Sunday, September 16, 2012

Netanyahu's Interview by NBC's Meet The Press

Nadene Goldfoot
In Portland the 8am's Meet the Press on NBC had an interview of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel and as usual, Netanyahu was brilliant in his responses.  He maintains that Iran is about 6 months away from having 90% of what they need to have weapons grade material for making nuclear power.  He feels that at this point in time Iran is sitting on the red line that he would draw.  As Susan Rice had said, whose interview was first this morning, "the window of opportunity is not infinite".

David, the interviewer of Meet the Press, also did an excellent job in asking the most pertinent questions and remained very respectful.  He showed a great knowledge of what has been happening in order to ask the important questions, which so many reporters have not been doing lately with people like Romney, for example.

Netanyahu would not allow himself to get into our American politics and stayed gracefully out of the gotcha's.  He did say that fanatics have been rioting all over the world in the past few days and that Iran is a country of fanaticism with goals unlike other countries.  About such people who think it is no big deal for Iran to have nuclear capabilities, he said that they have set a new standard for human stupidity.

Though I have been irate about Obama not meeting Netanyahu in New York, Netanyahu commented that they speak all the time, evidently by phone.  He didn't seem ruffled by the lost opportunity which seems to be a scheduling problem of Netanyahu flying into New York while Obama is leaving New York.   Others have previously commented that there is no excuse for Obama to not  speak with Netanyahu at the UN meeting which Netanyahu must fly here to attend, and that this is a place where he can speak with whoever he wants.  It's a matter of staying and speaking, that's all.  What could be more important for the President of the USA to attend a UN meeting where he could speak with Israel's PM at such an important time in history?  I certainly hope it isn't a matter of campaigning!

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