Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza: Sixth Day of Shelling and Bombing

There is an old story of a man who wanted his children to go out and play and didn't know how to get them to do it.  He finally said,  "Look kids, outside there is the ice cream wagon.  Go out and get yourself an ice cream cone.  They started for the door, eagerly talking about the flavors they would get.  Overhearing this chatter, he called out, "Get a chocolate one for me, too!"  Lesson of this story is that some people can tell a lie and then turn around and believe it themselves.  This is what is happening with the Palestinians.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has said that Israel attacked them!  They are the ones making demands now in order to stop the shelling.  They want the blockade of Gaza to be stopped.  They want the Rafa crossing opening to Egypt opened up for them.  The Rafa belongs to Egypt and they have aligned themselves with their brother Muslims, Hamas. "Mashaal said on Monday that his group is not interested in a ceasefire with Israel."  Turkey is on the band wagon with Mashaal in saying that Israel is carrying out terrorist acts by bombing Gaza!   Their bombing hit 3 Israeli cities today.  The bombardment has been horrific with 130 rockets coming into Israel.  

 Israel  managed to get about 80 targets, one being getting 4 senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders in a building.  .One thing Israel hit was a bank which took care of Hamas.  I wonder if that interrupted money to Turkey as well.

This has been the 6th day Israel has been fighting back against Hamas terrorists who have been shelling them with rockets since 2001.  Last Wednesday they started by hitting an IDF vehicle and killing one of the 4 occupants, and injuring the other 3. They accuse Israel of hitting the big time terrorist leader, Jabari.  Evidently the USA getting Osama bin Ladin wasn't a lesson for them.

While we have suffered 3 deaths, they have suffered over 100 due to the fact that they purposely put launching pads among their civilian centers in order to cause a heavy death load.  Then they take pictures and lord it over Israel that they are the bad guys.

The UN is a crippled entity.  They haven't been able to make any decisions on wording a document, and the Russians are antsy. and angry.  Ban Ki Moon is in Cairo working on a peace agreement that must last longer than a few days like Operation Cast Lead's hope to end the shelling but didn't.


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