Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now We're Called "Vampires" by Morsi

Nadene Goldfoot
Egypt gets $1.3 billion annually, or maybe it's up to $2 billion now from the USA, yet they would not protect the US ambassador or the Embassy itself, letting  the ambassador die along with 3 others and causing others to be injured and the embassy itself burn.  What do you expect from a new President who called Israel vampires and killers?  Evidently Morsi said this before he was "elected" as president in what most likely was some sort of fixed election.  I can't trust a man who calls Israelis "vampires." Somebody in Washington should have woken up to the fact that this man had ulterior motives.  They call Israelis killers while they are incited at a drop of a hat and killed 4 Americans over what?   That they managed to do it on 9/11 shows they were just out for blood-so who's the vampires now?  Look at your al-Qaida.

Vampires, yet!  The man is so stupid that he doesn't even realize that Jews don't eat blood.  The law of kashrut prohibits Jews from eating blood and Vampires live on blood.  For Jews, only a small proportion of certain animals are permitted to be eaten, and every precaution is taken to avoid eating the blood or even of eating meat with milk products.  Blood to us is regarded as the seat of life or even as life itself.  We have a special way of dealing with a slaughtered animal, like a cow.  First of all, we kill the animal in the swiftest way possible to avoid pain to the animal.  If we could, we'd all be vegetarians, which is a very high level, but most of us cannot do that, so-if we must-no pain to animals.  Then we eat the parts with the least blood and of those parts soak the daylights out of them and salt the meat to take out any more blood.  Yet Morsi is so brainy that he calls us Vampires!   He should know that even when we die, our burial is of keeping our blood within us.  We do not have our bodies drained and have blood replaced by some other preservative or whatever they do in other religions.   We don't allow any vampires to be around us!

Morsi, if you're ever invited to Jerusalem for a meeting, don't worry.  You won't be served any blood.  You'd get bagels and cream cheese and maybe orange soda with it.  No Hebrew National hot dogs with that, either; that would be mixing meat with milk which is a no-no.  .

Morsi's wife is a sharp contrast to Mubarak's wife. "His 50-year-old wife, Naglaa Ali, is a housewife who dons the traditional Islamic veil that cloaks half her body — a sharp contrast to Mubarak's modern-dressing wife, Suzanne".  If you saw 50 year old housewives from Miami, you'd be shocked!

Right now mobs in Egypt are calling "Death to America; death to Israel."  Egypt is not an ally, so what is she besides being a recipient of money.   Why do they need money?   This mob violence has been coming from Gaza as well.
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia


  1. The protest was in Egypt; the deaths (ambassador and 3 others) were in Libya. Nothng to do with morsi, one suspects...

    Pleaes source yuor quotes ascribed to Morsi ?

  2. The source I found is already listed, the first one on the list below my article. There are many others all over the internet and on TV news programs that Morsi called Israelis "Vampires." Yes, I know the protest started in Egypt and then spread to Libya and now all over the world in at least 20 Muslim majority countries so far.

  3. Anonymous,
    Sources are listed under the article.