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Samarian Arab House On Fire Possible Frame Up Against Jews

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          
Israel today in the green.
Judea-Samaria in yellow-the possible Arab Palestine
if and when they ever sign a peace treaty
  Those Jews accused on January 1st  of firebombing  a Palestinian home in Duma, Samaria, were "Amiram Ben-Uliel, 21,  for carrying out an attack   that murdered three members of the Dawabsheh family.   He's the son of a rabbi, rabbi for a pre-military academy in the village of Nokdim.  He had left school following academic difficulties and became more extremist.   E., a minor, was also charged with being an accessory to the crime.  "E., 17, grew up in a well-known and established village in Aish Kodesh.   The fact that he is underage means that his identity remains under wraps even after the general gag order over the Duma investigation was lifted.  His family was good, religious, and one of the Zionist elite.  "E.'s life led him out of the structure of educational institutions. Up until two years ago, he studied in a yeshiva in the Binyamin area, but at some point he decided to drop out and stopped going to school.' He became involved with a group of rebels.  "According to the Shin Bet, the dozens of youngsters belonging to the group have developed a new anti-Zionist ideology with the aim of overthrowing the government, crowning a king of Israel and rebuilding the Temple."  Little do they realize that there is a very serious group of adults all ready to stock a Temple once it is created, a Temple society who have studied our history very carefully.  They wait patiently, not like these teen-agers, so that when the time does come, they will be ready.   In response to E.'s indictment, Chai Haber, his lawyer, said: "Sadly we have come to a day which is a badge of shame for the rule of law in Israel. The charges are based on confessions extracted from people under torture and severe violence."   In the wake of the hearings, the judge who ruled on the extension of E.'s arrest,  was subjected to a wave of incitement.                                                                                    
To Put the Situation in Perspective of a
July 31 2015 firebomb attack of a Palestinian home in Duma, Samaria,
we must know this history.
1920 Mandate for Palestine after the Ottoman Empire
Lost it to the Allies: in WWI:   Promised to be Jewish National Home
Israel today is made of 20% of the land that was to become Israel.
East Jerusalem in foreground, in background lies Judea and Samaria

You only have to drive north from Jerusalem for 40 minutes and you will find yourself in the geographic center of Samaria on a mostly barren hilltop where the Jewish village of Aish Kodesh happens to be.

The 2016 population of Judea-Samarian Jews  is:  47% National Religious (Religious Zionist Movement now a political party) , 30% Haredi (rejection of modern secular culture. Its members are often referred to as strictly Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox in English) and 22 % Secular (Jews, period-might not follow everything-non orthodox, possibly more nationalistic-non affiliated).  
Aish Kodesh, small Jewish village
Duma, Arab town of 2,220 in 2014 in Samaria
25 km (15 1/2 miles) SE of Nablus, new name for Shechem  in Bible where
biblical patriarchs camped under its walls, in the territory of Ephraim,
a levitical city and city of refuge, center of House of Joseph where
Joseph is buried.  

Aish Kodesh is in between the Jewish town of Shilo which is 25 miles N. of Jerusalem  (where the Ark and Tabernacle were kept during the period of the Judges and first Jewish center after taking Canaan by Joshua) and the Palestinian town of Duma.  " The population in 2005 was under 12 families. Aish Kodesh was established in 2000 as an Israeli outpost, for security reasons.  It was named for a terrorist victim, Esh Kodesh Gilmore, 25, who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while working as a security guard at a branch of the National Insurance Institution East Jerusalem.  Esh Kodesh is also a book of sermons delivered by the Admor of Piaseczno in the Warsaw Ghetto from the outbreak of World War II in September 1939 until July 1942, when the Jews of the ghetto were deported to the death camp at Treblinka.  This is quite a heavy history for any children born in this village to bear.

Now, we all hear about Judea and Samaria, which the state of Jordan renamed THE WEST BANK.  Judea was the southern part of the kingdom of Israel which was all of what the Romans renamed as Palestine in 130.  When King Solomon died in 920 BCE, this southern part broke off by the largest tribe of Judah, and called it Judah with its own government due to a dispute with Solomon's heir to the throne.                                                    
Samaria happened to be the capital of the Northern kingdom of Israel after King Solomon died and when Judea was formed out of  southern Israel which was founded in about 880 BCE by King Omri (king from 887 to 876 BCE.  Judea had kept Jerusalem as their capital.  The army had proclaimed Omri king. He was the 6th king of Israel with Jeroboam being the 1st after Solomon had died.   ) .  The ancient land of Israel has  sometimes been called Samaria.  The Assyrians (attacking in 722 and 721 BCE)   called the kingdom of Israel by Omri's name for the rest of its existence.  Ruins remain there from Roman days, especially from the 3rd century CE.  It became a village in the Arab period.  The name was also used for the entire northern region of the central highlands of Palestine.  Now we do indeed have an Israel but it doesn't include Judea and Samaria, our ancient homeland. Israel has not annexed it as Jordan did back in 1950.  It's to become the Muslim's 49th state-Palestine.  Yes, there are 48 Muslim majority states in the world now-before a Palestine comes into being.  Israel is the one and only Jewish state in the world.

