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Nadene Goldfoot                                            

Palestinian rock throwers in Jerusalem in a year long acts of violence
against Israelis
Israel has wanted peace since before it's new birth of May 14, 1948, and Netanyahu is still opting for a 2 STATE SOLUTION, but the obvious is that the Palestinians would rather create havoc than settle for peace.

2017 is around the corner and so is a new staff in the White House.  This is what Israel is now facing:
a real border security problem surrounding this tiny state like the USA has never had to face.
Night at the Wailing Wall (Western Wall) in Jerusalem
where Jews have prayed since 1967,
being unable to pray on the Temple Mount, area of the 1st and 2nd Temple of Solomon,

kept out of east Jerusalem since Jordan annexed land from Jewish National Home in 1950,
and lost it by attacking Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. 
Israel's East Border:                                             

 Palestine Authority PA (Fatah)  leaders incite violence against Israel.  2016 brought Palestinian attacks on 35 Israeli civilians and injured hundreds more.  Yassir Arafat, Algiers Voice of Palestine on May 13, 1991:  "We will continue our revolution and our resistance and our uprising until the banner of our revolution flies over holy Jerusalem and the walls of Jerusalem and the minarets of Jerusalem and the churches of Jerusalem."    
Temple Mount, Jerusalem where Moshe Dayan in 1967
gave permission to control Muslim Mosque area to Jordan
and then Jordan forbid Jews to pray on site of Solomon's Temple. 

Abbas, PA President, said things like, "We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem."  
He vowed to continue unilateral actions at the UN and International Criminal Court instead of having direct bilateral negotiations with Israel.  This is who will be speaking with Netanyahu about a state bordering Israel.
Ayatollah Ali Khameini

Further East in Iran, their radical leaders teach extremism.  The nuclear agreement was signed last year in the summer of 2015, and since then they have test-fired long -range missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.
They have illegally detained USA sailors.
They have stepped up their support for terrorism in other surrounding states.
Tehran will destabilize the Middle East with more than $150 billion in sanctions relief.
Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's statement to armed forces staff  on July 31, 1991: "Israel is a malignanat tumor in the region.  It must be cut off.  It must be eradicated!"  
Update:12/14/16  Rouhani Issues Orders in Retaliation for U.S. Extension of Iran Sanctions Act
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued orders to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi to pursue an appropriate response in the wake of the U.S. violation of the Iran nuclear deal (the JCPOA) by extending the Iran Sanctions Act. On December 1, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously to renew the Iran Sanctions Act for another decade. Iran had vowed that its passage would be an absolute violation of the deal and it would take retaliatory measures based on the JCPOA. (Mehr-Iran)                                                                           
Israel's North Border:                                     
Iran-backed terror gang, Hezbollah has a huge military operation throughout Lebanon including more than 150,000 rockets and missiles.  This is the group that has killed more Americans than any other terrorist group other than al-Qaida.  They have embedded most of their arsenal in civilian towns in Lebanon, and buffer them with human shields.  Hezbollah's Voice of Mountain in Arabic to Lebanon on August 26, 1991:  "We believe that peace with Israel is a sin."

Israel's Western Border:
The Mediterranean Sea.                                             Fleets of ships have come in with boat possibly loaded with weapons for Gaza.  They must be checked.                                                                              
Israel's aircraft carrier

Israel's South Border:                                                  

Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip keep re-arming their weapon arsenal and rebuild terror tunnels.  Hamas digs 6 miles of tunnels every month towards Israel.  They divert cement and lumber that enters their territory for civilian reconstruction to fortify their tunnels.  Hamas, Sawt al-Sha'b on January 23, 1991:  "We were delighted to see the Arab weapons pounding the strongholds of the Zionist entity in the heart of Tel Aviv!"  

These same unfriendly Palestinians and other enemies of Israel  have been unchanging over the past 25 years in their goal to attack and drive Israel away.  Their attitudes haven't changed for the past 69 years since 1948.                 
Pres. Elect Donald Trump
                                             Trump and his newly named Secretary of State, vow to recognize Israel's capital as Jerusalem, something Obama was unwilling to do.   
The American 115th Congress will be discussing increased USA-Israel cooperation for 2017 which is badly needed.  Israel's borders continue to be threatened with the situation being very dangeroous with ISIS in the area and Iran is using their new good fortune of receiving money since sanctions have been lifted  for arming Israel's enemy neighbors like Syria and Lebanon.  We need to keep the friendship between Israel and the USA.  They help each other deal with mutual enemy forces.  
Rex Tillerson, Sec. of State if Accepted
Exxon CEO, dealt with Putin

Resource: http://www.sixdaywar.org/content/jordanianocuupationjerusalem.asp
AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee: www.aipac.org 
Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by PhDs Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb

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  1. 12/14/16 news: Israeli police officer and civilian wounded during Arab terrorist attack in Old City of Jerusalem. Terrorist neutralized.