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Are Palestinians the Middle East American Indian?

Nadene Goldfoot                                      
How goodly are your tents, Oh Israel! G‑d spoke to Moses and Aaron saying: The children of Israel shall encamp each man by his division with the flag staffs of their fathers' house; some distance from the Tent of Meeting they shall encamp. (Numbers 2:1-2)  This is of the Five Books of Moses, who Jews feel is the author.
He learned to write in Egypt's school for princes as he was a prince of Egypt. 
Blackfoot Indians of Montana and their tepees (tents)  of 1850 
There are those who think that the Palestinians are in the same position as the American Indians were, and feel they rightfully should have all of what used to be called "Palestine."  They don't realize that there are very big differences that matter, changing the whole picture.
102 Separatists "Pilgrims"  including 40 "Saints" on Mayflower-1620
The Caucasians or "white man," the antagonists of the Indians, started populating North America when the Pilgrims sailed here in 1620 and settled  in the northeast of what became Massachusetts.  Ten years later a whole fleet of ships came over with English people.  People of other countries and England kept coming over.  They found a land  already populated with many different tribes of what they called "Indians," now referred to as Native Americans.  Indians inhabited this wilderness living close to nature.  They hadn't developed writing other than pictographs similar to the early Egyptians' form of writing.  They lived in simple housing compared to the white development of house building skills.

Their descendants in New Amsterdam (New York)  would try to turn away a boatful of Jews from Holland until they found out that they were part owners of the business they were working for.
    These  Jews actually arrived in New Amsterdam from Holland before 1650.                                                                          
Blackfoot hunted the buffalo in 1850. 
 Because they lived simply and were still at the level of food gatherers and hunters, the white man looked down on them as undeveloped natives.

Israel's history was that the Israelites were in the position of the Native Americans,  being that they were  populating the land first as its major people.  The Jews were the population that came from the East over 4,000 years ago starting around 2,000 BCE as a family  who became captives of Egypt after moving there escaping a famine and then returning 400 years later.  To regain their family's land, they had to fight the population that had moved in before their return.  They built an Empire with kings.  King Saul of the 11th century BCE was their first king, and David was the 2nd who ruled from 1010 to 970 BCE.  The empire was overrun by the Assyrians in 722 -721 BCE where much of the population was taken away as captives and again by the people that overcame the Assyrians who were the Babylonians.  Their Nebuchadnezzar had attacked and taken people away from 597  and again in 586 BCE.
Young David of 1015 BCE  tending his herd of sheep
By now people were growing food and managing herds of animals-no longer depending on hunting.  In fact, Moses's law forbids hunting.  Animals were killed by kashrut (kosher) law.
This was 2,865 years before the Indians and pioneers of 1850. The sheep were the
main source of meat and clothing similar to the buffalo of the Indians.  One was tended, the other
Israel divided into Israel and Judea when David's son, King Solomon,  had died in 920 BCE.  Later, Judea  was occupied by the Romans who destroyed Jerusalem and their Temple in 70 CE.  The Jews believed in one G-d which was very different from the Greeks and Romans who believed in a pantheon of gods.  The people were taken as prisoners or killed but many did escape such a fate.  They wound up in nearby lands as well as those who made their way to European places of trade, such as Spain, Germany and France.

Jerusalem fell about 70 years after Jesus had died on the Roman cross along with many other Jews.  The fall was a terrible fate for those Jews who dispersed in many directions  while some stayed on the land, but not in Jerusalem, which was forbidden to them by the Romans who took it over and built a temple to their many gods where the Jews' temple had once stood.

For 2,000 years, Jews (named for Judeans) have prayed to return to their native land and the opportunity finally came in 1880. The 1st  of five returns of  large Jewish groups took place called an aliyah or aliyote (plural).  Jews feel returning is "going up" in the religious sense as well as returning to the land as pioneers.  They were leaving Russia and the pogroms against them that were happening because they were not Christians.  Arabs followed them when they saw that the Jews were building and would need workers for this task.  The Arabs needed jobs and none were offered to them in their own countries.  At the time the cultures were divided between the very rich and the very poor or peons and there wasn't any way to move up.  At this time, anyone living on the land which had been previously been taken by the Ottoman Empire, were called Palestinians.  There were Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians.

The Arab religion is behaving like Christianity did in its beginning.  Muslims proselytize and expect quick results.  In their beginning efforts, they proselytized with swords if given the wrong answers.  Jews have had to dodge these two religions when they came in contact with each other.

