Thursday, April 21, 2016

Culture War in Sweden Due to Muslim Refugees

Damascus, Syria, where many Syrians have left for Sweden
Syrians walking through Denmark on their way to Sweden, 2015
The rules have changed from 2014 for Muslims to find refuge in Sweden.  Back then, you needed  around $5,000 to get a Visa, so only the wealthy could enter.  At least that's what my Syrian friend had found out, who had moved to Egypt with his family after the Syrian Civil War had started.  A few exploding bombs outside his home caused them to move to Egypt who stood by with open arms.  Morsi had a selfish reason for accepting his Syrian cousins.  They would then be potential voters for him, and he wanted to be President.  At the time he was head of the Muslim Brotherhood, but that wasn't enough for him.  When he was finally taken down by General Sisi, the Syrians were sent back to Syria as the country couldn't afford them anymore.  My friend had to leave, but life was getting hard for him there, anyway.

He was an Americanized college-educated Syrian.  His home was as American as he could make it, and he admired anything American.  He was a very open minded person who loved to debate.  His American home has been totally destroyed and so was his father's home.  Luckily he found refuge in Damascus, his own home  town, which is much better of than northern cities.  But at one time, he would have loved to get to Sweden, my maternal grandmother's home that she left in 1890.
Malmo, in southern part of Sweden,
35 minutes from Denmark
Where Sweden has been taking in Muslims for many years now, even to the point of where they have been nasty to Jewish refugees who came during WWII seeking refuge and finding it.  The abuse in Malmo  had been so bad that many Jews have been forced out and have moved to Israel. Maybe that's because Malmo has had a mayor who was from Eastern Europe himself and rather anti-Semitic.  He looked the other way and did very little to protect the Jews from attacks.
Sweden now grants blanket asylum to Syrians.  Sweden has become the first European Union country to announce it will give asylum to all Syrian refugees who apply as of 2013.
From 2012 to 2013, they took in 14,700 refugees from Syria.
Syria's population was 22,505,000 in 2011.
Damascus's population in 2009 was 1.711 million.
The largest city in Syria was Aleppo.
 Aleppo's population was recorded at 2,132,000 in 2004, although it has dropped dramatically since, given the civil war and millions fleeing the country. While 5.2 million refugees were expected to be registered as refugees by the end of 2014, another 6.5 million were internally displaced by December 2014.   2016, Syria's population has dropped to 18,563, 595. 

The Scandinavian country has acquired a reputation among Syrian refugees as a welcoming haven, and it is the biggest host country for Syrians outside the Middle East. Sweden now routinely offers permanent residency to Syrian refugees.

Sweden's population grew from 9 million to 9.5 million in the years 2004-2012, mainly due to immigration from "countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia".  Lately it has been Syrians.  

 There has been a migrant invasion into Sweden.  Last year, 9,000 migrants came each week starting in the fall.  So far this year, 600 to 700 have been arriving each week.  The decrease is because more are applying for asylum in the EU, of which Sweden is a part of.  The Märsta arrival centre - or establishments like this,  are the first port of call for Syrian refugees in Sweden.  The young staff "aim to process their applications as quickly as possible so they can be bussed off to proper accommodation in towns across Sweden. 

The Swedes have a border control set up but have a 2 weeks lapse when it isn't guarded, and this year it is scheduled for July 4th -17th.  This coincides with Sweden's vacation period.  Many are afraid that tens of thousands of migrants will seize the opportunity to enter Sweden during this time.  The law has been that if they are not from a Schengen or or EU Country, they need a Visa to enter.  In order to get a Visa, you have to be in  the country you are living in and get the Visa from Sweden's state department.  You also need a passport from your country-supposedly from Syria to travel.  Information on the Swedish Embassy website says: " It is not possible for Syrian nationals to seek asylum through Swedish Embassies or Diplomatic Missions abroad."  Problems have resulted from an influx of Muslim refugees.
Independent Swedish women
A Swedish woman in Stockholm was gang-raped by  North Africans, and
the torture went on for hours.  
Muslims have a different concept of honor than the Swedes do.  1,100 young students were interviewed in Stockholm with 90% of respondents being Muslims and this confirmed the findings of earlier statistics in 2005---in that immigrant youths live in a different world from the Swedish students.  83% of girls cannot have male friends, and 62% of the boys are not allowed to have female friends.  51% have resorted to having secret relationships, 30% cannot date a person of a different ethnicity, and 65% said that they parents are in the act of working on arranged marriages for them.  The patriarchal structure of the family is very different from the Swedes.  Swedes are proud of all having equal rights, and this collides with what they have fought for in their society.   

46% of Swedish women feel unsafe when they go out alone at night, and most stay in contact with a friend or relative when they do this for safety sake. 

 A Lithuanian immigrant boy, 15 year old Arminas Pileckas,  was murdered by a Syrian Muslim refugee who was only 14 years old.  The reason shows the cultural differences.  Arminas tried to protect a girl in his class from the Syrian's unwanted sexual advances, so the Syrian was mad about it and stabbed the Lithuanian to death.  The Syrian's father defended his son by telling the police that Arminas had interferred with his son's sexual advances and then he had to see Arminas in school every day which upset him very much.  He blamed the SCHOOL for doing nothing to help him or to RESTORE HIS HONOR.    The result is that the Syrian will not be charged with murder or penalized in any way.  

Now, this one case wouldn't be so bad, but other things are happening.  Since the refugees have arrived, rape cases have gone up.  After several attacks happened on women in Ostersund, police announced that women are not safe outdoors after dark.  Since February 20th, 8 women were assaulted or raped in town.  

Sweden is now called the rape capitol of the West and is the 2nd highest in the world. the rapes going on are by the new immigrants.   1 in 4 women will be raped. Sexual assaults have increased 500%.  South Africa has the highest and  is 6 times higher than the USA.   Stockholm is now from 1/5 to 1/4th Muslim.  Sweden is losing equality for women.  In 2013,  a pregnant Muslim woman was attacked by by a Swedish man for wearing a scarf, so the Swedish women took pictures of themselves covering their hair with scarves to retaliate.  "Police spokesman Ulf Hoffman said an unknown assailant had attacked the pregnant woman in the suburb of Farsta on Friday by banging her head against a car.  

I noticed problems starting in Malmo between Muslims and WWII Jewish immigrants who had gone to Sweden after the war.  After being there for many years, they found themselves being attacked by the new Muslim refugees.  It didn't help to have the mayor of the town also being a transport and not a native Swede, since he was European and didn't stop the attacks.  They got so bad that the younger Jewish generation started moving and making aliyah to Israel.  I have noted this going on for several years since I have a tie to Sweden.  My maternal grandmother came from Lumsheden.  She immigrated to the states in 1888, April 27th.  

Book:  Messages From A Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt.


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  2. You are right, Khan. They are guests in a country that offered them shelter. They have no right to demand that their guests follow their culture now.