Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meshugena Floridian Cause of Riotous Killings

Nadene Goldfoot
One very irreverent Florida pastor caused a tidal wave of trouble including 4 deaths in Libya yesterday by his egotistical actions.  He is that same pastor who in 2010 threatened to burn copies of the Koran and did in fact burn one in his own church.  This caused deadly rioting in Afghanistan.  This man probably has a following of 5 people but was able to gain this notoriety by his actions.

This undocumented pastor, who rose from an assistant hotel manager to pastor without real higher educational schooling is the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center, a small fundamentalist Christian church, with more chutzpa than smarts, is also running as an independent candidate for US President.  I think he might get a vote of one.  .

Again he caused more rioting by proclaiming September 11th "International Judge Mohammad Day" and promoted a new video which mocks Islam's founding prophet.  If you want respect, you don't mock others.  He hasn't learned the Golden Rule of "Treat others like you want to be treated."  This is the infamous Rev. Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida.  He mentioned that the film was an American production that shows the destructive ideology of Islam and that it reveals the life of Mohammad in a satirical fashion.  He has called Islam "a total deception."   If you're going to tear down another religion, using satire is like adding fire to oil.  It's kicking someone while they're down.  The man's a shlemiel turning out to be a shmuck.

The attack of Muslims on the USA first came in Cairo to the USA Embassy in the act of taking down our American flag which hung outside the building.  The next attack has resulted in 4 deaths in Libya which includes the Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith and 2 others!  The attack came from a small but savage group of Libyans who somehow got through the armed guards with grenades and set fire to the building.  Other Libyans tried to protect the staff and did help in getting the deceased Ambassador to the hospital.  The Ambassador was a much loved person in Libya, having helped in their liberation.

We in North America have something called "freedom of speech."  We don't police people about what they say, but if it's a lie, people can be sued by the injured party.  We're used to speaking freely without fear of prison or death.  Those in other parts of the world do not have this practice in their culture and can't understand how it works.  Unfortunately, those who speak out today with the help of internet, TV, radio, newspapers are not always wise or respectful of others.  We try to teach such skills in our schools, but it does start at home.  Why this pastor feels so free to tear apart a religion in such a maligning way is beyond understanding.  He has no saichel.

We should all learn that as long as there are other people in the world and that we are not alone and isolated there will be other expressions of faith.  We don't all think alike.  It's what is practiced that really counts in a world of people.  That people are decent, do not roam about killing others, actually follow the 10 commandments, or at least 7 of them, or seem to have some inborn natural instinct of decent behavior is what counts.  This is what people should think about; actions are what counts, not what they profess to believe and don't follow anyway.  Terry Jones's actions were not helpful and caused 4 good Americans to die.  All Terry does is get negative attention and cause many Muslims to become even more defensive.

The people of the outer realm of the world from the USA should know that he is alone in his actions.  He's not an important man, and I think he's a little meshugena,  and the whole thing should have been ignored.  Just like the USA will most likely not take out all of Libya for a group's manic actions, so they could have ignored this "unusual" pastor.  Going crazy and rioting over one man's actions of disrespect is not an endearing behavior to others who are not Muslims.  You don't gain respect that way.  To take a life is despicable.  Those that did will be brought to justice in an orderly fashion.

Resource:  Oregonian Newspaper 9/12/12 US Embassy breached in Egypt in film protest by David D. Kirkpatrick, NY Times

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  1. The Floridian film maker is an unmitigated idiot. The Libyan Al Qaeda are responsible for the riots and killings. from Michelle