Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Busy To See Netanyahu

Nadene Goldfoot
It's only 56 days to the Presidential election in the United States.  The TV News is buzzing with two important facts.  The first is that Obama cannot fit Netanyahu into his schedule to visit with him while he is in the states attending the UN in New York September 28th , even though Netanyahu said he could fly to Washington DC.  Obama will be on the campaign trail.  Netanyahu would like to know about the word "Wait".  He has been told by Obama to wait.  Netanyahu wants to know "wait for what" and "wait for how long." Evidently Obama has no answer, thus the dodging.

The second fact going on is that the US Embassy in Egypt has had its USA flag ripped down today.  Today is 9/11; September 11th when our Twin Towers were attacked and completely obliterated, along with the 3,000 people in them.

It is noted by many that the Democrats had taken "Jerusalem" out of their platform.  That could be another subject that could come up.  It is being discussed by the general public.  "God" had been taken out and then put back in at the last minute.

Update: Libya's USA embassy was also attacked and one American was killed while others were reported by the Libyans to be injured.
Update: 9/12/12 US Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were killed and several others in Ben Gazi in the Embassy which was attacked over an internet video about Mohammad.  The rioting started in Egypt with the takedown of the USA flag and spread to Libya by a small savage group who used grenades, etc on building and people inside.  Hillary Clinton just spoke on TV and Obama will soon follow up.

Resource: NBC News

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