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Obama and Kerry's Parting Slap in the Face Through UNESCO to Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                              
"Just because we just slapped your face publicly doesn't mean we don't like you well enough to sell you weapons and make money on the deal," sayeth the USA to Israel at UN..
"Friends don't take their friends to the Security Council and berate and vote against them", said Netanyahu of the USA in shock since the USA had implied that everything would be okay, completely misleading Israel as to their real intentions.
Netanyahu and Obama, not seeing eye to eye
with Obama expecting Israel to go back to 67's border,
after having won against aggressional war and loss of life-
indefensible expectation of this former social-worker.
The resolution that Egypt signed on for was not their resolution originally but a state not at the level of do so as yet, so Egypt, a state who has a peace treaty with Israel,  did it for them.  Trump got Egypt to get out of it, and Senegal and 3 others took it on to the UN in Egypt's place.  For years the USA has been voting with Israel, not against her, and this vote of abstaining is really a no vote, not a yes vote.
The Western Wall (Wailing Wall) is the only place allowed to Jews to pray which is on the Temple Mount,
site of Solomon's Temple, 1st and 2nd.  This is part of "East Jerusalem"
which USA voted so as to deny Israel this by calling it "occupied territory."
All else is taken over by Muslims who deny Jews to step on property-by Moshe Dayan's
decision in order to maintain peace between the 2 peoples.  
And what about this phrase of "Occupied Palestinian Territory of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem"?  Since when have these ancient homelands of the Jews become legalized "occupied territory that Jews are living in which the UN calls "occupation" and "settlements?"  Has anyone ever heard of villages or towns or cities? Why "settlements, a very political term?  Is New York still a settlement?
1947 partition by UN
Israel was left with 20% of the original land promised to them by the League of Nations in 1920 and again by the UN.  Palestine was Britain's mandated land that was to become the "Jewish Homeland" once again.  Judea and Samaria were the original sites of Israel, which makes this doubly sensitive.  Transjordan had bawled things up in 1948 by stealing land east of the Jordan River.  Abdullah, prince of Saudi Arabia needed land because he wanted to be a king, and this made him king of what was to be called "Jordan."  He and an Arab Legion and Jewish help from Chaim Weizmann's advanced weaponry and Jewish forces  had helped Britain win in WWI.  Obviously the Arabs with oil in other lands won favor in Britain's eyes.

It took the year 1967 until Jews could even go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem once again to pray since 1948, for it was in East Jerusalem where Arabs had been allowed to live and attack Jews from by the Brits!.  All the surrounding Arab states had attacked Israel, and with G-d's help, this tiny fledgling state won the fight in 6 amazing days beating all the odds!  Indeed, it was a miracle!  Six days of human loss for the Jews, and they were in shock and awe that they had by winning, won back the land they had lost in the illegal grab by Jordan.

Now, this is the land that the Palestinian Arabs would like to have  for a state of their own.  Why?  Have they gone 2,000 years as a homeless people like the Jews?  No.  They're not even a people called the Palestinians, for anyone living in "Palestine" for the past 400 years up to 1948 was called a Palestinian; both Jew, Gentile and Muslim.  The land had been in the Ottoman Empire's hands.  In fact, a Palestine state will be the 57th Muslim majority state in the world.  Israel is the one and only Jewish state in the world, now with about an 80% Jewish majority.
Nasser of Egypt attending Khartoum Conference in  August 1967
After losing the War that lasted 6 Days in June1967 Egyptfought against Israel
with the ARMIES of Syria,  Jordan, and Iraq. In 6 days, Israel destroyed their
armies along its frontiers and menaced their vital centers.. Jerusalem was re-unified. 
Israel has been for a 2 state solution between the Arabs and themselves for the sake of peace, but the Arabs have said NO ever since before Israel's declaration of becoming a state, and have been made this offer ever since, with the continual refusal of NO.  In fact, at the Kartoum Conference  in 1967 by the Arab nations had solidified this answer by coming up with 3 NOs after Israel had won.  No wonder peace talks at a peace table have led to nothing.

