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Anti-Semitic Paranoid J. Edgar Hoover; FBI Director

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
John Edgar Hoover b: January 1, 1895 d: May 2, 1972
only 5'7" but practiced secret abuses of power and kept secret files
on activists and political leaders by using illegal methods.
America's 1st FBI Director was J. Edgar Hoover, who was deeply anti-Semitic; so anti-Semitic that he was paranoid about it.  This Republican took office on May 10, 1924 and nobody dared to get rid of him in this position.  He died in office on May 2, 1972, a threat to  presidents Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.    These presidents feared his intimidation and threats.  He kept secret files of people's sex lives and so used the fear of scandal and blackmail against Washington.

AKA Edward de Valera 
His paranoid against Jews showed up in the 1920s in that he always thought that Jews were subversives so ordered an investigation of the Irish nationalist politician, Eamon de Valera.  His grounds were that he was a "suspected Jew!"

This New York City born Irishman, Eamon de Valera,  became  the 3rd President of Ireland from 1959 to 1973.  He was a political man, but not Jewish.  In fact, he believed in the Catholic church and that it was most important to Irish identity.

My grandfather lived in Dublin for a very short time after immigrating from Lithuania, a hotbed of anti-Semitism when Nathan Goldfus turned 18 in 1888.  He got to England, then thought things would be better in Ireland, as many Jewish Lithuanians also thought.  They were all escaping war and being forced to be on the front lines being Jewish, pogroms where they were beaten up or faced possible death there.  This became the era when Jews immigrated to the USA in greater numbers and life under Russia was unbearable.  Many had made aliyah to Palestine starting in 1880.

Hoover's FBI became his secret police force, similar to the Gestapo used by the Nazis.  He started his own illegal wiretap in the 1920s until Roosevelt's assistant attorney general ordered him to stop in the late 1930s.  He had bugged congressmen and cabinet members during the Roosevelt administration.  For that, Roosevelt looked the other way when the British wiretapped Hoover's office in the Justice Department.  It was the British Sir William Stephenson who leaked wiretap information on pro-Nazi American businessmen to Hoover.  The Rockerfeller building was bugged on several important floors.  Clubs, law firms, shipping agencies did not escape his wire tapping,

As it turned out, Hoover wouldn't go after American Nazis, causing Stephenson  to murder a few as he would not act on those he learned about.  Instead, he went after communists.  He formed his own view that far too many Jews were Red sympathizers, and spread this to the people who worked for him.  He was paranoid about it, and the British took advantage of it.  They kept extensive electronic surveillance facilities in the USA during WWII and kept them in place when the war ended.  Great numbers of American Jews were spied on and this was all passed onto Hoover.
Hoover and his machine gun
The FBI had the British intelligence on the American Jews who favored in independent Jewish state in Palestine and had been helping financially or otherwise.  Remember that this had already been voted on by the League of Nations who had established the 30 year mandate for the British on Palestine that would free Jews there to establish Israel on May 14, 1948, the date the British would leave.  When the Jews announced on that date the establishment of Israel, Truman would vote yes in the United Nations.

     "British Intelligence authorities have advised that the above captioned individual.....left Palestine for the United State November 21, 1947, in contravention of the Supervision Order in force to prevent his departure.
     ........ has for several years been suspected of membership in Irgun Zvai Leumi, an underground Jewish terrorist group.  It is believed that he is at present inactive in this organization due to ill health.  British authorities reported that his address in the United states will probably be in care of Carmel Rabbinical College, 441 Garrison Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland. "  
Stanley Goldfoot of the Stern Group, called Stern Gang
by the British, was a reporter.  His most famous piece is
"Letter to the World."

This could have been about my 3rd cousin, Stanley Goldfoot, who was the Chief of Intelligence for this group.  He lived in New York City and established a magazine about our Jewish state to be then.  He was born and raised in South Africa after his father's family had left Lithuania.  My grandfather shared a home in Dublin with his family.  He had good health, though, and was a great writer.  Hoover most likely had a dossier on him, too.  

Ben Gurion, who became Israel's 1st president, had sent agents to the USA but didn't realize that they would be under surveillance before they ever got off the boat!  Golda Meir's arms-for-Israel campaign caused the FBI to listen to her and her colleagues in their spying.  

The FBI kept spying on Jews from 1946 onward to convince President Truman that the Jews were supporting the "Zionist-Communist terrorists" in Palestine .  He was of the opinion  fed by the British that the Soviets were backing the this Jewish-Communist conspiracy.  He was convinced that there was a worldwide Jewish-Communist conspiracy.  From late 1947 on for several years, the FBI found large stockpiles of ammunition and explosives collected by prominent American-Jewish businessmen destined for Palestine, which makes me want to cry.  I know how hard it was for these valiant Jews to collect this and get it to Palestine, as it was so much needed in order to carry out the promise of the League of Nations that they were to be awarded their Jewish Homeland.  That the British were ordered to help them and see that they did everything to impede this grant makes me ill.
Jewish Haganah fighters with Bren gun 1948
The British refused to defend Jews from Arab attacks so they had to contrive ways of defending themselves or die.  Haganah was created as a clandestine organization for Jewish self defense in Palestine.  In 1948 it became Tzeva Haganah le-Israel.  It was all volunteer.  This became most important after the 1929 Arab riots when the British merely appeased the Arabs.  The Stern Group was a branch that broke off and was a little tougher.

