments of people in power.  Are they really that stupid?  Is this why there is more anti-Semitism in France than any other European country?  Doesn't he know that Israel departed from Gaza for the sake of peace?  Now it's a gigantic launching pad for missiles against Israel.  I am not a diplomat or a politician.  I'm a Jewish grandmother who is plainly disgusted with  the prevailing attitude towards the one and only  teeny Jewish state.

What would he do if his country were bombarded by missiles, mortars and rockets for no reason?  Israel needs security from violence. It's because they exist that they are being attacked, not because they are depriving their neighbors of being a state.   Does he think that terrorist organization bent on Israel's total destruction as stated in the Muslim Brotherhood's charter will sit down and make peace?  They've been shelling Israel since 2001!  Where has Laurent Fabious been?  On planet Venus?

This has nothing to do with the Palestinians having a right to a state.  Israel hasn't been keeping them from this right.  The Palestinians were in the picture as a state from the very beginning before 1948.  The offer was there and they have simply refused it since 1948, finding attacking Israelis more interesting, I suppose.  Perhaps the responsibility to be a state is too much for them.  They seems to know nothing but to attack the Jewish state.

I'm totally disgusted with people who have no inkling of what's going on.  There are books and web-site articles that can give background other than Palestinian propaganda ones that picture Jews as apes and whatnot.  Aren't there intelligent people around who read history?  That goes for colleges and universities, too, who seem to be bent favoring the Palestinians instead of the Jewish side.  Everybody has an agenda and I wonder what these houses of higher learning are, since they haven't been much of higher learning lately.  I'm thinking of Portland State hosting another hip-hop singer with Arab grandparents,  born in the USA who spews out hatred against Israel.   So much for free speech, but where's the other side?  Or do college students just learn one side of an issue today?  No so when I attended and graduated from there.

I know that Israel's agenda is to stay alive and not be wiped out while still following the 10 Commandments and the 631 others we have to live up to of being a good and fair people.   But being good and fair doesn't mean we stand still and let others try to kill us.  Israelis have been turned into warriors, and will defend their country. There will not be another holocaust!

Like Golda Meier said, when the Palestinians love their children as much as we Israelis love ours, that will be the day of peace.  It isn't happening yet.  They put their children right in harm's way on purpose so they can cry and squeal how bad the Israelis are, hitting their children.  How dare they do that to their own children!  We're dealing with a meshugana brain-washed people that do not even think straight.  If they had any heart or common sense  they would get under cover and away from launching platforms of rocket launchers that spew death.  That will be the day!


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