 "Finally, the leaders of thirteen Arab states gathered at a summit conference in Khartoum, Sudan from August 29 to September 1 (1967). There they pledged to continue their struggle against Israel. Influenced by Nasser, "their conditions were quite specific: no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and 'maintenance of the rights of the Palestinian people in their nation.' The Khartoum Declaration was the first serious warning to the Israelis that their expectation of an imminent 'phone call' from the Arab world might be a pipe dream" (Sachar)."
Dancing to rejoice gaining
back the Wall 1967
IDF of Israel in 67 War
By losing the war, Arabs lost the rights of ever being able to legitimately tell the Palestinian Arab that the ancient Jewish land they were living on would ever become their NATION.  In fact, East Jerusalem, where many Arabs had congregated, has been under Israel law  since July 30, 1980. 
"The Jerusalem Law (Hebrewחוק יסוד: ירושלים בירת ישראל‎‎, Arabicقانون القدس‎‎) is a common name of Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel passed by the Knesset on July 30, 1980 (17th Av, 5740)."
Huma Abedein and Hillary Clinton who lost
a shock to her and her voters

blaming everyone but herself for losing
Trump won Presidency by
Electoral voting

Right now we have a situation in the United State similar to what has happened between Israel and the rest of the world.  The Democrats have lost the election and Donald Trump has won.  Many, far too many Democrats are saying such things as "Trump is not MY president," though they are still living in the USA.  We have had presidents before win by the season of the ELECTORAL VOTE and not by the POPULAR VOTE. which is the situation between Trump and Clinton today. In Los Angeles, capitol of the movie industry, performers are refusing to entertain at Trump's inauguration because they are Democrats.  They can't get over it as Republicans had been for the last 8 years with accepting Obama.  Democrats were SO SURE they would win.  So were the Arab nations in 1967.  

Legally, according to all that has gone before us in history, Israel has the right of claiming land they inherited   that should have been theirs in the first place by WINNING THE BATTLE of 1967.  Read Professor Kontorovich's lecture on this topic.  He's an expert on international law from Northwestern U in the USA.

Everyone else expected that so many countries fighting against her would win, and have refused to accept the fact that one tiny country could win.  They're in complete denial. Facts are being treated as falsehoods.  It's like what Hitler had said, "If you say a lie enough times, people will believe it," and Jews have never been popular with the rest of the world, unfortunately, so anything nasty said about them becomes more believable.  
Palestinian ramming his car into Jerusalem crowd
So far, the Arabs are also not ready to make peace.  Trump will try as his reputation is that of a deal-maker, not a social -worker.  He's a business man who is used to wheeling and dealing.  He feels it must happen at a time when Israel and the Arabs can come to an agreement by themselves, not forced into one which Obama-Kerry has tried to do and by setting up oppositional situations at that.  This position of the USA's vote will make it even harder on Trump and Israel now. 



  1. Kontorovich starts his lecture about Israel's position with:
    1. International law derives from treaties and custom, not United Nations General Assembly resolutions which are non-binding and thus don’t oblige any action.

    Kontorovich began his lecture by noting that in July 1922 it was the League of Nations that established the Mandate for Palestine, deemed as “reconstituting” a “national home” for the “Jewish people”.

  2. of course, they don't have a legal leg to stand on-or a moral and ethical either. the hate that is fueled is why this is so dangerous for the nation of israel. so wrong isn't it? so very wrong.......

  3. Samantha Powers gave an explanation for the USA vote and I know of one Democrat already not questioning her, not wanting to see the problems with it. What do we do when people don't see the wrong in it at all? They simply will not see Obama in any light other than perfect. Well, Israelis may be breaking UN laws from this result, but legally-they have no real legal status. They can scream "foul" all they want but better not do anything about it physically except cause more hatred for Israel and bring on physical danger for its population more than ever now. Anyone harmed from this can be blamed on the heads of Obama and Kerry. January 20th can't come fast enough for real change to take place.

  4. i say the same. it can't come fast enough to get the president of hate gone.
    on the post before this one i said happy hanukkah to you. all the best to you and yours, nadene, no matter what goes on in the world!

    i don't forget what these wrongs are, or done by whom,
    (God is keeping track better than i am) and support what, where, and whom i can that contend with them, but my focus is on what is right and holy, merciful and loving, no matter what others choose to believe or do.
    my eyes are lifted up to look upon the Lord! He is all powerful, and vengeance is His!

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