At this time, the buying of surplus weapons was legal.  Hoover caused his own war against the Jews by doing this, and then he had the audacity to take it to the press.  The British made both groups, Jews and Arabs,  conflicting promises. But, more and more Jews arrived, buying land, starting businesses, and many Arabs wanted Britain to stop the influx. In their efforts to keep violence off the table, Britain forbade the Jews from arming.

In 1929, rumors spread that Jews were desecrating Arab Mosques in Jerusalem. Throughout Palestine, Jews were attacked. At the time, Haim Slavin was an engineer working for the Palestine Electric Corporation. Slavin set up to produce grenades. When the violence ended, hundreds of Arabs and Jews were dead
throughout Palestine.
Haim Slavin, Haganah arms expert,
1946 couldn't speak English,  and didn't know anything about America
"Chaim Slavin, a Russian-born electrical engineer widely regarded as the father of Israel’s military industries, died of a heart attack July 1980 at the age of 72. He came to Palestine 56 years ago and was employed in hydroelectric projects until the late David Ben Gurion assigned him to organize underground arms production in the period before World War II."

 Hoover's spying had exposed  the fact that one of Ben-Gurion's chief American agents, this same Haim Slavin, had procured millions of dollars' worth of USA arms and equipment for the small amount of $800,000.  Small amounts that it was made from were paid for my many Jews' donations of $18, our designated amount for donations-with the meaning of "for life!"  Haim had engineered the Dror rifle as well as much of Israel's military industries and worked secretly, he thought, in the USA and Canada, but now we know he was spied on by Hoover.  He managed to acquire hundreds of tons of machinery and weaponry needed anyway.  
Ben Gurion had said of the Palestinian Arabs, ""There is a huge difference between us and our enemies. Not only in capacity, but in morality, culture, sacredness of life and consciousness. They are our neighbors here, but it is as if a few hundred meters away there was a people that did not belong to our continent, our world, which really belonged to another galaxy. "  He spoke of a kibbutz, Tsvi Dar which was at the forefront of the Israeli militaire industries,  .. well before the creation of the state (of Israel) , several were called Maflan (factories of manufacture of arms), and were organized and managed by Haim Slavin.

Hoover's anti-Semitism spread throughout the state department and intelligence community so by December 5, 1947, after the UN General Assembly had approved the partition plan for Palestine, the US placed an embargo on arms shipments to the Middle East and the State Department "specifically forbade the issuing of passports to persons wishing to serve with armed forces not under the US Government.  This time it was the British wiretapping that stopped American Jews from giving more than just token assistance to their friends in Palestine, but the FBI claimed all the "credit."  The embargo affected both Arabs and Jews.
Jews who survived Hebron attack of 1929 when many were massacred in a town of 700 Jews,
now were refugees.  Those who returned later were again attacked in 1936-just before WWII.
Arabs were stirred against them by Nazis.  The population grew to 38,310 by 1967.  
The embargo came AFTER millions of dollars worth of American arms had been given to the Arabs.  All the Western allies followed the USA by arming the Arabs.  The British outdid the USA by sending more weapons but didn't join in on the embargo because they had more arms to deliver to the Arabs.  They even armed Iraq and Jordan "to the teeth" while Hoover kept the Jews disarmed.

The French got in on the action, too. They sent huge amounts into Syria and Lebanon to help the Arabs.  Then France and the US sent each other rumors of Jewish-Communist conspiracy to "bolster their bigotry."    If American Jews only knew that Hoover had worse plans for Jews.  They all were about to become the principal targets of FBI surveillance during the McCarthy era.  Even though the Anti-Defamation League of the B'Nai Brith had been helping by knowing who Nazi sympathizers were in the USA.  Hoover didn't like to ask Jews for this help.  Jewish informants were labeled by him as Premature Anti-Fascists and they all were under surveillance.  Anyone who voiced opposition to Hitler before December 1941 was a suspect by Hoover. and were called pinko PAFs or commie agents.                                                        
Rabbi Twerski at Harvard near Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Rabbi Levine 1926 in Brisbane, Australia Synagogue 
Hoover and his ilk believed that All Zionists were suspects as potential Communist terrorists.  If you gave money to Palestine they were terrorists or Communists.  I did in Sunday School.  We gave nickels and dimes we put  into a box called Karen amein which was charity.  If anyone emigrated to Palestine, they were labeled as a Soviet agent in disguise.  Poor rabbis who didn't know!

James Forrestal kept up the wiretapping of Jews behind President Truman's back who ordered such things shut down on September 29, 1945.

Resource:  The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons
http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=3073 on Chaim Slavin, ammunition

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  1. have heard of this long ago and your article goes beyond what i was aware of, so thanks for that, nadene. God bless those who have countered this where they could. the truth has been so suppressed, so often!
    the skullduggery that has gone on..and continues...will fully come into the light one day! this world is full of masters of deceit all over the globe, and in very high places, with means to traffic in very low ones, nadene, all across the religious, political, economic, board.

    God sees...
    ...and He will right the multitudes of wrongs.

    my prayer and hope is soon and not later. more holocausts (and not only the jews, who have definitely suffered the extremes, and the most, thus far) are in the making at this rate :(