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Robinson Arch in Jerusalem: Discovered by Edward Robinson, Biblical Scholar (lead to Bakersfield, Vermont)

Nadene Goldfoot
Edward Robinson (April 10, 1794 – January 27, 1863) was an American biblical scholar. He studied in the United States and Germany, a center of biblical scholarship and exploration of the Bible as history. He translated scriptural works from classical languages, as well as German translations. His Greek and English Lexicon of the New Testament (1836; last revision, 1850) became a standard authority in the United States, and was reprinted several times in Great Britain.

Robinson was born in Southington, Connecticut, and raised on a farm. His father was a minister in the Congregational Church of the town for four decades. The younger Robinson taught at schools in East Haven and Farmington in 1810-11 to earn money for college. He attended Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York, where his maternal uncle, Seth Norton, was a professor.[2] He graduated in 1816.

Robinson's Arch was constructed as part of King Herod's renovation and expansion of the Second Temple, announced in 20–19 BCE.[1] It was built to link the Tyropoeon Valley street, a major traffic artery in the Second Temple Period, with the Royal Stoa at the southern end of the Temple Mount platform.[2]
The destruction of Robinson's Arch occurred during the events surrounding the Roman sacking of Jerusalem in 70 CE. It has traditionally been blamed on the Roman legions which destroyed the Temple Mount enclosure and eventually set fire to the entire city.[5] More recently, this has been attributed to the Zealot factions which had wrested control of the Temple Mount and fortified it prior to its fall. Some of these continued to hold out in Jerusalem's Upper City for a month after the city had been breached by the Romans.[10] By wrecking the overpass, as well as the viaduct at Wilson's Arch to the north, the defenders made access to the Temple platform much more difficult for besieging forces.[13]
Reverend Eli Smith
Born 13 Sep 1801 in Northford, New Haven Co., Connecticut, USAmap
ANCESTORS ancestors
Husband of  — married  (to ) [location unknown]
Husband of  — married  (to ) in Rochester, Monroe, NY, USAmap
Robinson traveled to Palestine in 1838 in the company of Rev. Eli Smith. He published Biblical Researches in Palestine in 1841, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1842.[1] He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1847.[4]
Robinson, together with Smith, made scores of identifications of ancient places referred to the Bible.[1] His work established his enduring reputation as a "Founder" of Biblical archeology, and influenced much of future archaeological field work. Examples of his finds in Jerusalem include the Siloam tunnel and Robinson's Arch in the Old City; the latter was named in his honor.
Here is his tree showing 3 generations.  This isn't our branch, but I have this branch in our tree.   There are marriages into our tree. We have Hydes.   

**** I have DNA matches with Robinson on their tree leading to Bakersfield which this tree leads to with some of the people.  
Descendants of Ichabod Robinson
[1] Ichabod Robinson b: December 12, 1720 in Duxbury, Massachusetts d: January 20, 1809 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut Occupation: Merchant with store
.. +Mary Hide Hyde b: July 03, 1731 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut d: July 01, 1750 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut
*2nd Wife of [1] Ichabod Robinson:
.. +Lydia Brown b: March 19, 1719/20 d: August 23, 1778 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut
. Joseph Robinson b: November 04, 1752 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: August 27, 1813 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. [2] William Robinson, Reverend b: August 15, 1754 in Lebanon, New London, Conncticut d: August 15, 1825 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut Occupation: Pastor Congregational Church
..... +Naomi Wolcott b: February 08, 1780 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *2nd Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Sophia Mosely b: September 16, 1783 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *3rd Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Anna Mills b: August 13, 1787 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
. *4th Wife of [2] William Robinson, Reverend:
..... +Elizabeth Norton b: 1761 d: 1824 in prob. Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
..... EDWARD ROBINSON, Reverend, Archaeologist b: April 10, 1794 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut d: January 27, 1863 in Manhattan, New York Occupation: Archaeologist in Palestine:   buried in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut
......... +Therese Albertine Adolfus Luise Von Jacob b: January 26, 1797 in Halle (Saale) , Germany d: April 13, 1869 in Hamburg, Mitte, Germany Occupation: Famous writer in German;  aka Talvj
. Mary Robinson b: December 28, 1755 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: October 11, 1780 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. Lydia Robinson b: October 20, 1757 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: April 23, 1825 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. [3] John Robinson b: April 24, 1760 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: May 02, 1832 in Lebanon, Connecticut
..... +Elizabeth Smith Tiffany b: 1754 in Lebanon, Connecticut d: 1871 in Lebanon, Connecticut
. *2nd Wife of [3] John Robinson:
..... +Abigail Drury b: Abt. 1760 in prob. Lebanon, Connecticut
..... [4] John Robinson b: 1786 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
......... +Elizabeth Cushman b: Abt. 1790
..... *2nd Wife of [4] John Robinson:
......... +Ann Kune b: Abt. 1786 in prob. Bennington, Bennington,  Vermont
..... Justus Robinson b: 1787 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: October 31, 1876 in Gilboa, New York
......... +Abby Waite b: Abt. 1760 d: Bef. 1887
..... Lydia Robinson b: July 07, 1789 in Vermont d: November 13, 1858 in New York
......... +Christopher Hogudone
..... [5] JACOB H. ROBINSON b: 1790 in Vermont d: October 14, 1867 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
......... +Mary J. Unknown b: 1805 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
..... *2nd Wife of [5] JACOB H. ROBINSON:
......... +Olive Polly Clemens Clement b: August 1816 in Vermont/Ferrisburg, Quebec, Canada d: December 06, 1900 in Bakersfield, Franklin, Vermont
..... James Robinson b: 1790 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: 1805 in Rensselaerville, Albany, New York
..... Smalley Robinson b: 1791 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont d: 1805 in Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
..... Semantha Brush Robinson b: 1800 in Prob. Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
......... +Edward Henderson Swift b: September 29, 1805 in Manchester, Vermont d: June 21, 1865 in Havana, Cuba
. Ernest Robinson b: 1763 d: 1765

It leads to John Robinson who sent the Pilgrims on the Mayflower ship in 1620.
Descendants of JOHN (Rev.) Robinson

JOHN (Rev.) Robinson b: Bet. 1575 - 1576 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, or Lincolnshire, England d: February 19, 1624/25 in Leyden, Holland Occupation: 1606 Minister: Separatist Pastor of the Mayflower PIlgrims from Leiden, Holland to Plymouth, Mass.Norwich, Norfolk, England

. +Bridget White b: 1579 in Sturton Nottinghamshire, England d: 1643 in Massachusetts


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