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UN Resolution 2334-Obama and Kerry's Vote Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                  
1967-winning the War when so many nations attacked-and winning in 6 Days!
Our miracle beyond belief! Elation in being able to be at the Wall -kept from
Jews since 1948 because Jordan stole the land during Israel's War of Independence.
Of course they're dancing the traditional Hora-a wonderful round dance, IDF
and civilians alike!   
This is EAST Jerusalem.  According to the UN resolution just passed, Jews cannot come here again.
 USA-because you didn't vote NO -this passed.  
December 23, 2016, the day before Chanukah and Christmas, something that doesn't happen often with the 2 holidays happening on the same date, and Obama had his chance to show his colors towards Israel.  With a vote of 14 for this horrendously terrible resolution it passed.  Not one nation voted against it.  This has been the role of the United States in the past to vote with aiding this tiny and struggling state against all the odds of anti-Semitism in this unfeeling climate that still feeds on war and bloodshed.  There was one abstention.
Riyad H Mansour  Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the UN, addresses the Council.The Security Council adopted resolution 2334 (2016), reiterating its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. The vote on the resolution was 14 in favour, with one abstention (United States).
This was all done through the Security Council.  Some security they are offering to Israel, don't you think?  The permanent members are China, France, Russia, UK, USA.  Non-permanent members that rotate on given years right now involved in this shameful voting process are Angola, Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.  

