Friday, February 16, 2018

How Loshen Hora and Russia Has Aided and Abetted the Attempt of the Downfall of the USA

Nadene Goldfoot
I've been looking for hard evidence that President Trump ever was a Neo Nazi or even went along with Neo Nazi thinking.  The other thing he's accused of by the Left is that he's a white supremacist.  I guess you don't have to belong to a group to be that, though there certainly are such groups, and a few were in Idaho and I came close to tangling with them because I'm Jewish. They were infiltrating into my town of Ontario that is on the border of Idaho, and we had a nice restaurant big enough for one of their meetings.

 Because  Trump  wavered for about 30 seconds before answering a question while on TV about some white supremacist, he was charged with being one of them.  This happened while he was a candidate for the presidency.  I was watching this segment.   This could have meant anything-each one of us concluding something different.  I took it as he didn't remember the name or even connected him right away as a white supremacist; or that he thought of the number of votes he'd lose by answering anything.  He was anything except being a neo Nazi or a white supremacist.  Do you notice that since then whatever Trump says is found fault with by the Left?  It's becoming a sickness.  I've been writing about this stuff and I didn't recognize the name, either.
Klu Klux Klan-original  white supremacists and anti-Semites
     It was in the 60s that Jews went to Blacks and helped fight such people.  Some even lost their lives doing so.  I see so many signs today saying not to hate.  None ever came to helping us except our own Anti- Defamation League.  Since then you have  other religious leaders hating the Jews.  Go figure.  Obama's minister  of 22 years, Jeremiah Wright,  sure didn't like us one bit. To become president, Obama had to part ways with him.

 "Wright was born and raised in the racially mixed area of Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His parents were Jeremiah Wright senior (1909–2001), a Baptist minister who pastored Grace Baptist Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, from 1938 to 1980,  and Mary Elizabeth Henderson Wright, a school teacher who was the first black person to teach an academic subject at Roosevelt Junior High. She went on to be the first black person to teach at Germantown High and Girls High, where she became the school's first black vice principal." Being a first  to break the racial barrier and her son became a real hater of Jews, is a surprise.  She would not be proud of this at all!  

Even though Trump has said, "“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups,” the Left insist that he's one of them.  Why?  "Because," as they say, "it's all over the internet."  What I see are inuendos and loshen hora, but no hard facts.  If, G-d forbid, Trump was ever like that as a young man, he has made a 180 degree change of heart.  

The Hebrew term for speaking badly of others is called lashon hara, literally "evil language." Interestingly, the Torah calls "evil language" anything negative, even if it's true. (Slander -- malicious, false information is called motzi shem ra, literally "giving another a bad name.")  Trump tends to call this Fake News.  Yes Trump is guilty of this himself, giving a bad name to Hillary and others.  I guess he's been paid back in full, now.  
We are not to believe the report of one person against someone, but should be two or three witnesses against someone's behavior.  (By the testimony of 2 witnesses or 3 witnesses shall the condemned person be put to death;  he shall not be put to death by the testimony of a single witness.)  2 or 3 eye-witnesses.  In person, not on something that can be the result of photo-shopping.  That's why we have courts of law.  Trump has been accused and found guilty by loshen hora.  

Good grief!  His daughter has converted to her husband's religion, Judaism.  He is tight with his daughter.  No doubt he's learned a lot from her and her daughter's family.  He's not anti-Semitic, either.  Usually, all 3 of these despicable attitudes and beliefs go hand in hand with a person.  If they hate one, they hate all.
All this makes me realize that many people have been peer followers or just plain going along with the masses in believing that Trump was the worst thing that has come along since soggy mashed potatoes.  They are guilty of loshen hora.   Loshen hora has been involved along with Russia in destroying our country.  Loshen hora is the act of believing in gossip and helping to spread it.  

I've just heard the report that Russia was definitely involved in our election and democratic system and has been for years, at least since 2014, way before Trump.  Remember the TV program I've referred to about Russians here as American citizens doing their undercover work to destroy us?  It's true!  Who knew it was more than TV entertainment?  Russia set people up to hate each other.  They did it with loshen hora using TV and computer use with facebook and other computer uses.  
How Germany Turned Against It's Jews
Jews thought they were Germans!  They even fought in WWI for Germany.
Loshen Hora spread hatred-no one checked out facts.
In case you've forgotten, 6 million of our family members were slaughtered
Just as anti-Semitism spread in Europe through personal belief picked up by mass brainwashing-or loshen hora, so did it here.  Every TV station except Fox has been against Trump, and it is continuing over a year since he was elected!  My, Russia has had such fun doing this.  Well, they've had lots of practice.  Perhaps this is why Trump is slow to  attack  someone when pressured for an answer, since he's been attacked so much himself and he feels he is innocent.  

Russia has set up the American public and they have reacted no differently than the Russians during the days of pogroms.  They've been one step ahead of everyone.  
That's the news today from Fox News.  

August 2017
Deuteronomy 17:6

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