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RACHEL-Wife of Jacob and What She May Have Looked Like- Israel's Miss Israels

Gail Gadot-Miss Israel 2004-now Wonderwoman.
Possible descendant of Rachel who probably looked
a lot like these 5 Miss Israel young ladies.
Rachel was beautiful.  She was one of the 4 matriarchs of the Jewish people and was born c1800 BCE or almost 4,000 years ago.  Abraham's grandson, Jacob, who was a twin, took her as his 2nd wife though he had wanted her as his first.  It's a sad story.  Jacob was the younger twin of Abraham's son, Isaac and his wife, Rebekah.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the 3 patriarchs of the Jewish people.  His twin was Esau.  Abraham was born in the 2nd millennium or about 1948 BCE.  He died in 1773 BCE at age 175.  Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born and had married at age 40.  Famine moved the family from the Negev to the Philistine country along the seacoast.  Isaac lost his sight in old age, but he never left the land of Israel. Israel's 1st king, Saul, was born in the 11th century BCE or about 1100 BCE as David knew him and was the next king.  David ruled from 1010 to 970 BCE.
Aviva Israeli -Miss Israel 1966
 He must have fallen in love with Rachel as soon as he saw her, and in order to marry her, made a bargain with her father who was his uncle Laban, the Aramean! Yes, Rachel was his cousin.  The population was scarce in those days, and it was common to marry relatives.  In Egypt siblings married each other, but not in Israel.
Karine Aliya-Miss Israel 2016
 He worked for Laban for 7 years at Haran in Aram Naharaim to gain the right but instead was tricked into marrying her older sister, Leah, who couldn't have been bad to look at, either.  Her only problem was that of poor eyesight.  She had weak eyes.
Rotem Rabi-Miss Israel 2017
The woman standing with him  during the wedding ceremony was heavily veiled and he didn't see who he was marrying but thought it was Rachel. Jacob had to work another 7 years in order to finally marry his beloved Rachel.
Jacob with son Joseph
She became the mother of Joseph who became Jacob's favorite son which caused a problem of jealousy.  Jacob had made Joseph a special brightly colored robe, the robe of many colors.  His step- brothers plotted  to get rid of Joseph and were successful.  They sold him to a band of traders that went by on camels heading for Egypt.  Joseph ended well by becoming a man of high rank, the Chief Minister under the Pharaoh of Egypt.
Gila Golan-Miss Israel 1960
Rachel had also given birth to another son later, Benjamin. but died in giving birth to him.  Being Jacob now had 3 other wives, they must have taken turns raising Benjamin.

Therefore, Jacob married 2 sisters, Leah and Rachel, daughters of Laban, and then had also married their handmaids, Bilhah and Zilpah.  Between the 4 wives, he had 12 sons and 1 daughter, Dinah.  This is where the 12 tribes of Israel came from.  Jacob died at age 147.  The long lives of our ancestors diminished until Moses was born who died at age 120.
Here is their family tree:
Descendants of Bethuel

1   Bethuel father of Laban
. 2   Laban father of Leah and Rachel
..... +Adinahand mother of Leah and Rachel
..... 3   [2] Leah b: in Aram
......... +[1] Jacob-Israel
..... 3   [3] Rachel
......... +[1] Jacob-Israel

. 2   Rebekah b: in Aram  sister of Laban and mother of Jacob
..... +Isaac b: in Negev
..... 3   [1] Jacob-Israel
......... +[2] Leah b: in Aram
..... *2nd Wife of [1] Jacob-Israel:
......... +[3] Rachel
..... *handmaid of [1] Jacob-Israel:
......... +Bilhah
..... *handmaid of [1] Jacob-Israel:
......... +Zilpah

Rachel's tomb is a place for prayer to the Jewish people. It is in Northern Bethlehem, a city now
populated by many Palestinian Arabs. Last year on October 6th, a gang of Palestinian Arab teens
attacked Jewish worshippers and the security force there at her tomb. This has been going on at least
over a year as a large attack happened during the high holidays of 2015.

"Approximately 700 Jewish worshipers who arrived at the Tomb of Joseph outside of Shechem (Nablus) late Wednesday night in preparation for the upcoming high-holidays were attacked by dozens of Arabs throwing rocks and improvised fire-bombs. IDF troops assigned to protect the worshipers responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and shock grenades, dispersing the crowds. No injuries were reported, though last month, under similar circumstances, a soldier was shot by an Arab and moderately wounded.

These would be the Arabs under Abbas's direction of Judea and Samaria.  They are showing that
they are not peaceful nor ready to have a state next door to Israel.  

Israel's beautiful women must serve in the army at age 18.  Here's how Miss Israel-Gail Gadot fit it into her life.

Gadot also served two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces—conscription is mandatory, making Israel the only nation that requires military enlistment of women. There, she was a physical fitness specialist.  Gadot said of her time in the IDF, “I taught gymnastics and calisthenics. The soldiers loved me because I made them fit.”
Prior to that, she was a fashion model for various brands in Israel, and was crowned Miss Israel in 2004 before competing on behalf of Israel for 2004’s Miss Universe. Upon completing her mandatory military service, she enrolled at university where she studied law, but then through her Israeli modeling agent, was offered to audition for the role of Camille Montes, a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace.
“I did not get the part at the end of it, but throughout this process I started to enjoy the acting,” she told the UK blog Bring the Noise. “It was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is so much more fun than Law School!’ I said to my agent, ‘Let’s give it a try!’ A month later I got the lead part for a show in Israel and three months later this lady called and said that they were looking for the new Fast and Furious girl… and I tested. I had a match with Vin Diesel and it went great and the rest is history.”

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