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Trump's Vindication: The FISA Memo

Nadene Goldfoot
Born June 14, 1946, Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017.
He defeated 16 other Republican candidates for the Presidency.
Trump was educated at the Wharton School of the U of Pennsylvnia.

It's been a fast year that Trump has been in office as President of the United States and Democrats are still fuming about it and calling him names!  Yet, he continues to do his work and under his direction, our country is doing much better than the previous 8 years already.  All the opinions of our country's demise under his presidency are turning out to be just the opposite.

Trump had said he thought he was being spied on in his own hotel living quarters.  Democrats said he was paranoid.  Now it's being released through the FISA Memo that he was right.  This memo holds the facts in 4 pages of all the tricks that were being used by Obama and Hillary who swayed the FBI their way.  Too many people were involved in the plot against Trump to keep him from having a chance at becoming president.

"On the heels of both houses of Congress reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), it has been reported that an “explosive,” “shocking,” “troubling” and “alarming” four-page memo was made available to members of the House of Representatives after they voted to approve that reauthorization. The memo details systemic and routine abuses of FISA ."
Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell with Senator John
Banasso, Republican from Wyoming
"A four-page memo circulating in Congress reportedly details abuse and misuse of government authority under the Foreign Intelligence Service Act (FISA). On Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee voted in favor of a motion to circulate the memo to every member of the House. The vote went along party lines, with all Democrats voting no."

"Sources who viewed the FISA memo told journalist Sara A. Carter that “they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.” The sources predicted that it most likely will lead to senior-level government officials at the FBI and DOJ being removed from their positions." 

"Fox News has a moderator, Jesse Watters.  "On "The Five" on Friday, Jesse Watters reacted to the uproar over a memo on alleged U.S. government surveillance abuses, saying the memo "better be good."
Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says the confirmation of Jeff Sessions means America will once again have a Justice Department that follows the law, and he says the way Democrats treated Sessions could mean fewer of them in the Senate after the 2018 elections.
"A FISA memo is said to contain bombshell evidence of top Obama DOJ and FBI officials abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to illegally spy on the Trump campaign! Of course it's being completely ignored by Fake News CNN. And Republicans scramble to pass a funding bill."

Trump's decisions are turning out well.  Our people are feeling the results in their pocket book.  Financially everyone is benefiting or will soon as the wheels are in motion for this to happen.  

I wasn't happy at all with Obama for 8 years, but just bided my time hoping for a better chance when the next 4 years were up and we had the opportunity to vote again.  Never in the world could we forsee what Democrats, who have gone through a metamorphasis of their own, to have such a religious zeal to use every unorthodox and evil method in the world in plotting against a candidate.  It was truly un-American!
I have a one-track mind in my selection of a president.  I wanted Israel to have a fair shake and she wasn't getting it with Obama.  Trump is that man.  Finally, a man who in my estimation, can be on the side of the angels with President Truman who was the first to give Israel the chance to be born.
Trump is a typical Queens and Manhattan, New York businessman, unlike any other businessmen in the United States. I shouldn't say typical.  He's one of the exceptional ones at the top of his line because of the schooling he has received and because his father was already one of the best.   He's tough as nails, more competitive than any others.
 He brings to the table a mind honed in ways to win, a skill desperately needed in New York's business world.   Hillary and her crew had no idea who their competition was.  He didn't either, for that matter.  He didn't figure on people who were so conniving, and were going to break so many of our government's laws to win.  He was playing within the laws of the land.  Trump just worked on the task at hand like an excellent chess player who didn't have to move pieces while his opponent had his back turned.
Diamond and Silk on Watters World
So many lies are being said about him.  One that comes to the forefront this morning is hearing a Democrat say he is a racist.  Diamond and Silk, two Black ladies on TV, are powerful speakers praising Trump.  They don't think so.  I've heard Hispanics praise Trump, so I don't think this is holding water.  It's the old Nazi trick of starting a rumor about someone and everyone picks up on it.  Loshen hora, we call it, gossip is a more powerful network than the telephone.   What Trump did on TV when running for president was to think for 30 seconds when asked about some Nazi Americans. I saw this interview.    I figured he was thinking of votes he needed; not the racist element.  Being a powerful contender that needed votes against the Hillary machine, he had to think.  The machine, already in progress against him, used that 30 seconds to scream that he was a racist.

In his environment, I don't doubt that there were many who were anti-Semites.  We Jews have been fighting that attitude all through out history and in the United States as well.  You'd be surprised at what I've heard even in my era.  It surrounds us.  It's just under the surface.  I'm not thinking that Trump or any other person is a Goody Two Shoes.  Whatever he heard in his home has been altered by his daughter's action of marrying and converting to Judaism.  He loves his daughter and grandchildren and is not anti-Semitic.  Where there's life, there's hope.  People can learn.  He listens and he learns.  That's more than the Democrats are showing me these days.
Reverend Jeremiah Wright with Obama
Who's the racist?  They should ask, who's the anti-Semite.  I have reason to believe that Obama is.  What he listened to in his church was strictly anti-Semitic blarney and that went on for 22 years until he became President and disconnected himself from his minister.  His friends in Chicago that he drank "coffee" with were not the upright American citizens who always followed the rules of our government. How many of those were speaking positively about our country?  Even his wife held hurt feelings against our country and she said so.   Then his last act against Israel in not standing with Israel  in the UN was indeed the climax that proved I had reason to be most wary of Obama.  I was furious.  I've given him the Goldfoot Broch, or klug, as I remember it! klog tzu meineh sonim! - A curse on my enemies!
As for being a racist, Trump isn't.  He's against breaking the laws of the land.  Whoever abides by our laws is his friend.  It doesn't matter what flavor we are.  He likes us all.  He's for law abiding citizens and he's a president at a time that our people are infected with the viruses of alcohol, which he is fighting,  and drugs; both things that cause law-breakers.  He's never drunk any alcohol, taken drugs and probably  has never smoked.  That is a rarity in today's world.  He has good reason not to imbibe.  He lost a brother to alcohol.
Republican Senators
Many Republican Senators have read the 4 pages of the FISA memo.   Only one Democrat has gone in the room to read it so far.  It's open to them.  Now the public wants to read what has been going on.  So many are involved, that it's likely to wipe out a lot of Washington DC's people, the way it sounds.  A lot of people are involved.  Are we surprised?  This must be the swamp that Trump wants to drain.

It's all up to Jeff Sessions now to act on this information.  Heads are said to roll if and when it comes out.  We really won't decapitate people like ISIS would.  It's just our expression that they will be punished with more than a handslap.

Article transferred from Goldfoot Genealogy.2/16/19
Resource: Fox News, 1/21/18 Sunday morning

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