 What ISIS is doing to people that differ from them is how the Christians were treating Jews in those days.  Attacks would happen of mobs coming into Jewish villages and physically attacking.  Many died from such attacks.  The idea of one people being better than others and looked down on, in this case because Jews would not convert to Christianity, was the basis for such hatred and attacks.

By 1917, European Jews who had been emancipated by Napolean in the early 1800s,  had the edge over Jews living as Dhimmis or 2nd class citizens in Arab countries closer to the Israel-Judea area.  They had developed leadership in some of their men.
Napoleon Bonaparte emancipating the Jews-1806
He's the one standing in red.  
Just think, Jews were never accepted as a regular citizen anyplace in Europe, not treated the same as others till this period by Napoleon, and all because of their difference in religion, and because they were blamed for killing Jesus even though it was the Roman way of discipline and the Roman deed.    The 1st World War had lasted from 1914 to 1917 and the Allies of Europe and the USA had gained the Turkish centered Ottoman Empire's land which included the land mass of Palestine; Judea and Samaria . Palestine was never used as a country.  It simply implied the land of the Jews taken by the Romans who never really lived there, except in Jerusalem for a few centuries in their occupation era.
 The Jewish leaders made a deal with the Allies to be given back their long lost land and the Allies agreed that this was proper.  It took years of negotiating but wound up that it wouldn't go to the Jews till 30 years had passed in which England would hold the reigns and govern till the time came which would be on May 14, 1948.

Five minutes after announcing the creation of Israel once more and the Jews were attacked by Arabs who had been led by angry Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Sherif of Jerusalem-so called Grand Mufti.  He held a position in Jerusalem and didn't want to hand it over to the Jews.  The odd thing is that it was an English Jew who had offered and given him this position in the first place during that 30 years of English power in the land.  Husseini was concerned with his own luxuries, and not the Arabs.  The Arab spokesman was Emir Feisal who was in agreement with their return, as long as it didn't interfere with his dreams and expectations of being king and king he became of Syria and of Iraq at different times.
Huma Abedin's parents are active in the Muslim Brotherhood,
whose charter is to destroy Israel.  Huma was Hillary's right hand worker,
like a daughter to her, said Hillary.  
Hillary was an admirer of Arafat, the head of the PLO terrorists.
Hillary still doesn't understand why she lost again in the last election.
She blames Trump, of course, who won.  
So now we must have 90% of  Americans in solace with the "poor" Palestinian . President Trump was almost sucked into sympathy with Abbas until he was caught lying to Trump recently.  Abbas rewards terrorists financially for the terrorism that gets them into Israel's prisons.

 They are not in the same position as the American Indian as first inhabitants of a land.  The Jews were the first inhabitants of the land and had been there for almost 2,000 years before losing it to Rome in 70CE.  Even at that, Jews remained on the land and had never left.  Jews obtained the land back through legal channels, not by attacking the inhabitants.  They only defended themselves when attacked by the Arabs.   By doing things legally, they are looked upon with scorn and hatred by others.  

As far as that goes, the people that Kings Saul and David had to fight were not of a country. of Canaan.  There were city-states  there but it wasn't a country.   By Solomon's day, there was mostly peace throughout the land.
Our American Indians had migrated to our continent and no one knows who they had found.  There are no written records as they had no writing skills.  We do know that their tribes fought with each other.  It was not one big friendly empire of native Americans.  Whats' sad, though, is that the native American went through the same process that Jews have experienced in becoming 2nd class citizens on the land that was once their own land.  The Jews experienced more in being 2nd class citizens all over the world.  Finally, things changed on May 14, 1948 when they had their own Israel once again.  What they didn't know was that they would be forced to fight for it over and over; 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, and so on in multiple intifadas and bombings.  *

The fact is that there were very few Arabs who actually had deeds of ownership of land in the first place in the time of the Ottoman Empire.  Most who did exist were most happy to find a Jewish chump willing to pay excessively high prices for the land and surprise, surprise, received.  To the Jews, this was their motherland.  This dry weed-infested soil that couldn't grow anything or swampy land full of mosquitoes was a headache to the Arab owners, and they were delighted to be able to sell it and be free to go to Damascus or Beirut and live it up.  Palestine had been ignored by everyone for centuries and centuries.  It was no man's land.
Why do Arabs want a land that grows
grapes so well?  They cannot drink wine.
      The land cried out to its original inhabitants of the Jews.  In their hands, it has bloomed again.  But if the antagonists of the Jews had their way, it would be in the PLO or Hamas hands and turn into weeds and swamps and mosquitoes again, producing nothing of worth.  The Jews have a love affair with this ancient land.  It birthed their belief in G-d.  It is their home.  No other people have such a connection.

