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Obama's Affect on Gilo, Israel and International Law Towards Israel

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Democrats: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
Down to 3 Republicans running, Cruz, Kasich, Trump
Republicans, pared down from 17 to 3;  Donald  Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. 
In selecting our vote for the next president, let's look at our present Obama administration's 2 terms  and what it has stood for as far as Israel is concerned.  Michael Oren's comment has done that:
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A street in Gilo, Jerusalem, Israel
Obama has a worldview that would challenge any government in Israel, rightwing or leftwing. His worldview is so foreign to us. For example his intense reluctance to use military force; or his cooperation with international organizations that are always condemning us, like the Human Rights Council; reaching out his hand to the Muslims and Iran; the demand that we freeze all construction even in Jerusalem – even Meretz couldn’t freeze all the construction in Gilo – but that’s what Obama demanded.” - Michael Oren, a former Israeli Ambassador to the US                
Prof. Eugene Kontorovich 
Michael Oren

I'll put up a spokesman for Israel's rights anytime against Obama's views of international law.  My selection is Professor Eugene Kontorovich, who understands international law completely.  "
A new research article shows that under the universal rules that determine the borders of new states, Israel upon its creation have included the West Bank and Gaza.  Gilo would be considered as in the area of Judea and Samaria-commonly called the West Bank.  

Gilo is a large neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which was before 1967, inhabited mostly by Arabs since it was part of Jordan's territory, illegally taken.  After 1967's war, Jerusalem was freed and the barriers were taken down separating East from the rest of the city and was unified.  It's in the SW section of East Jerusalem and is inhabited by about 40,000 Jews, legalized by the 1980 Israeli law. "It is administered as part of the Jerusalem municipality. " 
Gilo is located on a hilltop in southwestern East Jerusalem separated from Beit Jala by a deep gorge. The Tunnels Highway to Gush Etzion runs underneath it on the east, and the neighborhood of Har Gilo is visible on the adjacent peak. Beit Safafa and Sharafat are located north of Gilo, while Bethlehem is to the South.  Remember, most places are very close since Israel is only 8,000 sq miles small.   Obama has expected all construction to stop in this 40,000 Jewish community for years and years and years.                                                    
Samuel anointing David

Gilo was a big part of our biblical history, found in the Bible.  "The biblical town of Gilo is mentioned in the Book of Joshua (Joshua 15:51) and the Book of Samuel (II Sam 15:12).  Some scholars believe that biblical Gilo was located in the central Hebron Hills, whereas the name of the modern neighborhood was chosen because of its proximity to Beit Jala, possibly a corruption of Gilo.  A city in the southwest part of the hill-country of Judah (Josh. 15:51), Gilo was the birthplace of Ahithophel "the Gilonite" (Josh. 15:51; 2 Sam. 15:12), and the place where he committed suicide (17:23). Gilo has been identified with Kurbet Jala, about 7 miles (11 km) north of Hebron." 

Now, what candidate is most likely to continue this policy? Most likely, It's Hillary Clinton, who has been Obama's Secretary of State in his first 4 years.  Then we have Sanders, a Jewish man who is not standing up for Israel.  The only thing I've heard from him are attacks.  It's ironic that here is a chance for Jews in America to have a Jewish president and he has blown it by not really saying a thing good about Israel.  Our Christian presidential hopefuls have been much more vocal about their support, such as Cruz and Rubio, Republicans. Trump wants a chance to sit down with the Jews and Palestinians to bring about peace.  After all, he wrote the book on the Deal.  He's a deal maker.  My hope is that he would learn of Israel's special needs for safety-first before he makes any deals.  The Obama administration has wanted deals that did not take this into consideration, expecting Israel to go back to the 67 lines, or the 49 lines.  They had a big bru-ha-ha over this which evolved to be seen on live TV. where Netanyahu had to give Obama quite a lecture about why this wasn't a good idea for Israel.   

"The Arabs have wanted to destroy Israel's heartland.  That's why they have not made peace for the 67 years of Israel's existence.  If Israel had a willing partner in the Palestine Authority who also said they wanted peace, how perfect that would be.  Yet they bombed southern Israel again and again.  They would have their break, rested up, probably dug some more tunnels, and here  went the bombing again.  Sderot and Ashkelon suffered the most.  

Now we have the horrid agreement with Iran, a country who has said loud and clear that they are the power holders and want very badly to destroy Israel.  

Obama's affect on people who support Israel has been very distressing.  We have watched for 8 whole years the acts of this president that shows he has given preference to the Muslims more than to the 6 million Jews that are citizens of Israel.  He has not been even handed, running on CHANGE.  Little did Jews of the USA realize what this change was-certainly far more than swaying away from the Republican Bush administration.  Now, we are watching and weighing the details in trying to decide who will be a good partner for Israel.  Actions still speak loud and clear, more than political promises.  

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