Danny Danon (centre), Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, addresses the Council on December 23rd.
This particular resolution is all about the Israeli villages, towns and cities that came to fruition after Israel won the 1967 War in which they were attacked by the Muslim countries of Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon and their cohorts; whole armies-and what happened was the miracle that this tiny country won in 6 days!  They were as astounded as Hillary Clinton was in not winning!  In a month they were meeting at Kartoum and decided never to give in to Israel's birth by deciding on the 3 NOs.  They would never be at peace with Israel, ever, ever, ever.
Professor Kontorovich of Northwestern U. Law School in Illinois 
Whereas Israel wound up with only 20% of land promised for the Jewish Homeland after 2,000 years of waiting, now the wandering Arabs decided they wanted especially, East Jerusalem, part of King David's Jerusalem, which for over 3,000 years, has been the Jewish heartland of the Jewish religion. Here is Professor Kontorovich's speech about why Israel is following the law and not breaking international law about land over the "Green Line."
Beit El The Orthodox Jewish town is located in the hills north of Jerusalem, east of the Palestinian city of al-Bireh, adjacent to Ramallah. In September 1997, Beit El was awarded local council status. The head of the local council is Shai Alon. In 2015 its population was 6,046. Its current population is 6,500 residents.
The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.  
Today's words out of the UN is that Israel's population living in their ancient homeland of Judea and Samaria is a FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL  LAW AND HAS NO LEGAL VALIDITY.  They demand that Israel stop living there.  They accuse Israel of OCCUPYING THE LAND that for thousands of years was theirs since Joshua entered with the Jews of the Exodus of from c1579-1578 BCE.  You do the math.  That is about 4,000 years ago!  In truth, this WAS land to be part of the Jewish Homeland but Jordan's King Abdullah threw a monkey-wrench into the pot by just helping himself to it with Great Britain's appeasing nature and saying-the heck with what we told the Jews.
The fact of the matter is that according to law, if you are an international lawyer who can see straight and not with anti-Semitic eyes, Israel is in the right since they won the 1967 war!  They didn't start that war but they finished it with help;  help from on high and help with the prayers of all their people and help from the USA's arsenal that they were able to use and pay for.  It wasn't all from the USA's help; believe me.  The Israelis were fighting for their very lives and that of their children's.  There was no place other than Israel that they could go.  They had reason to fight and to win in 6 days.  You will not find such determination in any other situation's army.  They will not be run out again; not by the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans or the Arab nations, or by Kerry, Obama and the UN's votes!
The first bullet shot was the applause heard in the UN's packed chamber.  It was the first bullet to pass since 2009.  Another bill they had to live through was resolution 465 in 1980.  The USA has been quite steady in their support up until Obama's leaving office after 8 years.  He isn't worried about raking in votes now, so is doing as he wishes.  The word out from Israel's ambassador and others is that this resolution came from the USA.  That leaves no other to wonder who instigated it: Obama  This news comes from David Keyes, Prime Minister Netanyahu's spokesman.  They found out that Barack Obama was behind the resolution and he helped with both "formulating and pushing" it.  Also, he threatened to give Trump  the "rather hard" evidence regarding Obama's involvement given to Israel by Arab sources and others.  So this isn't from an email by Russia, but what the Arabs themselves know about.  The fact is that it is so so believable because of Obama's anger towards Netanyahu.  He had even unloaded about it to the Russian President when they were together!
Israel's defense system, Iron Dome,  to shoot down in-coming missiles
Any Jew in the USA who listens to the appeasing reasoning heard by the USA members behind this is kidding himself since this may have very serious ramifications for Israel in general and specifically for the Jewish cities in the medium-to-long term.  Every time the Palestinians win an inch, they take a foot.  Just look at what happened with Gaza.  Jews left totally and gave the area to the Palestinians who use it as their platform to shoot rockets, missiles and mortars into Israel.  Israelis learn quickly, evidently far quicker than Mr. Moon.
What are Israel's replies to such an evil resolution?  Israel's ambassadors have been recalled from member counties.  Visits are cancelled.  Aid is cancelled.  As the world has been turning against Israel again lately, some people think they have seen this coming.  What the real disappointment is of course is the vote from the USA.  The tide wasn't turned.  We knew there was animosity between Obama and Netanyahu, but Israel was truly side-swiped in this; being led to think by others that he would never allow this to happen.  They didn't know Obama.
This resolution will make it hard for Trump-another person Obama certainly does not have favor for, to help Israel.  Trump already asked Egypt, a state with over 79 million Muslims,  to withdraw the proposal and he did.  Then on the 23rd, it was again initiated and proposed, this time by Malaysia with over 27 million Muslims, Senegal with over 11 million Muslims, New Zealand,  and Venezuela. It's shocking who has joined up with this hatred for Israel and who is all for the development of a 49th Muslim state in the world bent on destroying the Jewish one and only;  for Netanyahu is all for a Palestinian state, but one who will accept and recognize  Israel officially, and stop attacking her and teaching their children to attack and kill and to live in peace. For 69 years it's not been on the Palestinian plate to accept, but the UN doesn't care.  Give them their land and be done with it is their motto-Moon in the lead with this.
Palestinian gang-up in Jerusalem, knifing civilians
doing as they're brought up to do-attack Jews
Netanyahu called this vote a gang-up. Gang-up on Israel, it certainly is.  Israel is looking forward to working with Trump to negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.  It only helps this BDS movement already going on.
1941 with Husseini and Hitler in Germany
deciding against the Jews-65 years ago and again 23 Dec 2016
The ones who voted against Israel; France and Venezuela are elated to have addressed the "settlements" as they call the villages, towns and cities of Jews living in their own land.  They are happy to have helped the Palestinians get this victory!  Malaysia feels the same way.  Evidently New Zealand has also been showing their favoritism for the Palestinians, for this is what has happened.  It's really a vote between Jews and Palestinian Arabs, and they like the Palestinians that they see as the underdogs without a state.  Why didn't they ever feel that way for the past 2,000 years for the Jews who had lost their state in 70 CE?  How about when as refugees, they were ousted from England in 1290 and not allowed back until 1655?  Germany has always had these feelings, and this vote confirms their long time position  that Jews living in the land they had won back is an obstacle to peace and the 2-state solution.  No sir; the obstacle is the recalcitrant position of the Arabs to not accept peace with Israel.  I think your rose-colored glasses are all smokey.  You have the audacity to want a Palestine who will not be peaceful and will have the power and help from other nations like you to again try to destroy Jews!
A kibbutz Sha'ar HaAmakim is a kibbutz in northern Israel associated with the Hashomer Hatzair movement founded in 1935. Located near Kiryat Tiv'on near Haifa, it falls under the jurisdiction of Zevulun Regional Council. In 2014 it had a population of 688.  No, it's not part of the land Jews are expected to leave.  I just wanted readers to see what Jews can do with the land, for Jews have been kept from ever owning land and working it in
all the countries they have been living in.  They've never been real citizens until the USA was created and they were able to live in the land of the free.   
Of course, Israel will not comply with the terms of this resolution.  It does show us again the bias of the world against Israel, doesn't it.

Resource:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_Resolution_2334
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCOHt8lCiSo from Jay Sekulow on John Kerry-leaving door open ??? without support of congress voted to abstain; like a vote against Israel , betraying Israel
Update:12/28/16-https://unitedwithisrael.org/us-vice-president-told-ukraine-to-vote-against-israel-at-un-reports-say/?utm_source=pushengage&utm_medium=push_notification&utm_campaign=pushengage Joe Biden got Ukraine to vote against Israel.



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