Jews must not only battle enemy neighbors who want to grab their land but people who think that they should leave and give all the land to the Arabs, for that's what would happen.  Too many Arabs have it in their minds that only Muslims can live there. Their leaders have gone to meetings such as the Kartoum Conference agreeing on driving out the Jews. " (From August 29 to September 1, 1967, eight Arab heads of state attended a summit conference in Khartoum where they formulated the consensus that underlines the policies of most Arab states in conflict with Israel. Among other issues, the resolution called for the continued struggle against Israel. By adopting the dictum of no peace with Israelno recognition of Israel and no negotiations with Israel (also called "The 3 No's"), the Arab states appeared to slam the door on any possible progress towards peace.)  They had the chance to take the land in the time from 70 CE to 1914 and didn't even think of it.  They didn't get serious about taking the land until losing their battle when all the nations ganged up on Israel in 1967 and lost.  Now even the UN works  against Israel.

The Middle East developed its inhabitants way before the rest of the world who was often interrupted in their growth by the different ice ages.  Notice that while the Middle East long ago left the hunting and gathering stage and was in the herding and planting stage at a time when the rest were hunters and gatherers.  David of 4,000 years ago was a herder before becoming king while the native Americans 3,000 years later were still in the hunting and gathering state.

Here we have the Jews as the original settlers of Palestine, ousted by the Assyrians, Babylonians and finally by the Romans in 70 CE.  It took 2000 years of patience to gain the land back legally.  The Jews did not attack the Arabs to gain back the land.  It was done in agreement at the end of WWI with all the Nations of the world through both the League of Nations and finally by the United Nations.

The Palestinians were Arabs from neighboring lands who entered as immigrants in order to find work with the Jews who were building.  They were native Middle Easterners all right, but not of Palestine.  Those who had owned land had sold the land to incoming Jews and then had left, with only a few landowners remaining.  Most Arabs on the land were Bedouins, and were from nomadic areas.
 Julius Meyer had an additional business called the Indian Wigwam – selling trinkets, souvenirs and Indian artifacts.  This Jewish store owner was trusted by many Indians.  He closed his store in 1880 but remained friends with the Indians.   He looks like Davy Crockett.  
Both Jews and Arabs were tribal people.  The Jews are 99 3/4% of the tribe of Judah of what was originally part of the 12 tribes of Israel.  After Assyria and Babylonia, they were down to one tribe remaining, which was the largest tribe-Judah.  Jews are of the tribe of Judah.  Arabs were from 12 tribes, too, but different ones.  These tribes of Jew and Arab are listed in the Bible.    Later,  the Babylonian exiles did get the choice of returning or not by Cyrus, however, so possibly some Jews are of the other 11 tribes.

"In 1860, entire Algerian tribes immigrated en masse to Safed. The Muslims of Safed, are "mostly descended from these Moorish settlers and from Kurds that came earlier to the city."
-De Haas, Jacob, History of Palestine, The Last Two Thousand Years, New York, 1934, p. 425."**
To compare the Palestinian Arabs with the native Americans as both being an oppressed people by the terrible "white folk" is completely wrong.  As I see it, the Palestinians have opted for being greedy and wanting the Jews' land for themselves, following the dictates of their leadership.  Even before May 14, 1948, they were busily attacking Jews under the leadership of the Sherif of Jerusalem.  They haven't stopped since they have had the leadership of Arafat, the PLO leader and his follower, Abbas, and now Hamas, who has taken over half of their people who live in Gaza.
Indians of America had far more reverence for life than the Palestinian Muslims have shown. Palestinians have hid bombs in their own schools, and their terrorists hide behind their own civilian people in war.  They are cowards and killers.
Jerusalem 70 CE Roman Attack and destruction of Temple
The majority of  the Indian leaders chose peace instead of constant warring that led to death when battling the white invaders.  They lost the battle to a more technically advanced society. Jews also lost their 70 CE Roman battle to a more technically advanced  society.   That's where the comparison ends.  The Palestinian Arabs are "Johnny come latelies" and not in the same position as the American Indians.  Their original Homeland is a nearby neighboring country.

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From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

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