Monday, February 1, 2016

UN Secretary Lacks Moral Compass: Gives Green Light to Terrorism

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              
Ban Ki-moon The Secretary-General was born in the Republic of Korea on 13 June 1944. He received a bachelor's degree in international relations from Seoul National University in 1970.  In 1985, he earned a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Eli E. Hertz

How can Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, possibly say that terrorism and incitement is human nature and we see it in reaction to occupation!

This statement is what Eli E. Hertz has now found to be Moon's philosophy. Mr. Hertz "is the president of Myths and Facts, an organization devoted to research and publication of information regarding US interests in the world and particularly in the Middle East. Mr. Hertz served as Chairman of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting."  Evidently Moon cannot stand up to pressure from those countries against Israel's existence.  One needs to have a strong moral compass to combat these countries' ideas of what morality is.  They do not share mine.   Terrorism is not human nature in all people, especially if you have been brought up under Jewish and Christian values.  

The UN charter does not go along with this brain-washed idea of his.  It states in the Resolution 1377 of the UN Security Council that it "reaffirms its unequivocal condemnation of all acts, methods and practices of terrorism as criminal and unjustifiable, REGARDLESS OF THEIR MOTIVATION, in all their forms and manifestations, wherever and by whomever committed.
Thomas L. Friedman, author of "From Beirut to Jerusalem" and many others
Even Thomas L. Friedman, a Leftist Democratic thinker if ever there was one, stated back in 2002 in the April 1st New York Times, that "Palestinians are not desperate from Israeli occupation.  Other people in the world are desperate, but they don't go around with dynamite strapped to their body.  PALESTINIANS HAVE ADOPTED SUICIDE BOMBING AS A STRATEGIC CHOICE, NOT OUT OF DESPERATION.   "Thomas Loren Friedman is an American journalist, columnist and author. He has won the Pulitzer Prize three times and currently writes a weekly column for The New York Times."  "Professor Noam Chomsky  accused Friedman of endorsing and encouraging terrorism by Israeli forces.   That shows how off-beat Chomsky is, to say that of a critic of Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu  in many areas.  At least Friedman understands the position Israel finds itself in to exist.  Israel does not practice terrorism.  

Israel's administrated areas in 1980 were not typical occupied areas.  Until a peace settlement comes about with the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians", as they used to be known as Syrian Arabs,  which will determine the political future of the areas, Israel's policy tries to achieve 4 objectives:  
1. keep conditions of security for Israelis and Arabs alike.
2. All shall live normal lives without losing contact with Arabs in other countries.
3. Bring about, make possible rapid economic development
4. Encourage co-existence and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis.

This was policy and it was deterred by the Arabs themselves, as they always manage to do so with their leadership.  They have had 2 intefadas, sort of like extreme terrorism/war. Their doctrine is not to accept Israel but to destroy it.  Netanyahu and the government had been for a 2 state solution but the Arabs are not.  Right now with such terroristic acts going on from the Arabs, one cannot justify thinking about a 2 state solution.  It is not logical.  The Arabs are not meeting the goals set to create and accept a new state.  It would be like allowing IS to move in, and that is most likely what would happen.  They are already moving on Gaza.  

Look, it took Jews 2,000 years to finally get it together to create Israel again after being forced out by the Romans who had been occupying their nation  and having Jerusalem burned down along with the 2nd Temple in 70 CE.  Finally, May 14, 1948 it came about legally and was accepted into the family of nations by the UN.  Is the UN now trying to end this nation of almost 68 years of age because the Muslim Arabs can't abide the one and only Jewish state here again when they were not even viable states in the past?  Most of the nay-saying neighbors just became states themselves shortly before Israel did except Egypt and Syria.  The Palestinian Arabs were from surrounding lands that came in because they were after jobs with the Jews who were building in Palestine.  No one really was living in Palestine except nomadic Bedouins on their camels and Jews who had never left from 70 CE and those that had been joining them through the ages with the biggest influx coming during the 1880's onward.  

Actually, the UN has been going down the tube since the mid-1970s when an Arab-Soviet 3rd World bloc joined to form what amounted to a pro-PLO lobby at the UN, and so very true in the General Assembly where these countries--nearly all dictatorships or autocracies--frequently voted together to pass resolutions attacking Israel and supporting the PLO.  They had the audacity in 1974 to pick Yasir Arafat to address it, and he did with a holster attached to his hip.  

Moon uttered this comment only 6 days ago on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 and one of the first to know of it was PM Netanyahu who was furious!  He said that Moon is stoking Palestinian terrorism.  

All civilization is threatened by Ban Ki-moon's going along with such a philosophy.  If hijacking and airplane bombing and terrorism such as coming from the terrorists in Gaza and Judea-Samaria, then ISIS terrorism will be  acceptable and  it will be copied and lead to a bomber strapped with a nuclear device threatening all the nations.  The whole world must accept Resolution 1377 unequivocally.  A terrorist is just that;  a terrorist.

France has been hit by terrorism.  Terrorism is happening already in the USA.  The worst of it has been going on in Jerusalem where Arabs are stabbing Jews as they walk by, or ramming crowds of Jews with their automobiles. IS has destroyed Syria and Iraq and is creating their own caliphate.  All countries are on terror alert.  Since December 224, 2015, Israelis have had 100 days of such terrorism going on.   The green light for such behavior has been turned on by Ban Ki-moon.  

Resource: Eli E. Hertz in:
Facts About Israel
Myths and Facts from Near East Report-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Drs. Mitchell G. Bard and Joel Himelfarb; chapter 11, The United Nations. page 111.

Update: 2/4/16  Excellent article, a must read.  Points out that occupation is not the reason for violence but the fact that Jews live on the land.  
"In the infamous Arab pogrom in Hebron in 1929 there was no occupation. In 1948, when seven Arab nations vowed to slay every Jew and conquer every last inch of territory allotted to Israel by the United Nations, there was no occupation. In 1967, Israel did not occupy the West Bank or Judea and Samaria and the Arabs were bent on Israel’s destruction. And when Israel decided to voluntarily cede to Gaza to the Palestinians as a trial first step towards peace, we all know what happened – because of the imaginary and nonexistent “occupation”.


  1. 2/3/16 Jerusalem News from Arutz Sheva: "Shooting attack in Jerusalem; 2 seriously injured
    Three terrorists armed with sub-machine guns, knives and bombs open fire on Border Police near Damascus Gate."

  2. Ban Ki moon is wrong to say that terrorism and incitement is human nature and we see it in reaction to occupation! We see it in greedy people who want another's land! Palestinian terrorists killed 21 and wounded over 200 in stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities since October 1, 2015. They have never changed their goals of destroying Israel and taking over the land.

  3. Since 2014, the end of Operation Protective Edge in the summer, Gaza terrorists have continued to attack southern Israel by firing 20 rockets at them, the most recent on December 13, 2015.

    Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been practicing the storming and capture of Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque. Hezbollah terrorists have now amassed more than 150,000 rockets on Israel's border aimed for them. Israel is living in an ocean of crazy wild terrorists who want to destroy them. For why? Just because they're Jewish and the world thinks this is okay. Great having a UN, isn't it? What I thought as a youngster was something that would save the world from wrong-doing is now attacking the one country doing right, and that has been wronged for the past 2,000 years.