Thursday, September 6, 2012

American Intelligence Agency's Questionable Report on Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
My greatest fear in life is that people will tire of Israel's problem of staying alive and just give in to the pressures from the world and sacrifice the people and tiny state as something unnecessary and too expensive to support.  I guess that fear came to a head this morning after reading  an article by a shady character by the name of Franklin Lamb, a self-professed lawyer from Oregon, my home state,  who is very anti-Israel and writes about an 82 page US Government report " Preparing For a Post Israel Middle East" commissioned by the US Intelligence community that is coming out that is very unfavorable towards Israel.

G-d forbid if this should ever happen that people would sink so low as to join the Nazi regime in their thinking once again.  G-d forbid that people are so shallow that they do not see the worth of the Jewish people and only see what bigots declare.

That Jewish people are different:  Yes, I guess we are to a certain degree.  We're descendants of an ancient people that are still existing.  We are also of the world and care about it a great deal just like everyone else does and maybe even more.  We're different just like everyone else is different.  We're all special.  Everyone has worth and contributes to society.

For such a tiny state, it seems that so many want to eradicate it.  We thought of starting over in Africa, but no one had the heart to displace people there, and after all, hardly anyone was living in our ancient quarters when we returned. That's where our hearts laid.   It was an empty deserted house waiting to be repaired by the original owners.  No one knew it better than we did nor loved the old place as much.  It was either a deserted mess; swampy, full of killer mosquitoes, or a desert where nothing grew.  No one wanted it, except us.   We had history there, not in Africa.  Our people had been praying 3 times a day to return to our homeland.  You can't fight that motivation.  With those prayers, we'd make it a blooming garden once again.

So here we are.  82 pages of a supposedly US government report of analysis that  this lawyer says has cost $70+ billion to produce, that is said to be full of prejudicial material slanted against Israel  that could have  been written by Hitler himself which  he seems to be happy about.  "The authors concludes that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with Arab and Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community."

Another example that makes my blood boil is "The expanding chasm among American Jews objecting to Zionism and Israeli practices, including the killing and brutalizing of Palestinians under Israeli occupation, as gross violations of American and international law and raise questions within the US Jewish community regarding the American responsibility to protect (R2P) innocent civilians under occupation; "

  I'm speechless if there's any Jews  who believe this garbage.  They should do what I did and move to Israel to see for themselves if their religious principles of Judaism is promoting such disgusting practices. I didn't move there to be a spy, just to teach English and do something for this new country of ours, for like President Kennedy had said about America, "Ask not what you can get from your country but what you can do for it,"  and so I went to help because I was a teacher.   Israel isn't killing and brutalizing, I assure you, and I've written numerous posts in my 3 blogs defending Israel.  Oy!  I'm still speechless.

A little more digging, and I've found a James Clapper who might be at the source of this report.  He's the Director of National Intelligence.  A Charles Freeman was Obama's original choice but didn't give it to him because of complaints that he was a good friend of the Saudi Royal family.  and his position on China's dissidents.

If the fact that American think tanks and prominent government offices have come up with this type of evaluation is true, there is no hope left for America in my estimation.   For anyone whose leadership thinks in this direction is ready to repeat the first grade once more.  I have to hope that Frank Lamb is being wildly delusional.    If, G-d forbid, such an 82 page report comes out  as he says, we must all look at who wrote it, who was on the committee, and what their principals and beliefs are. It's just plain unAmerican!

Update: 1:37pm   Dr. Franklin Lamb is with Sabra-Shatila Foundation based in Beirut.  Just heard unverified report that he was lightly wounded in a shooting in Lebanon several weeks ago.

* Resource:  READ THIS ONE 
Gerard Robins, friend a , same as above by Franklin Lamb

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