Judea and Samaria make up 2,270 sq. miles.  640,600 Arabs lived in Judaea and Samaria by 1973.  6 villages and towns were established between June 1967 and December 1972 made up of 3 different types of towns and villages.                                          
Nahal Haredi Unit at practice
1. Nahal villages were established by the Israel Defense Forces.  This is a corps that combines military training with farm work.  Its members become farmers when their service ends.
2. Civilian villages, established in areas that most likely will definitely become a part of Israel by peace treaties.  Israel must have secure borders.  However, the Israeli government has said in the past that everything is negotiable.
3. Communities that should be allowed to have Jews.   This was before the Arabs let it be known that their future Palestine will have no Jews living in it.  They are oblivious to the fact that Israel has 1.7 million Arab citizens.  There are places where communities have grown up by their shrines dating back to Biblical days, and the knowledge that Jordan mistreated everything when they held this very land.  No Israelis want to relinquish large parts of the administered areas or would accept any arrangement that banned Jews from living in places which are of religious and historical significance.  This land is ancient Jewish land and was promised to be a part of modern day Israel.  Its a conundrum only for Europe, not for Jews living here.

In fact, Jews were not allowed by the Jordanians to settle in Judea and Samaria, land they had been given by the British which had been earmarked as part of the Jewish Homeland.  The Brits had a change of heart when they promised the land to both the Jews and Abdullah, who became the king of Jordan.

The relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel is that 1.7 million Arabs are living with 6 million Jews in this tiny country.  However, relations in Judea and Samaria are rocky what with what's been going on for the past 67 years.  The Arabs nearby are usually very hostile to these Jews and the Jews there have been hostile towards the Arabs.

Ten years later in 2010, the son of Orit Strook, Zvi, head of the Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the kidnapping and assault of a Palestinian teenager.  The Israeli government is quick to punish any Jews for any acts against Arabs.

In September of 2011, the Israel Defense Forces established a base near Aish Kodesh.  By the 23rd, they were called in to break up a class between Jews and a group of 300 villagers from Qusra who were armed with flashlights and sticks.  The Palestinians started patrolling at night to keep away Esh Kodesh people.
Watch Tower at Aish Kodesh
January 2013 found the Israeli High Court of Justice had ruled that Qusra Palestinians should be allowed to use of of their fields near Esh Kodesh.  Two Border Police enforcing this law were injured in a clash with Esh Kodesh Jews and Qusra Palestinians.

January 3, 2013 had angry Palestinians who found 4 of their cars'tires slashed with the words "Solidarity with Esh Kodesh" and a Star of David spray-painted on a nearby wall.

January 5, 2013 is when about 200 Palestinians cut through the fences of the vineyard and attacked the residents of Esh Kodesh.  12 Jews were injured with one needing to be taken to the hospital.  The vineyards were destroyed, a security car was damaged and the attackers were near homes before the military arrived. This was an ongoing fight over land ownership.

January 7, 2014.  Another Palestinian village, Madama, Nablus, found their cars burnt and price tag graffiti of Esh Kodesh, revenge, and a Star of David, were sprayed.

January 8, 2014 in a Palestinian garden center next to Kfar Qasssem had 30 fruit trees cut down.  The site was blazed with "Regards Eish Kodesh."  "Pinchasi Brown, a resident of Aish Kodesh in the Benyamin region of Samaria maintained his innocence in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva news on Wednesday evening.   Brown was one of the Aish Kodesh residents who were attacked while hiking. He denied that he was a "price tag" graffiti vandal or that he or any of his family members intentionally traveled to the nearby Arab community of Qusra. "

There are 2 sides in this equation of Arab and Jew not getting along that each side thinks the other should not be there.  "So how do the Settlers and Hilltop youth  respond to this painful reality of  draconian orders of the Civil Administration?  They go on a hike.  They are trusting and naive,  They believe that Hashem (G-d) (and hopefully the IDF) will protect them from a lynching. They go in a group basically unarmed.  They do not use any weapons to respond to the threat to their lives.  They know from the past that the IDF cannot be counted on to come quickly.  Jewish people living in Samaria, who in the past have tried to act in self defense when faced with an Arab mob,  are afraid to shoot back in self defense. They have been charged with all kinds of crimes that are groundless, based on fabricated lies from the Palestinians  and without evidence and forced to sit in jail."
Ibrahim Muhammad Dawabsha, wife and son,
victims of the firebombing
Revenge written on the wall of the house
Is this an act of putting blame on the Jews?

Interesting motivation, could be either Palestinians or 
Jews wanting revenge. 

July 31, 2015 was when the  house of Ibrahim Muhammad Dawabsha in Duma caught on fire and the family of 4 died.  It was the 2nd home attacked by masked attackers according to the people there.  The first home was vacant.  Molotov cocktails had been thrown into the bedroom.  The Police and Shin Bet at first said it could have been  caused by arson.  Possible motives were looked into and choices were Israeli extremist attack or a local feud of some sort involving the family. At this point, the Arabs are sure it's the Israelis.  
The graffiti below  spelling out LONG LIVE THE MESSIAH KING
is the same phrase as this poster of Rabbi
Shneerson found in a market in Jerusalem, something that
can be easily copied by others. Schools in Israel teach Hebrew and Arabic.   
Long Live the Messiah King poorly written on the house wall.
Where does such a phrase come from?  Possibly from Chabad Messianism,
believing  that the late Rabbi 
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
was the Messiah.  

The phrase is unusual. 

This rabbi would never tolerate arson against innocent Palestinians. 

Writing such a phrase was a stupid thing to do in my opinion, more 

likely done by Arabs than by angry Aish Kodesh teens. The only thing going for it
is that it is written in Hebrew, implicating Jews! 
Shneerson was a Jewish leader, yes, but  was not a leader of terrorism!  
By December 4, 2015, Israelis were arrested for arson which killed a baby inside.  Funeral of Sa’ad Dawabsha, second victim of the July 31 firebombing attack,  was attended by many.  There were 3 victims. "18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh was burned alive in the fire, while both his parents died from their injuries within weeks.  On January 3, 2016, 21 year old Jewish man from Aish Kodesh, Amiram Ben-Uliel, was indicted for the murder, and along with a Jewish minor, for participation in the planning the murder. In addition, along with two others, they were both charged with one count of membership in a terrorist organization. 

There was no physical evidence found of arson. The window was smashed where the firebombs were thrown in.  "The IDF stated that windows had been smashed before the firebombs were lobbed in."  Another version claims that the house itself was doused and set alight. Neighbors stated that both parents emerged from their home enveloped in flames, while two masked men were observed fleeing the scene. Haaretz, however, pointed out that the torched houses were in the middle of the town, far from the outskirts and that it would not have been easy for outside intruders to "make a getaway".  Ha'aretz is a very Leftist paper and would have not hesitated to give a bad report about Jews living in Samaria if they thought it was true.   

Palestinian women look at the damage at the Dawabsheh family's home in the town
 of Duma, August 4, 2015.  House was firebombed July 31st.  

 "The Israeli authorities have been under pressure to bring those responsible to justice.  There have been many Palestinian reprisals caused by the news of this arson. One of the witnesses, another relative of the house attack, Dawabsheh,   "is currently testifying before an Israeli court in the trial of two Jewish extremists. "Thursday’s partial lift on the gag-order came one day after the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov, criticized Israel for the “slow progress” in investigating the arson.  There was conjecture based on testimony of the Arabs in the village and conflicting physical evidence that the arson was part of a feud between two families.  

The police came to the conclusion that Jewish townspeople in Samaria had not been the criminals in this fire.  "The police and Shin Bet security service announced Sunday, "the evidence that was found at the scene of the crime does not have the characteristics of a targeted arson by Jewish perpetrators.".  Police say findings appear to rule out deliberate arson by Jews.   Home of Ibrahim Dawabsheh reportedly targeted, human rights group said, months after he witnessed his relatives being killed in a firebomb attack.

 I personally believe it was all a set up, a frame up of blaming Jews.  I hope that young Jews who have taken part in any sort of unsolicited reprisals realize that what they do affects all of Israelis as well as other Jews and is only fodder for the Palestinians to show that Israelis are unworthy of their own land.  They must let the IDF do their job according to the Torah and the law of Israel.  They are not.   We know Palestinians have done terrible things like the terror attack at Itamar against the Fogal family, but things must be handled legally.  We cannot do the same to the Arabs.  

As for the 40 Jewish families of Aish Kodesh, they say "“There is a phenomenal discrepancy between the reality of life here and what the media wants you to see,” says Hela Manne, a twenty something mother of two who has lived in Aish Kodesh for four years. “It’s not that the media lies, exactly. It’s more that the press chooses to paint a shallow, one-sided picture of the Jews in Judea and Samaria by focusing on violence, when in reality the attacks are committed by no more than a few dozen young people who have nothing to do with our communities.”  "All segments of the religious Zionist world have strongly and consistently denounced price tag attacks, including last summer’s attacks in Duma and against any others such as against the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes at Tabgha, who were Christians.

A Spanish football (soccer) team, Real Madrid,  welcomed the lone survivor of the firebombed family, 5 year old Ahmad Dawabsha, to meet their star player, Christiano  Ronaldo.

The new figure, just 3,182 short of 400,000, is the number of Jews living in Judea and Samaria, not including Jerusalem, as of the end of June 2015.  Demography expert, Professor Yoram Ettinger, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States. says that there are 1.7 million Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria.  That's the same number who are living in Israel proper.  Other groups think that the number is higher.  

Another 400,000 Jews are living in  areas that have been annexed by Israel without international recognition—eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights—you get a whopping 800,000 Jews. (July 15, 2015).   
The Jerusalem Report, February 22, 2016: The Dark side of Ideology, page 18-23
Read more at,7340,L-4748556,00.html
My own thoughts on why Jewish arsonists would write such a phrase as Long Live the Messiah King.,_Nablus  reprisals listed after arson attack Arab demographics

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